Todd Lubar Great Contribution to the Success of Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar is a well-established businessman and an entrepreneur who has launched many firms in the real estate industry including mortgage banks such as Charter Funding, traditional financial and has also invested in automotive scrap metals recycling business. As an investor, he has worked with different companies where he has gained his experience and management skills. He not only involve himself with innovations but also helping others to develop business wise by guiding them on how to manage and run their firms.

Lubar’s first investment was around 1995 when he launched into a real estate industry. His initial step into the business was as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he acquired skills of conventional mortgage banking. Todd spends ample time developing close bonds with financial planners, real estate agents, and insurance agents who provide a base for the unlikely source of referral business. Todd took another stride and acquired a position of equity with the Legacy Financial Group. The advancement offered him a good chance to expand his ability as a broker of loans to other investors and also lend as direct mortgage bank.

Around the year 2002, Todd worked for an improvement to upgrade his real estate focus to another level and started related properties. The step enabled him to associate with people with experience in different fields like multi-family properties building trades that required him to produce a quality product in the latest fashion. Todd Lubar initiated a charter funding in the year 2003 which was an affiliate of First Magnus Financial Corporation. The investment has extensively grown to become one of the largest private mortgage companies in the United States. Later, around the year 2008, the Real Estate faced a decline in revenue forcing Todd to venture into other businesses. Todd ventured in other several lines of business which includes; the automotive scrap metal recycling, nightclub industry, and commercial demolition where he acquired contracts from some of the country’s largest contractors. After the economy state had stabilized, Todd moved back to his usual Real Estate business.

Todd is a loving father to one daughter and a husband to a lovely wife.He resides in Orange County and pledges his allegiance to the well-being of the United States. His dedication and commitment have made a great change I the Real Estate Industry and many look up to him for business related advice.

Robber With a Fake Gun Attempts Robbing a Former WWE Wrestler Who Was Part of the Tag Team “Cryme Tyme”

As usual, Florida is the location of a humorous story. The story, published here, came out of Coral Springs Florida. Shad Gaspard went to the gas station to buy a beer. A man approached him, and he all but demanded Mr. Gaspard to buy him a beer. The rude man, who quickly turned into a villain, decided to brandish what appeared to be a gun, which was later identified as a simple BB gun.


The story becomes funny when it is revealed the wanna-be robber pulled a fake gun on a former WWE pro-wrestler. That’s right. Mr. Gaspard was known in the WWE as JTG, and JTG was in a tag team known as “Cryme Tyme”. The former wrestler and former member of “Cryme Tyme was the intended victim of the crime of armed armed robbery with a fake gun. Mr. Gaspard took handily removed the incompetent robber from the premises, and he detained him until the police arrived.


Watch this bumbling alleged criminal get wrestled for his BB gun by a former pro-wrestler.


Although the circumstances around the crime are humorous considering a criminal tried to rob a former professional wrestler that was part of a tag team called Cryme Tyme with a fake gun. Let the irony of it all sink in a moment. Shad Gaspard had no idea the gun was a fake though. He jumped into action, restrained the suspect and in his mind, removed what could have been a deadly weapon intended for him and others. He expressed wanting only to return home to his son safely. The former member of a tag team being portrayed on WWE television as a criminal was very much a hero on that day.


Jeffry W. Schneider Launches Schneider Global Strategy

Jeffry Schneider has founded his own company, Schneider Global Strategy, which will specialize in media relations and crisis management. The new company will give clients a platform to tell the stories that push their businesses and personal brands to higher levels while protecting and improving their reputation. The ABC News executive has represented prominent individuals in the world, including media, government, entertainment and profit and non-profit institutions. He said that for 14 years, he enjoyed working with journalists and was grateful for the great experiences he had in the news industry. He finished his speech by appreciating the whole ABC News team.

Schneider has served at ABC News as a senior vice president for communications in charge of World News Tonight with David Muir, Good Morning America, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, 20/20 and Nightline. While announcing Jeffry’s new venture, ABC News president, James Goldston, praised Jeffry’s work at ABC, saying that he undertook his duties professionally and passionately. EVP of Global Communications for DATG, Kevin Brockman, said Jeffry’s drive and competitive zeal is admirable. He expressed his excitement of continuing to work with the exceptional journalist as he starts another chapter of his career. ABC News and The Disney ABC Television Group will be the first clients of the new New York-based venture.

About Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, a company that raises funds through financial structuring for developed and upcoming alternative asset fund sponsors. The company operates on a diverse range of sales hand operational services, marketing, innovative approach, and education. The corporation partners with private banks, registered investment advisors, family offices and broker-dealers to deliver its services across the world. Under Jeffry’s leadership, the company has registered rapid growth for the past five 5 years. It has raised over $1 billion on behalf of a couple of managers. Currently, the entity has more than 30 employees. Ascendant Capital collaborates with over 50 broker-dealers, countless family offices and 250 investment advisors.

Schneider believes that the in the coming years, the company will have grown exponentially. He pointed out that alternative investments’ allocations are on a higher level compared to most RIAS’s. Alternative investments diversify holdings and reduce volatility, which is convenient for the company’s performance. The corporation’s communication culture encourages open dialogue and enhances trust among members. This strategy has played a pivotal role in the company’s success. Previously, Jeffry worked for Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. In addition, he had stints with Alex Brown, Smith Barney and Merill Lynch. As a philanthropist, Schneider has contributed to several charitable organizations, including the Gazelle Foundation, God Loves We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, and Cherokee Home for Children.

There’s Snow Need to Walk When You Can Ride

Little ones can be clingy, but one polar bear cub has raised the art to a new high.


A mama polar bear and two cubs emerged from their snowy den in Wapusk National Park in Canada in search of food. One four-month-old cub plunged fearlessly into the drifts, but the other one, unable to bear the chilly snow, decided to hitch a ride on mom’s back. There was snow telling where he got the idea, but he seemed to enjoy the trip.


The scene was captured by wildlife photographer Daisy Gilardini, who spent 117 hours in 40-mph winds to catch the cubs’ first foray into their cold northern world. But it was worth the wait. “It was extremely funny and totally unexpected behavior,” she said.


Pregnant polar bears feed in August and September and don’t eat again until spring. They make a den in a snowdrift and give birth to cubs there in November or December. Mother and cubs stay in the den until March or April and then come out to feed and let the cubs explore. At this time, they might all trek to the sea ice so the mother can hunt for seals


After a while, the little hitchhiker looked as if he might be sliding off mom’s behind. But he hung on with determination, proving he could bear down with snow problem, if you get my drift.



USHEALTH Group Inc’s Troy McQuagge Wins CEO Of The Year Award

Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc is the Gold Winner of One Planet Awards’ CEO of the Year. The esteemed One Planet Awards is a leading international awards program that recognizes business and professional excellence in every sector of the economy across the world. Organizations from all continents are allowed to submit their nominations, including for profit and nonprofit organizations as well as public and private entities and start-ups.

Mr. McQuagge started working for USHEALTH in 2010. He set out to transform the company by rebuilding USHEALTH Advisors, its distribution agency. His accomplishments of turning around USHEALTH Advisors led to his appointment as the president and chief executive officer of the firm in 2014. Under McQuagge’s leadership, the company has registered immense growth, profitability, and enhanced productivity in the competitive health insurance industry.

McQuagge noted that it was a great honor to be recognized by One Planet Awards. Additionally, he pointed out that the award belonged to everyone in the company. Troy posited that the award was a proof of USHEALTH Group, Inc’s ongoing dedication to finding a solution to the problem of access to affordable healthcare. The entity offers self-employed individuals as well as small business owners with an inventive health coverage, which is subject to growth as their healthcare needs evolve.

The One Planet Awards honors firms for their business in addition to professional excellence. Presently, they are conferred in categories. These sections include teams, executives, new products, new services, corporate communications, marketing, and PR.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is a highly respected insurance and sales expert. He has served in the industry for over 30 years. During this period, he has established a reputation for achieving remarkable results in competitive environments, which comprises of turnarounds, start-ups, as well as high-growth firms. Troy is also well known for his ability to resolve complex issues and offer decisive leadership to cross-cultural and multi-functional teams. The graduate of the University of Central Florida pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Presently, McQuagge serves as the president, and an active member of USHEALTH Group, Inc’s board of directors. He joined the company in 2010 and served as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors, LLC, the group’s insurance sales unit. Troy guided the subsidiary to have enhanced yearly sales. In 2014, Ben Cutler announced the promotion of McQuagge to serve as the company’s president. Cutler is USHEALTH’s chairman. McQuagge has used his vast insurance industry experience to put the company on a growth trajectory, especially on both the administrative and sales side. His expertise in insurance management has played a pivotal role in enhancing the company’s operations. In his career, McQuagge has won numerous awards, including the Bronze Stevie Award in 2015 for his remarkable achievements in sales growth.

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The Business and Philanthropic Undertakings of Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is a businessperson who established the JMH Development and currently serves it as a managing partner. He came from a third generation real estate firm that has an outstanding history of building and managing several houses in New York for more than five decades. The Halpern family has operated in Westchester County and New York, where it has constructed several residential buildings. It has also created a lot of Class A business space in the Westchester County. Jason has adequate skills and experience that have enabled him to acquire and build many notable and historically landmarked structures. He is a determined individual who has a great vision for his company.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

Mr. Halpern stands out from other real estate developers due to his passion for the sector and the position that he has put himself in the venturing in historical regions. He has learned to develop healthy relationships with the people of various cities where he builds. This rapport helps his work to be historically significant. His company has a principal of valuing the communities where it builds.


Jason has been devoting his time and money to various charity undertaking to support his community. He has offered a lot of resource to the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, which is based at the Westchester Medical Center. The organization has a Level I Trauma Center, and it has excellent professionals and equipment that enable it to provide the best open-heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, intricate emergency neurosurgery, and fixing detached limbs. The foundation also treats burn victims, children, pregnant women, and people who have multiple detrimental internal injuries.


He has also extended his philanthropic undertakings to his workplace whereby he involves JHM Development in charity. The company established a creative partnership with the international water non-profit aid. It contributed $20,000 for each agreement that it engaged in at the constructor’s Three Hundred Collins, which is based in Miami. The money is used creating water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia. His company has been offering clean water to more than 650 Nepal and Ethiopian people through Splash and Relief Society of Tigray. He has always been committed to using his real estate skills to support other people.


Comedian Chris Rock Lands Massive Netflix Deal

It has been eight years since Chris Rock took the stage as a standup comedian. Many people in the show business industry were beginning to wonder if Rock had hung up his microphone for good. However, it has now been revealed that Rock s going to be coming back to standup comedy in a very big way. The legendary comedian has signed an exclusive deal with streaming service Netflix that will pay him the incredible amount of $40 million for two standup specials. This is the most money that a comedian has ever been paid in such a deal.


HBO was said to be part of the bidding war for the two specials. This is not surprising considering that all of Rock’s previous standup specials have been aired on HBO. Rock also had a successful talk show called “The Chris Rock Show” which aired on HBO. However, Netflix outbid HBO and now the comedy of Chris Rock will have a new home. The first of the two specials will be recorded in 2017 during a massive world tour that Rock will be doing. No exact date for the premiere of the special has been released. There was no word on when the second special would be recorded or when it would air.


Chris Rock first achieved fame as a cast member of “Saturday Night Live” in the early 1990s. However, it was his 1996 HBO special called “Bring the Pain” that made him a superstar in the world of comedy.


How White Shark Media Handle Complaints

Like any other business, White Shark Media also faces complaint issues from their clients. It takes a lot of time to build a company that gets the least complaints. The difference between White Shark Media and other companies is learning from mistakes. As a result, it has come out as a better service provider. Different types of customers have different types of complaints. Some customers complain about losing touch with their AdWords campaigns while others don’t feel the communication is good enough. Some even said that their old campaigns performed better than new ones.



To solve complaints about losing touch with AdWords campaigns, White Shark Media worked on its reporting procedures. Previously small business owners were not able to easily review the reports and know about the latest situation. Now White Shark Media thoroughly explains everything about their new campaigns. The client is likely to know the performance of an ad or keyword before the campaign starts. The most important task is communication. It is equally important as giving results to the clients. Earlier clients felt that there was not enough communication. Now GoToMetting is used for scheduled monthly calls. A SEM strategist and the client review results of last thirty days. Moreover, clients can directly call to their contact person using direct extensions of the phone systems.



Some clients complain about the performance of campaigns. For better results of every client, White Shark Media have made some changes in the procedures. It includes the active use of existing campaigns, overall campaign management, and providing feedback. Every SEM strategist in the company works with a supervisor. At times clients complained why the company does not offer SEO services. Although White Shark Media is currently not offering SEO services, it can distinguish between a good and a bad SEO company. To save clients from losing money to SEO vendors, the company reviews, and works on all SEO proposals.



At times, complaints are about interacting with a person who either can’t explain himself or doesn’t know the solution to that specific problem. The Senior SEM consultants of White Shark Media now follow the clients from sign-up to every other process. Although they are not available for primary contact, they are still an active part of client’s life with the company as they answer questions. There are occasions when clients say they don’t like the campaign. Since 2012, White Shark Media introduced a new method to solve this issue. The company creates different AdWords accounts to ensure new campaigns are developed from the scratch. Some clients don’t know how to track their AdWords performance. The company has introduced an in-house process which is free of cost. It installs call tracking, conversion tracking, and even Google Analytics in some cases.



A Spendthrift Unemployed Man Spends $2.1 Million Due to Banking Error

New South Wales Court overturned the conviction of a man who was jailed last years due to fraud charges. The man, aged twenty-nine years, recently walked free after the judge ordered his release. He was detained because he had run a debt of thousands of dollars after he spent money buying expensive things such as cars, artworks and going for holidays and even managed to purchase a boat.


Finally, the authorities caught up with him but it was already too late, and the man had already spent millions of dollars in excess and was in debt. The man, named Luke Moore, was aged twenty-two years when he opened up an account with an Australian Bank St George. At the time he was unemployed, and he claimed benefits, running an overdraft of $9,000 after just one year. He realized that the overdraft was unlimited and continued to use money withdrawing more and more.


He lived a lavish life, and all he was doing was buying expensive cars, going to casinos, visiting famous places, and frequenting strip clubs. During the period, he visited Thailand and the Gold Coast, Boat a Boat and Aston Martin. Later, it came to the realization of the bank that Moore owed them over 1.25 million euros and raised the alarm to the police. The money was stashed in secondary accounts.


The man had been jailed for taking advantage and tricking the bank to obtain money hence dealing with crime. However, he was freed, and while talking to the Daily Telegraph, he said he was now adjusting to normal life. He is now living with his mother and planning to study and become a criminal lawyer. Moore now misses the things of the past, but he has decided to stay close to his family and friends though he says he misses strippers.


Jennifer Lawrence Gets Revenge on Chris Pratt

Beloved superstars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star together in the upcoming film Passengers and have developed a fun friendship in the process of filming and doing press. Serial social media user Pratt has been having some fun with Lawrence of late by posting pictures of the two of them together, or rather, pictures of Pratt and part of Lawrence. In many shots, the photos are cropped to show just a sliver of Lawrence. In others, something is obscuring her face.


Lawrence, not a social media user, has stayed quiet about it until now. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Lawrence decided to get her revenge. Along with Kimmel and sidekick Guillermo, she treats Pratt’s face the same way he did hers, using cans of spray paint. A bus adorned with a giant advertisement for the film is given a full graffiti treatment. Lawrence begins by liberally applying black paint to Pratt’s face. Kimmel gets in on the action by spraying out some of the letters of Passengers, leaving just one small, insulting word that he draws an arrow from to Pratt’s face. They finish it off by using red spray paint to give Pratt demon eyes and a mustache.


It remains to be seen how Pratt will respond, but it’s obvious that these two loveable actors really do like each other and get along well. Long live their good-natured prank war!