Jerry Seinfeld is still making us laugh

The 63 year-old comedian created quite the controversy (in the loosest sense of the word) after denying 30 year-old popstar Kesha a hug during a recent “Extra TV” interview.



When Kesha approached Seinfeld on the red carpet, she confessed her love for the comedian, “Gosh, I love you so much,” before requesting a hug. Seinfeld’s response? “No, thanks.”



The Internet, of course, responded en masse and began poking fun at the popstar. Users on Reddit turned the scenario into an exchange between the beloved characters Jerry and George from the classic 90s sitcom, Seinfeld.



No need to worry; there is no bad blood between the two stars. Seinfeld explained to “Extra TV” in a follow-up interview, “I’m 63, I don’t know every pop star … I don’t know everyone.” Seinfeld later quipped “I got a borderline harassment case here!” Seinfeld’s fans know he isn’t an enthusiastic hugger. Kesha just wasn’t in the loop.



Kesha responded with a simple tweet reading, “lots to smile about” followed by cutesy emojis.



Seinfeld noted afterwards he spoke with Kesha to clear the air. Still, there was no embrace between the two.



Do such fabricated controversies matter? No, probably not. However, it reminds the world of Jerry Seinfeld’s greatness. The man is a relic of the 1990s in a decade dominated by nostalgia but continues to stay relevant. Seinfeld’s effete and neurotic personality may never get old.



Hankering for my Seinfeld? Check out one of his latest projects, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” on Crackle.




Funny Tweets About The U.K. Election

The U.K election just wrapped up yesterday and into the early morning hours of this morning. While the election itself was dramatic and surprising, what was not surprising was that people on Twitter would make hilarious jokes about it. We wanted to take a look at some of those tweets and what makes them so funny.


To start off you had a great tweet from user @GaryLineker. His tweet was about how he said Theresa May had scored the own goal of the season. She of course is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and was the one who called for this election to occur at this time. Before the election her party had a majority in the parliament but as the exit poll arrived it did not appear that this was going to be the case anymore. This tweet turned out to be both funny and true.


Another Twitter user by the username of @rhysjamesy had a tweet urging caution about the exit poll in a humorous way. He said “a word of caution about the exit poll, this was the RSVP list for my last birthday. Attending: 106 Maybe: 52 Actually Turned Up: Dean”. It was a cheeky way of saying that just because there is an early indication of something does not mean that this is going to be the way that it really turns out. However, in the end the exit poll really was incredibly accurate.


Finally, a few other users made tweets about how they were trying to stay up late to watch the results come in, but at the same time they knew that they had to be at work in the morning. It is difficult because the vote counting goes into the very early morning hours in the United Kingdom and those who stay up to watch it all end up very sleepy.


Mr. Matthew Autterson and Independent Investment Management

Independent investment management is a professional asset, which involves the management of several securities such as bonds, shares, and assets in the real estate business. Investment management is usually carried out with the objective of meeting investment goals that benefit investors. Investors include institutions such as corporations, charities, insurance companies, pension funds, and educational establishments.

The services that are offered by investments managers includes stock selection, plan implementation, asset selection, and financial statement analysis. Most of these managers are hard to find, and the majority of companies employ them as part-time employees. Also, an investment manager can operate as a fund manager. Therefore, the fund manager can be an individual or firm.

Examples of the top investment management firms include Vanguard Group Incorporation, FMR Co. Inc., BlackRock Fund Advisors, and Capital Investment Management Co. LLC. These firms are successful because they continuously provide clients with the right investment opportunities. They have even earned the trust of the investors, and this is the reason why they always make it to the top. Perhaps, trust is the first important attribute to be considered before hiring a money manager.

About Mr. Mathew Autterson

Mr. Mathew Autterson is an investment management expert from Colorado. He is also a board member director of FAB (Falci Adaptive Biosystems). Because of his services to the people of Colorado, Mr. Mathew is recognized as a leader in the business community. He also combines his leadership qualities and philanthropic interest for the benefit of the Colorado Community. Moreover, Mr. Mathew has played many leadership roles with the Management Board of Denver Zoological Foundation and Denver Zoo. He also served as the Chairman of the Denver Hospice.

Regarding educational background, Mathew Autterson attended Michigan State University from 1975 to 1979. This was the institution that he received his bachelor degree. After completing his studies, Mathew started his career in the field of finance and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry of financial services.

Rick Smith’s Securus Technologies Has A New Sales Expert, John Bell

Rick Smith is the CEO of criminal and civil justice company, Securus Technologies. He understands that the company’s success not only relies on consumers, but also great talent. Recently, he appointed John Bell to be the senior vice president of sales. The new executive will be in charge of developing a high-tech competent sales team to complement Securus’ broad portfolio of over 800 products. The company offers its products and services to the law enforcement and correctional facilities. Rick said that they have spent $600 million in acquisitions and development of various safety and efficiency-related products in the past three years. To this end, there is need for the sales team to enhance their functions to be better-placed to market the improved and new products to clients. Smith added that they are likely to win every contract if their clients have a deeper understanding of their products. Read more on

The existing sales vice president, Josh Conklin, will work under John Bell. The duo will work together to advance the executive duties that Mr. Josh has been overseeing. They will ensure that the company’s products are marketed to more customers, oversee monthly client visitation, and establish an advanced sales associate training program. The team will also work to maximize the use of Securus Technology Center by increasing customer presentations. Smith praised Bell’s track record of transforming corporate cultures and mentoring industry leaders. Bell is highly experienced in developing effective sales teams. He has been in the industry for 35 years. Rick is a graduate of the renowned Wharton School of Business and the prestigious Kellogg School of Management. He has worked for leading firms such as IBM, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Verizon and NTT Verio. By virtue of working for IBM with high-tech, premier sales and high integrity businesses processes, Rick Smith Securus gained extensive sales experience. Notably, he will oversee a dedicated team of 100 sales persons. This information was originally mentioned on PRNewswire as explicated in this link

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies provides innovative technology solutions on investigation, public safety, corrections, and monitoring. Securus serves close to 2600 correctional institutions in 45 states. In addition, the company has heavy presence in Canada and Mexico. The corporation is regarded as the industry leader due to its wide range of innovative services and excellent customer service. They are highly committed to addressing the needs of their clients. This way, they go out of their way to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas where they have four regional offices in the metro area and one in Atlanta, Georgia. Securus strives to use technology to solve and prevent crime while protecting the public. Their devotion to expand and grow is evident in the numerous acquisitions that they have undertaken over the years, including Satellite Tracking of People, Guarded Exchange, Jpay, Telerus, JLG Technologies, and CellBlox. Read more on

Career Life Of Yanni Hufnagel

All through his life, Yanni Hufnagel consistent love and admiration of basketball game has been undeniable. The zeal and determination to make it in coaching have been rewarded by holding several coaching and recruiting roles. Currently, he is an assistant coach of Nevada Wolf Pack men’s basketball team coach by Eric Musselman. Hufnagel previous roles include stints with Vanderbilt Commodores, California Golden Bears and Harvard Crimson.


Yanni was born and raised in Scarsdale, Newyork. He tried his hand in basketball in high school but was cut from Scarsdale High School basketball team. He attended Pennsylvania State University for a year and later transferred to Cornell University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. He was offered an internship program at New Jersey Nets. After completion, he joined the University of Oklahoma where he earned a master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education majoring in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration. At Oklahoma, he served as a graduate assistant coach for the men’s basketball team.


Over the years, 30-year old Yanni has had a proven and enviable track record. In a survey conducted 2011 by CBS, more than 100 coaches voted for Yanni that he will make it big in his career due to his recruiting ability. Here is a list of some of his clubs.


  1. Harvard

Yanni joined Harvard Crimson men’s basketball program in June 2009. Yanni was an assistant coach and recruiter under Tommy Amake. He is credited with developing Jeremy Lin and Wesley Saunder who play for Brooklyn Nets and Windy City Bulls respectively. He helped the time win the Ivy League.


  1. Vanderbilt

Yanni Joined Vanderbilt Commodores in May 2013 as an assistant coach.


  1. University of California, Berkeley

He joined California Golden Bears in 2014 under Coach Cuonzo Martin. He helped lead the team to a 2016 NCAA Tournament berth.


  1. University of Nevada, Reno

Yanni Joined University Wolf Pack team in April 2016 as an assistant coach under Eric Musselman


Indeed Yanni Hufnagel has excelled his skills and enjoying the fruits of passion. Sheer determination has proved to be the key to Yanni’s success story.

Education Reform Forms The Basis Of The Philanthropic Work Of Betsy DeVos

The DeVos family have been playing a major role in the lives of people across Michigan for a number of decades; in fact, the family have amazed me with their dedication to providing among the highest level of giving in the history of the U.S. as members of the family have donated more than $1 billion to charitable groups over their lifetime. I have been increasingly impressed with the role Betsy DeVos has played over the last few decades in providing support to a range of charitable groups and good causes based upon her own interests.


I recently read about the work Betsy has completed as an education reformer, a role she took up when the group was still in its infancy and was searching for legitimacy in the 1980s; I believe the work of Betsy DeVos has added not only legitimacy, but also a level of financial support that has aided the reform movement in many of its tasks. Over the course of her career as an education reformer I believe Betsy has been unfairly criticized for her role as the unions that play a major role in defining the U.S. public school system have sought to keep reformers such as Betsy out of the decision making process over future education trends. The often hysterical reaction of many educational specialists I believe to be unfounded as Betsy DeVos has come to play an ever increasing role in the good work that has brought a greater level of education to millions of children across the U.S. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.


I believe Betsy DeVos has spent a large amount of her adult life looking to help those who are looking to assist others and bring greater levels of success to individuals and groups who share her religious and moral values. I am sure it has been a privilege for Betsy DeVos to serve as the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party on two separate occasions and bring the skills she initially developed as a politicized student at Calvin College to bear on a national scale. To me the shocking totals regarding philanthropy that have been donated by Betsy DeVos over the course of her life are as amazing as they are difficult to comprehend; I recently discovered Betsy and Dick DeVos had donated around $139 million during their lifetimes to good causes in Michigan and beyond with around $11 million donated in 2015 alone.

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How Scott Rocklage at 5AM Ventures has improved the delivery of their services

5 Am ventures is one of the most successful venture capital firm. They are dedicated towards identifying, funding and building capable life science companies whose role will be to deliver great results to all their investors. The company looks for companies that are developing breakthrough technologies in the healthcare industry, but do not have the needed financial strength to manage their research. The main goal of the company is to ensure that some of the most stubborn medical conditions are treated within the century through the establishment of companies that successfully research and get cures for the conditions.

The company was founded in 2002 and has a current fund of $1billion under management. They are currently investing in ventures worth more than quarter of a million dollars in certain selected companies. The company states that they have developed and tested a time proven method of approach to company building, which includes a hands on approach to the issues at hand. The board members contribute towards the process from time to time and most of the times, they also take active roles in the company. The company has its headquarters in Boston Massachusetts, but has their influence all over the country.

Their team of 18 investment professionals is the first secret that they have towards their success. The company believes that by focusing on fields such as Biopharmaceuticals, Medicine, and other life science instruments, they can make huge changes in the world of medicine. One of the men at the top of the management team at the company is Scott Rocklage, PhD. He has been with the company since 2003 and has had other experience in the management of similar ventures, which has made him ideal for the position in the company.

The experience that he has in health care management spans over 3 decades. During his leadership, he has had three drugs approved by the Food and Drugs Administration body (FDA). He has also been working with firms such as Nycomed Salutar, , Salutar and Catalytica and has been a board member at Rennovia and Relypsa.

Scott Rocklage studied at the University of Berkeley in California and acquired his bachelor of science there. He then proceeded to MIT where he carried out his research and acquired his PhD. In addition to serving in various leadership positions in the organizations, he has also been hailed as an inventor and co-inventor of more than 30 patents in the country within the medical field. He is a prolific writer with more than 100 pre-reviewed publications to his name. He is currently based in the official headquarters of the company at Boston. When he is not working, he spends time with family and also takes part in various charity initiatives.

More on Scott Rocklage:

What You Should Know about Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani serves as the CEO and the Founder of DAMAC Group. Hussain was born in 1956 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Hussain Sajwani is a graduate of the University of Washington where he acquired his undergraduate degree in Economics. Hussain started The DAMAC Group in 1992 to serve as a specialist catering company. The firm has its headquarters in Dubai and has offices in North Africa, The Middle East, Far East, Subcontinent, and the CIS States. The enterprise was valued at more than $4 billion by September 2014. It has registered tremendous growth under Hussain’s leadership.


Hussain owns about 85 percent of DAMAC Properties. His net worth is over $3.5 billion according to Forbes. Sajwani has been recognized among the richest people in the world. Hussain worked at GASCO where he served as a Contracts Manager before starting his company. GASCO is a subsidiary of ADNOC. He established his firm known as Draieh Management Services Co (DAMAC) LLC in 1982. This company was later known as DAMAC Group.


Mr. Hussain started an investment company known as DICO Invest in 1992. The company currently has investment portfolios of securities for several companies all over the world. Sajwani is also the founder of Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG. This company has been listed with a capitalization of more than $125 million on the Muscat Securities Market. Hussain and Donald Trump are great friends. Hussain has been a business partner with Donald Trump. They have made great developments in the real estate market. Hussain’s family and Donald’s family are very close. The two families spend their new year’s eve together.


Hussain Sajwani is also associated with other ventures such as the Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co SAOG which he started in 1998. It is the first and only tile manufacturer in the country. Hussain is a Board member at Majan University College in Muscat, The United States and Emirates Takaful Company, Abu Dhabi, and JUNO Online in New York. Hussain has earned a reputation as a successful businessman both in the real estate and investment industries. Sajwani attributes his success to hard work and commitment.





WEN Hair Care And Chaz Dean

When I first heard about WEN hair products it was from my grandmother, a hairdresser who had worked in the business for forty years. She was ridiculously picky, so when I heard her give nothing but praise to WEN products, I knew they would be different from other hair products.

I was used to my hair feeling dry and dull after washing with countless pricey shampoos from big-name brands. These products all touted the “secret” to flawless hair, yet each fell flat and left me frustrated with my hair. When I tried WEN, I was shocked at how soft and hydrated my hair felt!

So what was the big deal? What was the trade secret? After trying out WEN products, I did some research and discovered what makes WEN so unique. First of all, it isn’t “soap”! Instead, WEN uses a blend of nourishing oils and botanicals to deliver a sleek shine and hydrate hair. Split, dry ends spring back to life, and hair washed with WEN products doesn’t bear the characteristic dullness caused by harsh sulfates in other shampoos. Several WEN products exist, tailored to the individual complaint. For example, one variety of WEN’s revolutionary cleanser is fortified with rice protein for damaged hair which may need strengthening. In its composition, WEN is technically not even shampoo despite its ability to cleanse and nourish hair better than shampoo!

Chaz Dean, the creator of WEN conditioning hair care system, works with the creme of the entertainment industry in Hollywood. As a celebrity stylist, Dean is used to his work being made public. The WEN line of hair care products is no exception. Chaz Dean has personally endorsed his product in the WEN promotion, proudly asserting “having beautiful, healthy hair IS possible without shampoo!”. Dean currently resides in Hollywood CA where he manages Chaz Dean studio (formerly Chaz Dean salon).

Don’t Mess with LaBeouf

We can all recognize the fact that Shia LaBeouf is a rather eccentric fellow. He’s been involved in child acting, CGI blockbusters, performance art, and even dabbles in rapping. That’s right, if you didn’t know it, the kid has a real flow. Recently, however, the multi-talented actor has set his sights on the world of politics and art, and targeted Donald Trump in the process.


I have to say, it’s a good thing for Donald Trump that Labeouf didn’t choose to call him out in a rap battle. Kid has some chops. No, what he did was a little more public and, funnily enough, as “big” as if Trump himself were in charge. No, I’m not saying they’re in cahoots together. Shut up.


In recent news, the Hollywood star has been more involved in politics, and joined in the movement of the anti-Trump protesters. LaBeouf set up a a live stream with Jaden Smith to cover the four years of the Trump presidency. The ambitious project is a public art demonstration as much as a protest, and repeats the phrase, “He will not divide us,” heard by others interested in participating.


The demonstration has already seen some trying moments, and Mr. LaBeouf has lost his temper with vocal Trump supporters multiple times now. And the great thing is, it’s all on video.


Who knows how long Shia will keep up with this. He may be in it for the long haul, or maybe he’ll go back to rapping, maybe with a social emphasis not unlike Kendrick Lamar. We in the hip-hop community can only hope, but for now, it seems like Mr. LaBeouf is changing the world with his art, looking more to inspire and provoke action.