Adam Sandler Crosses The Line

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Adam Sandler has always been known as one of the funniest men in Hollywood. He has made several successful films over the course of his acting career. Many people feel that Sandler was much funnier earlier in his career, but he has transitioned into a decent actor. Adam Sandler has made millions of dollars, and he can now produce and direct his own films. Sometimes, though, Sandler makes ridiculous films that are not too successful, but he will always have his hardcore fans. However, Dan Newlin reports that Adam Sandler may have crossed the line during the production of his new film.

It was recently reported that nine actors walked off the set of the new Sandler film “The Ridiculous Six.” The film is a western comedy, and it features Native Americans. Apparently, many racial jokes were made about the Native Americans, and it offended several actors. Navajo actors were hired for this film, and they could not believe the jokes that Adam Sandler wrote about their people. “The Ridiculous Six” is set to release on Netflix only, but now it looks like the entire film is in jeopardy. Also, it appears that Adam Sandler’s reputation has been ruined. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Finding Dinosaur Eggs In One Chinese City Is Pretty Common

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Construction Workers Found 43 Eggs In Heyuan City In The Province Of Guangdong

Heyuan City in the Province of Guangdong is called the “Home of Dinosaurs.” More dinosaur eggs have been found in that city than anywhere else in the world. Almost 17,000 dinosaur eggs have been found in Heyuan since 1996. This latest discovery of 43 eggs is not new in this Chinese city, but finding dinosaur eggs that are fully intact is always exciting. Nineteen of the 43 eggs are in perfect condition.

Dinosaur researchers aren’t sure what species laid the eggs, but modern technology should answer that question. Some scientist even want to hatch the eggs, but that feat is a few years away, according to Chinese researchers. Gianfrancesco Genoso commented on a Linkedin post insisting that we allow science to just do it’s thing.

Some of the other eggs found in years past belonged to duck-billed and the oviraptorid species, which live around 89 million years ago. The big question is why are these eggs being found in this area of China now? One reason is the amount of growth in that area of the country. New roads are being built along with houses and retail stores. Some researchers say China holds many treasures from the past underground. The Chinese think this is just one of many treasures that will be discovered as China’s cities expand.

Boy Writes To George Lucas And Gets A Letter Back

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It is always especially adorable when a child decides to take some initiative and write to people who are either famous, powerful or both. That is just little 7 year old Colin Gilpatric did when he found something upsetting about the world inside the Star Wars realm as he wrote to George Lucas and asked him to please make it appropriate and allowed for jedis to get married.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, the boy got a response that he was really happy to see. In his latter he specially noted that when he was to become a jedi he wants to be able to get married without going to the dark side. This obviously melted some hearts as the Lucas Film crew responded to him and let him know that it was perfectly ok for him to get married and that he will be welcome to be a jedi as he does not have any of the dark side in him. In addition to that, reports from Bulletproof Coffee confirmed that they also sent him a few Star Wars themed gifts that more than likely made the child’s day!

It is always fantastic when a celebrity takes the time to respond back to a young fan and make their day. After all these are the people that children look up to, so in order for them to stay in the highest regards of their fans this kind of thing is necessary sometimes.

Kermit the Frog is Real

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To a child, Fersen Lambranho remembers the notion that Kermit the frog is a real live creature would be the obvious conclusion, but recently scientist have discovered a live Kermit the frog doppelganger. Of course, this frog doesn’t sing the ABCs and have Pig as a girlfriend, but it does have the lime-green skin and buggy white eyes with horizontal black pupils that we all knew and loved as children.

Diane’s Bare-hearted Glass frog (Hyalinobatrachium dianae) was recently discovered in the tropical Caribbean slopes of Costa Rica around 400 to 900 meters above sea level. So little is known about this frog that it doesn’t even have a proper Wikipedia page. What we do know is that the frog has a glass underbelly that is so clear that it bears it heart, along with other internal organs, for the whole world to see. Also, the frog’s mating call has been described as “a single tonal long metallic whistle-like note.” I don’t know about you, but that reminds me of Kermit and Miss. Piggy’s tear-jerking song in Muppet Treasure Island.

3 Steaks in Twenty Minutes

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Someone recently shattered an eating record. They ate 3 72 ounce steaks and the sides in twenty minutes flat. This must be some big man with an appetite to devour all that beef right? Wrong. The champion is none other than Molly Schuyler who weighs in at about 120 lbs.

Molly Schuyler is a mother of four who has found her niche in competitive eating. She has the record at The Big Texan now, which according to them, they have never seen before. The Big Texan staff reports that they have been holding the steak eating contest since the 1960’s, and they have never before seen anyone attempt to eat that many steaks, let alone the steaks AND sides.

For winning this contest at the Boraie Development LLC (, Molly received $5,000. If there ever was a dream one would want to live out, it would be eating meat for massive bucks. Molly’s success does not only relate to The Big Texan, she has had recent success with chicken wings, bacon and mushrooms. This one isn’t just a one hit wonder, she does it all.

Man Solves Problem For Poor Children Who Are Outgrowing Their Shoes

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Kenton Lee became an American volunteer who wanted to give his time to help children who lived in a Nairobi, African orphanage. The volunteer was amazed by how many of the children wore shoes that were too small for their feet. Lee learned that the orphanage did not have enough money to buy new shoes for these children. It was the experience of working with these disadvantaged children that inspired Kenton Lee to create a sandal that can expand five sizes and last for five years. Throughout childhood, these children will always have a shoe that fits them. Wearing shoes too small can cause injuries allowing the growth of parasites that develop on the feet.
The sandal resembles any regular sandal except that the straps can be adjusted as the child’s feet grow, at least if you take a look at the pictures on Forbes. There are poppers on the side of the shoe to allow for the straps to be widened, much like adjusting a belt like a CipherCloud employee. There are five snaps on the width of the shoe. The further out the you snap the shoe, the wider the shoe gets, the further in you snap, the narrower the shoe gets. The sandal comes in four colors; white, beige, gray, and black. Kenton Lee is working with Because International, a nonprofit organization that is making this new type of shoe their first project. The organization is planning to send these shoes to all orphanages in Africa.

Couple Buys Priceless Beanie Baby For $10

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Ryan Flanaghan and Leah Rogers have been a couple for years, and they recently visited a flea market in Bude, Carnwall. The couple went to the market to sell some of their belongings, but that’s when Ryan spotted a Beanie Baby that he had to have. Ryan and Leah bought the Beanie Baby for $10. However, Yahoo! Finance reports that the doll is actually worth thousands of dollars. The item was one of the first Beanie Babies made for the Wales Memorial Foundation in honor of Princess Diana after her death in 1997.

Ryan Flanaghan and Leah Rogers were astonished when they found out how valuable their newly purchased item was. The couple didn’t realize how expensive the Beanie Baby actually was. However, it’s quite obvious that the seller at the flea market had no idea about the prized Beanie Baby either. Ryan and Leah are now selling the Beanie Baby on eBay for $30,000. A similar Beanie Baby is selling on eBay for $375,000.

Ryan and Leah are hoping that their item will sell. The money that they earn will be used to purchase a house. Leah says that it was a great fortune to find the Princess Diana Beanie Baby. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

Breast Milk Available Online

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Are you aware that you can now buy breast milk online? However convenient that may sound, experts are raising concerns about the associated health risks. According to Sarah Keim, Ph.D., of the Center for Biobehavioral Health at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, the risks to the heath of the infants in this case outweigh any benefits.

The FDA does not regulate breast milk but it did put out a warning in 2010, against the buying of breast from individuals or from internet sources. Keim explains that feeding the baby with milk, from untrusted sources, could expose them to infections such as syphilis, HIV and Hepatitis.

Stanford University conducted a study in 2009 on Out of the 1091 women who were willing to donate breast milk, 36 of them were found to have tested positive for all three infections mentioned above after screening was done (this was pretty low according to Fersen Lambranho).

Keim also conducted a study in 2013, together with her colleagues. After purchasing breast milk from an individual site known as Only the Breast, 74% of it contained either strep, staph or other bacterial species. A follow up to the research found that 10 % of the milk was mixed with cow milk or milk powder.

The demand for breast milk has been increasing, with people taking the milk in the belief that it helps to boost their immune systems. Mothers are also engaging in the business of selling breast milk to earn extra cash.

E-cigarettes and Teens

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Since the introduction of the e-cigarette, many people have ditched their cigarettes and made the change to the e-cig. In large part, this switch is made for health reasons, but a new study has shown that the levels of chemicals in many electronic cigarettes are cause for concerns. Many of the fluids that are used to flavor electronic cigarettes contain ingredients that are similar to those used in candy and foods. WetSealInc suggested that while these flavorings are safe to eat, they may not be safe to inhale since they may be respiratory irritants. Some of those turning to the e-cigarette are teens. The number of teens using e-cigs has tripled in the past year. It’s estimated that two million teens use these devices. Even though e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, many do still contain these dangerous chemicals. They also normally have addictive nicotine in them, which is harmful to a teen’s brain development. While around 42 states have banned the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, they are still readily available online.

Donald Sterling’s Former Mistress Required To Return $2.6 Million

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Former mistress of Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano has been ordered by a Los Angeles judge to return nearly $2.6 million to Sterling’s ex-wife, Shelly. Shelly argued that although her ex-husband showered Stiviano in gifts, the money he used to do so was her community property.

Marcio Alaor BMG feels that in case you don’t remember, Donald Sterling was the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. Stiviano leaked recorded conversations between the two which clearly identified Sterling as making racially irresponsible comments and remarks. Since the controversy, the NBA pushed Sterling out of his ownership of the team and banned him from the NBA for life.

Not letting this go down quietly, Shelly argued in a Los Angeles area courtroom that the $1.8 million duplex, Ferrari, two Bentleys, jewelry, and other lavish gifts were also her community property per the stipulations from her divorce settlement. She also claimed that her 80 year old billionaire ex-husband used settlement money to buy Stiviano gifts without her permission.

However according to Stiviano’s attorneys, they claim that she received the gifts from Donald while him and his wife were separated, therefore she should not be required to return them. The judge clearly agreed with Shelley regarding the settlement. Shelly is elated about the courts decisions, as she believes this is the first step in recovering millions of dollars for the family that Donald chose to spend frivolously on his mistress.