Strip Search of Political Prisoner’s Family Leaves Country of Venezuela Bewildered

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The Ramo Verde military prison in Venezuela that is holding political prisoner Leopoldo Lopez has recently been accused of psychological torture after they strip searched the inmate’s family members in front of children. Both Lopez’s wife and mother were forced to remove their clothing and be searched intimately in the same room as Leopolodo’s two small children. The women said that they are being used as a way to hurt the prisoner who is facing a sentence of 13 years for supposedly inciting violence. Lopez and his family are reported by Adrian Jose Velasquez deny these charges saying that they were trumped up as a way to hold him.
Lopez and his family are not the only ones enduring this kind of treatment though. Many activists and protestors are currently being held in the prison under false charges as a way of punishing them for disagreeing with President Maduro’s tyrannical reign of the country. “Many people have become fearful of speaking ill of Maduro even though the country has sunk into a deep economic down slide due to his failures in leadership “added Velasquez. The country’s current lack of food, medicine, water, and electricity has lead to the deaths of many people.

Diversant and its Principle Executive John Goullet

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Running a business is complicated as it is, if you add staffing the business enterprise becomes a nightmare. It is important to have another consulting firm that will enable you fulfill your staffing needs. Diversant LLC is an IT staffing firm that provides qualified individuals to fill various positions in relation to IT. It was founded by Gene C. Waddy and majors in business consultation and provision of IT competent employees. It is a large company with more than 500 employees. It has developed to become the largest American-African It consulting firm in the USA. Due to its composition nature it is at the fore front in community development and youth empowerment. Its founder Gene C. Waddy is a dedicated entrepreneur and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha.

Since its inception it has been providing competent individuals who have undergone full background checks to check on their reliability. It provides fresh faced individuals who have innovative ideas and are ready to conquer any IT problem that presents itself. It has clients from various backgrounds ranging from the financial sector, consumer related fields and the insurance industry this is but to mention a few. Its founder is found of stating that the sky is the limit and a person has the key to their destiny.

John Goullet is an experienced and successful business man who has served under various categories in the IT sector. He began his career at the height of IT development; he is privy to most IT operations and has devised some ingenious IT concepts. In 1994 he switched from IT operation to IT consultancy and staffing. Switching of modes of operation is an indication that he had mastered the field and was confident of his success in the sector. He founded his own IT Company which was very successful. Soon enough the company started posting profits, five years into its operation it was worth $ 30 million. This is a clear indicator of his capability in management and ingenuity. His business capability soon caught the eye of Gene C. Waddy and soon enough his business Info Technologies merged with DIVERSANT and became DIVERSANT LLC with John Goullet at the reigns.

Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth Beats The Odds After Life-Altering Accident

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Businessman and Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth has a lot to be thankful for. Last year, on a brisk October morning, he had an accident that nearly took his life. While out skydiving with two friends, a miscalculation forced him to land in a vineyard. In a split second, a pole completely ripped off his arm.

WSJ reported that Andy Wirth didn’t panic, instead, his former life as a park ranger kicked in. He stayed calm, pinched off the artery and waited for help. While he lay in the vineyard non knowing whether he would live or die, he started singing Pearl Jam’s “Just Breath.” Wirth was found shortly afterwards and air-lifted to the hospital.

Andy Wirth’s arm was reattached. He stayed in the hospital for three months, and went through a slow and difficult recovery. An avid mountain climber and skydiver, Wirth was determined to regain his former life.

He has come a long way since the accident. He;s nowhere near 100% but that won’t stop him from competing in this Sunday’s Ironman 70.3 race. Wirth says he is eager to get back to training full time. Anyone who watches him knows he will succeed –

Andy Wirth has been the CEO of Squaw Valley Resort since 2010. He has worked in the resort industry for 25 years and most recently for Steamboat Springs Resort. The West Germany born Andy Wirth received his bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University.

Shortly after graduation, he began working for the Rocky Mountain National Park Service. Wirth credits his time there for helping him develop a more deep appreciation of land and nature.

Andy Wirth has helped Squaw Valley Resort rise from the bottom of the pile to one of the top resorts in the U.S. He has received numerous community service awards and sits on a number of local boards.

George Soros’ Advice on China’s Economy

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Many may not know how China’s finances are doing. According to George Soros it has seen better days. How bad could it really be? To sum it up Mr. Soros has compared it to the economy of the United States in 2007-2008 before the credit markets stopped leading to the global recession. Mr. Soros has also explained further that the credit-growth figures could be seen as a ‘warning sign’. Most of the funds banks are offering is actually needed to hold bad debts and loss of money making to keep them ‘alive’.

Having built a $24 billion fortune on by making wise wagers on markets, Mr. Soros has been active in the exchange of words with China’s government. This comes from the fact that ‘hard landing’ in China is just about inevitable. Xinhua; China’s ‘state run’ new agency; claimed that Mr. Soros had made this same claim before. Stating the fact that China’s banks on are lending to one another is not avoiding the impending doom that they will be facing. Only prolonging the future problems.

Mr. Soros is not the only one holding concern over the future problems that can arise. The head of the Asian Pacific authority at Fitch Rating Andrew Colquhoun also holds concerns. Mr. Colquhoun feels that the very thing that has been heading the ‘economic recovery’ can actually end up hindering it. This is due to China’s adding to the debt troubles that are already troubling their economy.

Of course not everyone is on board with these perceptions of China’s future woes. Many feel that the concerns are taken out of proportion. Claiming that George Soros had warned of this before. With the fact that people have been known to pull their funds out before due to the countries ‘anti-corruption’ campaign. China’s ‘reserves’ having accumulated $10.0 billion in the month of March to $3.14 trillion they are actually down by $517 billion from the year earlier.

In a speech by Ma Jun, chief economist on Bloomberg for the central bank’s research bureau, data points to a better economic outlook. This ‘stabilizing trend’ still doesn’t give investors the confidence to actually invest. Apparently China has leaned more so on the government investment in ‘state-owned enterprises’ to empower the economy.

George Soros had graduated from the London School of Economics then later took up residency in the United States. Mr. Soros has been working on promoting values of open society, human rights, and transparency for many years. He has also authored over a dozen books, articles, and essays. Topics in these writings include politics, society, and economics. These articles appears regularly in newspapers and magazines around the world. Besides his written works George Soros has been an active philanthropist since 1979.

How Did Talk Fusion Become Number One In Video Chat?

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BusinessForHome has touted Talk Fusion as the best video chat and video email service. They are a step above everyone else because they focus on video email and chat over all other things. They are letting people make sure that they can create the videos that they want when they want. It is like an inbox for videos, and it helps people make the videos without even trying.

Talk Fusion is considered the best because it lets people do whatever it is they want. There are a lot of people who just want to send one email video, and they can do that if they want. They can make a lot of videos, and they can send those videos to anyone they want. These videos are stored in the system, and the videos are easy to watch. The video help convey ideas that people have been holding on to, and now those videos can be made on any computer.

Talk Fusion makes the technology easy to access, and people do not have to have technical ability to make the videos. Talk Fusion helps people make videos that can be used for any purpose, and that includes marketing. People who want to send videos in emails to sell their products, and the videos are easy to watch in the system. The system helps people watch the videos in a second, and it can create the next big commercial or video for a business. There are a lot of people who are not sure how they will make their own marketing, but now they can upload videos in Talk Fusion that act like commercials. That is why Talk Fusion is good. It does everything a business thought it could not do.

The business that invests in Talk Fusion today gets a reward tomorrow in better marketing. The communication in the office improves, and the videos sent over Talk Fusion convert sales easily. Any company can trust Talk Fusion because Talk Fusion makes the video chat and email culture seem normal. People do not have to default to written emails and boring print ads anymore.


Smiling with Avi Weisfogel and GoFundMe

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a practicing and popular dentist from New Jersey. His practice is at Old Bridge, NJ. Everyone who knows Dr. Weisfogel is aware of his passionate nature. His passion incorporates beautiful smiles and quality care. He is proud to educate and assist those who are in need of exceptional oral health care. He chose to lead Operation Smile as a beneficiary of the GoFundMe campaign because it will greatly benefit children all across the globe.

Operation Smile and GoFundMe
Dr. Avi Weisfogel has launched a GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile. The actual goal has been set at 2000 dollars. Operation Smile is a medical charity. This charity will provide many medical services and procedures to children in need. These services are intended for young adults who have been born the following afflictions. These include:
* cleft palate
* cleft lips
* other facial deformities
The idea and the goal of this campaign is dedicated to offering hope to children. Each and every child deserves to believe in a hope for a brighter future.

Every Child Deserves a Beautiful Smile
Operation Smile is proud to offer children a beautiful smile. Every child deserves quality care. It is true that many children do not have access to the needed care. This is a mission that had been founded in the year 1982. The founders are Bill and Kathy Magee. This had all started in the Philippines and has expanded around the world. This is an organization that has a network of thousands of caring volunteers. This team has left many children smiling. This is because over 220,000 surgical procedures have been performed free of charge.

Operation Smile and a Solid Medical Mission
Operation Smile does have a solid and clear mission. This organization provides the following:
* medical equipment
* medical expertise
* the training of local health providers
* effective solutions
The mission includes the building of long-term sufficiency. This is accomplished through quality training.

Dr. Weisfogel chose to support Operation Smile because he is passionate about beautiful smiles. His background in cosmetic dentistry has enabled him to play a large role in this worthy organization. He invites you to be a part of a cause that will spread more smiles through the world.

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White Shark Media Can Rewrite A Whole Website

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White Shark Media is in the business of making website easy to use, but a lot of websites are just too hard to read. Those websites usually get skipped over because the writing is so complex or odd, but White Shark Media turns those websites around by rewriting every word on them. White Shark Media has a plan that helps businesses make their websites easier to read.

The first thing that White Shark Media will do is make sure that they get an idea of what the client’s voice is. They need to know how the client talks to their customers, and they want to make sure that they use the right language. That also means that they are going to speak using words that are relevant to the business the client works in. This is the only way to reach educated customers who expect to see certain vocabulary, and it is also the only way to write in style that makes sense.

The next thing that White Shark Media does is to make sure that they check over all the content to see what has already been written. They will look through everything to see what has been written, and then they will decide what they need to change. This is usually a matter of using better keywords on the site, and that will help people find the site in the future. Web searches are done using keywords, and the site has to have good keywords that people can find.

TOPSEOs beleive that the people in the White Shark Media office also make sure that they run everything by their clients. Clients get to decide what gets posted to their website, and they can ask for changes if they need to. The clients can ask for changes whenever they want, and the clients can see the changes go live on their website. This is a collaboration that only works at White Shark Media because of the way the company is set up. They have rules for how they talk to their customers, and they make sure that everything is approved before it goes live.

White Shark Media has the best system for editing all their content, and they do it fast. The clients get to see real results, and they get websites that people will read. The content for every site is custom to that site, and it is easy to understand when customers arrive.

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How Helane Morrison continues to inspire Ladies in the corporate world

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If you are like me, a girl in need of inspiration in the financial world, look no further than Helane Morrison. She is a business person, a lawyer and has worked at the highest echelons of the SEC before joining Hall capital. She is also a feminist who has fought for gender equality in the financial markets world. Helane Morrison has inspired me since she joined Hall Capital in 2007.In the corporate world, she is a tigress and shares are her game. She has risen to became the best in Hall capital.


In San Francisco, Helane and the capital Hall women are the symbol of the strides we have made in the financial world. It is my dream to work at HALL CAPITAL given the three puff girls; Kathryn Hall, Sarah Stein and Helane Morrison head it. Here, we girls can feel confident that our gender will not hinder our growth.


Helane Morrison started her career as a journalist. She graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelors’ degree in journalism. Her hardworking nature later saw her graduate from University of California Berkeley School of Law with a law degree. Evidently Helane has worked for what she has. It is not by sheer luck or partisanship that she is now a top honcho. She possesses qualities which many of us college ladies lack.


Hall capital’s clients entrust their saving to the firm because they trust Helane to manage their money well. Helane has built a reputation as an honest wealth manager with 30:30 returns. It makes her a rare gem in the financial markets. This committed and the seriousness in which she takes her career makes her my mentor. She always advises interns to be passionate about what they do and to work hard.


Helane Morrison is a voice of reason to many women who have been denied a chance in the corporate world. Her journalism background allows her to pen inspirational articles in leading law magazines in the Bay area.


Helane tends to keep her personal life private. This a good quality for a public figure but some of her good deeds never go unnoticed. She has been able to fund different scholars in business and law schools. Helane encourages young people to yearn for knowledge because it’s the key to success.


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The World Of Healh Companies

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Dr. Rob Vasquez is the creator of NutriMost. He suffered headaches and allergies, so he was determined to make himself better. He also had a problem controlling his weight all through his adult life. Vasquez said he tried all sort of diet just trying to get his weight and health under control. Prepackage meals,powders, and shakes but nothing worked for him.
Then he found Nutrimost with his health team. He was then able to lose thirty five pounds in forty days. Since beginning this program in 2015 he was able to keep off sixty pounds to date. He decided that since it worked so well for him he was going to introduce it to his patients. From his office in San Antonio he treats patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes, persistent pain,high blood pressure and a vast of other illness that affect their daily lives. His patients even reported improvements in their condition.

Vasquez diet based on consist of anything organic. These are food that is all natural. He makes sure that his patients consume a lot of vegetables, because he believes that they have the potential to reduce long term health problems. Also, they are low in calories and have great nutritional value. Additionally, they are full of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants.

He advises his patients to reduce their sugar intake and if possible stay far away from processed foods. Keep vigilant of food labels because there are sugar in some food. Food like pasta,cereal and soups. Dr Vasquez stated that while food like cottage cheese may help someone lose weight, it may add poundage to others. The health team will give patients a body scan to allow them to know what foods will help them lose weight. Their body composition analysis will also measure body mass index(BMI),fat and water percentage.

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The Koch Brothers’ Political Fortunes

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Wealth comes with power and influence. The Koch brothers, Charles Koch, and David represent one of the wealthiest family empires in the United States. They have been involved in behind the curtain politics of the land for a long time through the endorsement and funding of office runners.

The upcoming presidential election has been of greater interest to the entrepreneurs especially after having their candidates of choice lose in previous years. Predominantly Republicans, they supported Mitt Romney in 2012 and even raised as much as $400 million for the campaigns. Despite all their efforts, President Obama carried the day by a long shot.

This time round, the brothers and their networks have already raised about $600 million for the Republican flag bearer to be declared after the primaries. There seems to be one problem, though, and he comes in the face of Donald Trump. Few people expected Trump to make it this far in the Republican ticket race.

Donald Trump has declared his intent to bring about significant changes in foreign affairs, trade and tax policies in the US and return the nation to its glory days. The real estate mogul has generated massive controversy, and his ideologies differ with those of many Republicans including the Koch brothers. They now find themselves at a crossroads as to whether to denounce Trump’s candidacy or support his opponents and risks another loss.

The brothers opted to keep out of the party primaries, and the hesitance sees their influence and relevance dwindle within the party. Ironically, Trump does not need funds from such billionaires to campaign as most of his campaign is self-sponsored. Charles and David Koch cannot afford to be on the losing side for another term.

Should Trump clinch the party ticket, the Koch’s would have to put their differences aside and back the billionaire candidate. Perhaps a more uniting factor for both sides would be a possible Trump-Clinton face-off in the White House race. It’s a well-known fact that the Koch family and the Clinton’s don’t see eye to eye. That being the case, the enemy of your enemy principle would take the day and Trump would enjoy a closer relationship with the powerful brothers.

Until then, the Koch brothers will be weighing their options and make smart calculations with the end goal of having representation at the White House. Either way, the influential billionaires realize their money may not buy them success in presidential polls.