Kenneth Goodgame – A “Go-to Guy” For Businesses In North America

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Kenneth Goodgame is among the leading operational management executives who specializes in creating high-end OEM product solutions for various industries. The varied skills of Kenneth Goodgame are reflected in his ability to provide operational insight that includes all aspects of marketing , sales. merchandising and financial capabilities. Combining his experience and unique skills, he has provided guidance to multiple companies in generating effective action-plans for smart business strategies.

It is interesting to highlight that Goodgame has the innate ability to create effective and innovative solutions for businesses. In fact, using indicators to streamline performance is a hallmark of Kenneth Goodgame as few individuals have the ability to craft complex operational designs that can objectively calculate the performance of employees and individual projects. For instance, he is able to design key performance indicator and employee engagement solutions for firms enabling these companies to gather useful statistical insight into the performance of their workforce. Besides, Mr. Goodgame is also well-known for his skills in developing and managing quality assurance systems. In fact, he has extensive experience in supporting and increasing quality-related issues in multiple organizations. While presiding over Baja Motorsports and Direct Tools Factory Outlet, he was not only able to halve the rate of return for spare parts, but also increase part fill rates from 65 percent to almost 95 percent in less than two years.

As such, quality assurance and operational design are just two of the varied departments that Kenneth has overseen. In the past, he was also actively involved with multiple U.S. and multinational firms working on cost analysis, composed negotiations and productivity enhancements. Regarding productivity, his existing job at True Value Hardware Corporation of America enabled him to develop an independent management team that oversaw merchandising and inventory levels. As a result, the original low performance team turned into a highly energized workforce that helped improve savings from 2 percent annually to almost 10 percent.

Using his extensive experience, Kenneth Goodgame is proud to showcase his abilities to detect market anomalies before it can disrupt the existing setup. Therefore, he regards himself as a professional who can predict market shifts that others so often miss. Using his talent, he was able to create unique programs for almost every company he worked for. Recently, he created “New at True Value” program, which was adapted by almost 2,800 nationwide stores becoming the most successful launch program in the history of True Value Corporation, as measured by store participation.

Overall, it can be stated that Kenneth Goodgame has honed his abilities by working at various levels of management during his career. Besides holding leadership positions in top firms, he has also helped numerous independent businesses and individuals launch their businesses making him the “go-to guy” for almost every major operational setup.

Distracted Pokemon Go Player Hits Police Car

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What’s worse than speeding past a parked police car? Crashing into a parked police car while you are playing a game on your phone. That is exactly what one driver in Baltimore did to a Baltimore Police Department patrol vehicle at 3:30 am on Monday, July 18.

The entire incident was caught on a Baltimore PD officer’s body camera as shown on the website Three officers were waiting near the patrol vehicle parked at the curb after answering a call when out of nowhere a Toyota RAV4 hits the side of the car. The Toyota hit with such force that the parked patrol car was hurled forward as it was scraped on the driver’s side. Luckily no officers were in the car or close enough to be hit by the pushed vehicle, and none of the occupants in the Toyota were injured.

As officers met with the driver, he immediately apologized for hitting the officer’s vehicle and stated, “that’s what I get for playing this dumbass game.” The game he was referring too, of course, was the new Pokemon Go game that requires players to move throughout their city to capture Pokemon.

After the incident the Baltimore Police Department released the body camera footage on Twitter as a warning to drivers to avoid driving distracted on the road. The Pokemon Go app also includes a warning to players to remain aware of their surroundings.

Invest With Seattle Genetics Now To Build Your Wealth

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Seattle Genetics and president and CEO Clay Siegall have taken stocks to another level and given investors a different approach that allows them to build their portfolio or save for their retirement. Many investors don’t have the trust that they once had in the financial industry because of a downward spiral in the stock market and the financial outlook of the global network. There is a reason for you to believe in the Seattle Genetics because they want to see their investors reach their wealth goals. The fluctuations in the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq cause many people to believe that the financial market is unstable.

Seattle Genetics is working hard to build their reputation of being honest with their customers and have transparency. He has been a proud board member since 2014 and continues to build professional business relationships that pioneer a security in the financial market by investing in genetics. His pharmaceutical and genetics companies attempts to alleviate millions of people each year from pain. They offer therapeutic treatment and prescription drugs that are not addictive, but have the same results as the leading brands. As a proud board member he has the interest of his customers in mind.

Imagine being able to invest in products that makes an actual difference in the lives of many ailing people all over the world. The company was found under his leadership abilities and still thrives from his input on a daily basis. They want to further explore the human genome and make sure that people benefit from the success of its treatments. Seattle Genetics is concerned without how your genes can affect your overall health for being at risk for disease or genetic orders. They are trusted by thousands of top leading professionals from all across the world.

Investing in Seattle Genetics with Clay Siegall is a great option because they are reading high on the stock market at this time and can make anyone that invests in them a huge return. If you’re interested in more details visit the official Seattle Genetics.

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Turkish Man Gets Too Hot, Turns Living Room Into Pool

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During a recent heatwave, Hasim Kilicoglu of a southern Turkey province found a creative way to stay cool. He built an indoor swimming pool in his living room.

Temperatures in the UK topped those even in Barbados as the heatwave swept through Europe this week. Hasim Kilicoglu noted that, like many others, he can’t afford to vacation in a cooler place. In fact, it has been so hot that Kilicoglu says no one can work at all; the heat is completely incapacitating.

Kilicoglu knew he couldn’t dig into his living room floor. Instead, he simply built a partition around one area of the living room, lined it with plastic and filled it with water. The result is a nine-by-twelve-foot area in which he can swim around or even submerge himself.

Originally, his goal was a pool he could actually dive into. While he does not appear to have fully realized that goal, he has created a perfectly usable pool complete with a hose to play with.

While Kilicoglu heartily recommends a similar pool to anyone suffering through the heatwave, it should be noted that the pool is far from splash-proof. As he swims around, undoubtedly cooler than he was, the carpet surrounding the pool gets wet. Kilicoglu is a home owner, and therefore unconcerned about this, but others are encouraged to use caution where water damage could occur.

A Drunken Man in the UK Ends Up On Top of a Cambridge’s Grand Arcade

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A Huntingdon man had to be rescued from the top of a 75ft. curved glass roof in Cambridge on the 16th of July.

Isaac Moore, an English laborer, climbed the Grand Arcade building after drinking six pints of beer. Moore, who is 27 years old, was celebrating the news of landing a new job. Rescue crews and civilians alike are amazed that Moore did not harm himself while climbing this slippery glass roof.

Moore was found by rescue crews on Saturday morning completely passed out. Video footage of the fire crew’s rescue has gone viral.

Although Moore admits that he “must have” caused a public nuisance in his drunken stupor, he believes it was an overreaction on the part of the police to arrest him. He has pleaded guilty and is awaiting his sentence.

Many people have begun to speculate just how Moore was able to climb this glass structure without injuring himself. Some theorize that he climbed a fire escape on a nearby branch of Barclays Bank before he went to the top of the Grand Arcade, but the specifics of his acrobatic wonders may never be fully known.

After receiving calls from distressed storeowners and shoppers, two Cambridge fire engines were sent to help Moore down. Eleven shops had to be evacuated while Moore was being rescued. Since the third Cambridge fire engine was sent out to another situation, this left the Cambridge fire crew with no available vehicles for emergency response while rescuing Moore.

Laidlaw & Company: They Can No Longer Hide

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If you are Laidlaw & Company and its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern, this is not a good time for you, to say the least. You are in hot water, and you in fact, there is a restraining order against you and your two principals. Anytime the U.S. Federal Courts get involved, it is serious business. The reason being, according to the article, is the fact that they have “continued dissemination of false and misleading statements and to protect interests of Relmada stockholders.” This is serious business and any time you have violated the trust of the public, it is nothing to mess around with and you are some serious trouble.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

You have to understand that (Laidlaw) is is an investment bank. People have trusted their money, their future, and the future of their families with them. Because of this, they have to behave and act a certain way. When they are in this kind of situation, it doesn’t reflect well on the company and it certainly makes the people that put their money with them feel foolish and as if though they were misled. That is why you think you know someone, but sometimes you really have no idea in the long run.

They did this because they wanted to take control of Relmada. They had other motives in mind and they were acting in a shady and underhanded way. I’m just glad they were caught and they will have to pay the piper. We have enough shady things going on in this world, and we need less of this type of action. We need people that stand by their work and have the best interest of others in mind. There used to be a day when honest, integrity, and being loyal meant something. Let’s hope we can return to those days as soon as possible.

Funny Tweets from Parents

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Kids have been known to say some pretty hilarious and outrageous things. The Huffington Post rounds up funny tweets from parents each week who want to share the humorous things their children say. Lots of other parents can relate to many of these tweets, and the short and sweet messages are sure to add a little more humor to the joy of being a mom or dad.

One Twitter user (@WalkingOutside) quipped that “parenthood is good for people who want to never get anything done ever again.” Another Twitter user (@lunchboxdad) stated that it may be a good idea to consider having kids if you want to avoid every having a hot meal again.

Some parents joked about being “horrified” when realizing that their children will be nearing summer break soon. One parent also tweeted about how some parents were dressed in formal wear for a kindergarten graduation, and she had just tried to get Dorito dust off her jeans. There was even a mother who stated that she thought that mothers hiding in the bathroom to have a few chocolates or a moment’s peace was nothing more than an urban legend. Now, it’s clear that these moments in parenting are a reality.

From trying to find things for kids to do during the summer to running out of things to serve for dinner, these tweets make it clear that parenting is one funny, challenging and worthwhile journey.

Medical Potato Chip

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Dealing with cramps can be a nasty problem, especially for professional baseball players, such as Jason Hammel, the Cubs starting pitcher. Yet, on his last start prior to the All-Star break, Hammel had to exit the field due to painful hand cramps.
Behind the scenes, Hammel spoke with the team doctor for advice on how to stop his hand from cramping all of the time. While most would suspect pills for potassium or a bit of stretching, the Cubs’ team doctor seemed to have his own opinion on this.
“For my cramps,” Hammel explained “if it’s a chronic thing, he said, ‘potato chips.'”
Yes, in fact, Jason Hammel was prescribed potato chips for his issues on the field.
Hammel continued to explain his prescription with, “because they have a lot of potassium and the sea salt helps retain water. So I focused on that over the break and ate a lot of potato chips, and I think it turned out pretty well. Potato chip prescription, that’s what I’m going to try to go with.”
Thankfully, so far, the potato chip prescription has been working well for Hammel, he pitched on the sixteenth, only giving away one run throughout six innings. Though he walked one batter, he struck out seven and took home the win. It is hopeful that this special prescription will continue to work well for Hammel.

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Crazy UK Pokemon Go Players Cause the British Police Massive Headaches

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The lines between fantasy and reality are becoming blurred by the day as Pokemon Go fever sweeps the globe. Perhaps the most telling example of this phenomenon comes out of the UK where a Pokemon Go enthusiast actually called the police to report a stolen Pokemon.

It was Gloucestershire police that received the distressed call from the Pokemon hunter who lost his beloved Pokemon pet. They let this Pokemon player off with a stern warning only to use 999 for emergencies in the real world.

In case you have been living in a cave for the past few weeks, Pokemon Go is a mobile app that allows its users to catch virtual Pokemon in their local environment. The app was designed to get gamers moving in the outside world, and plenty of gamers are doing just that.

Children are becoming more and more obsessed with this game, which is causing more problems for police departments in the UK. Many children are walking around different towns and cities at night in quest of rare Pokemon. Police departments in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire have had to respond to worried residents who saw people gathering late at night.

Some students playing Pokemon Go in the a park in Manchester have had their phones stolen. Gamers, or criminals, can purchase a “lure module” that brings together various players. Police have warned children playing Pokemon Go to use their common sense when getting these lure messages, and to never follow them late at night.

Micheal J. Fox Revisits Guitar Heroics With Surprise Stage Appearance

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Three decades after ripping through a sizzling version of the Chuck Berry rock classic, “Johnny B. Goode,” on the big screen in the movie Back to the Future, beloved actor/author/musician Michael J. Fox recently appeared on stage with the rock band Coldplay at a New Jersey concert. To those who might not know it, Fox’s guest appearance was even more memorable in light of his long fight against the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s Disease.

See Coldplay and Fox kick out the jams at MetLife Stadium.

Back in 1985, Michael J. Fox was already a household name from his performance as uber-conservative college kid, Alex P. Keaton, on the popular sitcom Family Ties, but few suspected a little movie about time travel would catapult him into the upper echelon of celebrity status. And it was the scene featuring the Enchantment Under the Sea dance in Back to the Future where Fox was allowed to showcase his singing and guitar-playing skills with performances of, “Earth Angel,” and, “Johnny B. Goode,” as his character, Marty McFly.

Parkinson’s Disease manifests itself in uncontrolled head and hand movements that should wreak havoc with the ability to rip into the opening chords of Chuck Berry’s popular tune and then blaze through the guitar solo mid-song. But hunched over the famous Gibson Les Paul sunburst guitar, looking only slightly older than adoring fans remember, Michael J. Fox made it seem like he never left.