Margot Robbie and Will Smith Trade Insults; Robbie Won the Battle of Wits

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Some of the best portions of movies do not include the acting, special effects, or even the story line but are offered in the moments shared between co-stars. Suicide Squad is said to be one of the top ten movies of the century and the actors found in this film are some of the greatest of all time, including the gorgeous Margot Robbie and the forever talented Will Smith. Though the two dominated on screen, their hilarious personalities were depicted in some good humor when they traded insults in an interview.

In a game called, “Playground Insults,” the actors had the opportunity to diss each other with the promise of not taking any of the jokes seriously. Robbie started the digs by stating that Will Smith is incredibly old; old enough that she had to Google what The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actually was. Unable to offer a comeback because he was laughing too hard, Smith passed on his opportunity to insult the blonde beauty.

Margot continued her merciless slew of insults by saying Will was the most unattractive member of his movie, I Am Legend. That was it for the actor and he told Robbie that the only reason she was able to insult him was because she harbored animosity over the fact that Smith had been intimate with her mother. In one final jab to Smith’s ego, Robbie said that her mother did not call Smith back because his nickname, “Big Willy,” was misleading.

Convincingly, life should never be taken too seriously. Working on a movie entails that life-long friendships will develop, and this is undoubtedly the case for Margot Robbie and Will Smith. Their ability to trade innocent insults demonstrates just how silly life can be if you let it.

Nutrimost Works for People

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There are many different “weight loss” products that are actually illegitimate and don’t work for people. They are products that promote weight loss but do very little to provide that weight loss. The products are not reputable and are actually different than programs that work to provide their clients with the best weight loss solutions possible. The companies from these illegitimate products often steal promotional material from companies that aim to provide their clients with true weight loss success through the use of different products, programs and support to help people lose the weight that they need to have a better life. The Nutrimost company is one of the programs that was ripped off by illegitimate companies.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost
It can sometimes be difficult for companies like Nutrimost, that provide real products and solutions for people who want to lose weight, to build up a reputation in a business that is full of scam products and things that really just don’t work. The company worked hard to ensure that their clients are able to get the most out of their products and that they are able to see real results. They documented these results in a video that they used on their website.

Another weight loss company, one that had no ties to Nutrimost and had a bad reputation, stole the video that Nutrimost used for their products and to promote a better way to lose weight. The company put the video on their own site and changed the wording around to make it look like their products had done the job. The stolen video even included advice from a medical professional that was aimed at Nutrimost, not the company that stole the video. The Nutrimost company, after attempts at asking the company to take down the video, decided to begin a lawsuit.

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Laidlaw & Company Is In Serious Trouble

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I’m a firm believer that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Each and every day, we are presented with the choice of doing the right thing or doing the wrong thing. The choice is up to us and what we decide to do. Most people, I tend to believe, like to do the right thing. There are a select few that are interested in doing the wrong thing and they are just hoping that they don’t get caught and hope that no one notices. They have put their hand in the cookie jar a few too many times.

The names that immediately come to mind are Matthew Eitner and James Ahern from Laidlaw & Company. They tried to take over Relmada and they were false and misleading in the ways they conducted themselves. So not only did they try to take over the company, which is known as a company that is looking for pain solutions, but they also were shady about it. Now, one must remember that this is Laidlaw & Company, an investment bank that used to be well received, well respected, and well known for all that they did and how they handled themselves.

They had a good reputation that took a long time to earn. People put their faith in them when it came to their money. They had a 170 year legacy. Now, you don’t last that long by happenstance. You get to over the century mark by conducting yourself in a certain way. They have tarnished all of that and now when people think of Laidlaw, they think bad things and they don’t trust them as far as they can throw them. The fact that a restraining order was needed speaks volumes to how far it has gotten.

The Career and Philanthropic Accomplishments of Raj Fernando

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Raj Fernando is a renowned Philanthropist, an experienced businessman in international economic marketing, a cyber-security expert, and an innovator. Throughout his life, he has maintained a remarkable performance in all his endeavors.

His career started as a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile Exchange while he was a student. His passion drove him to achieve top managerial positions alongside starting his own business enterprises. He was the founder and CEO of Chopper Trading before selling the company and founding His extensive experience has seen him hold executive positions in foreign policy organizations.

Currently, he is a committee member of Foreign Policy Leadership at Brookings Institute. In addition, he is Board director in American Security Project and Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He also holds managerial positions in other organizations such as American Security Project and USMC.

After working in Chicago Board of Trade from 1996 to 2002, he left to start his first company, Chopper Trading. the company specialized in services revolving around communications, business, and risk management.

Within a short time, Chopper Trading expanded its market to become a principal company trading on CME, LSE, ICE and Eurex. The company had an estimated 250 highly skilled employees. Among its employees were best engineers, tech experts, and trading experts. Raj sold the company to DRW in 2015.

Besides the normal business operations, Chopper Trading also focused on sports events as a way of giving back to community. It financed a chess team that was among the best teams in East Division of Chicago. Some Chopper Trading employees also formed part of the chess team to provide mentorship.

Besides sponsoring chess, Chopper Trading also finances a softball team in Chicago. The company was dedicated to supporting sporting events with an aim of creating leisure events and nurturing a spirit of teamwork among its employees. This created a platform for employees to discover their weaknesses and help each other in finding better solutions to address them. The company supports other sports such as soccer and volleyball.

After selling Chopper trading to DRW, he started a new company named delivers services focused on internet solutions to companies and individuals who want to expand their markets.

Raj Fernando has gained fame through his innovative ventures and philanthropic efforts throughout the country. He manages a symphony orchestra, is a major fundraiser for Democratic candidates, and is an active member of Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

His remarkable fundraising abilities became evident when he became among the top three fundraisers for President Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.

Dr. Clay B. Siegall Joins the Mirna Therapeutics’ Board of Directors

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Dr. Clay Siegall has secured a high-profile appointment from Mirna Therapeutics. He will serve as an advisor to the Board of Directors of Mirna Therapeutics. His primary responsibility is to oversee the company’s efforts of developing Micro-RNA-based therapies. Mirna’s CEO and President, Dr. Paul Lammers, was pleased to announce the appointment of Clay as the outside director. He noted that Clay’s professional expertise and impressive accomplishments in the health industry would be valuable to Mirna’s team and board.

Dr. Clay remarks

Dr. Clay mentioned that MicroRNA-based therapies are part of interesting specialties in cancer research. He said that Mirna is well placed with a strong pipeline of innovative products. He commended the company for remaining active in cancer research. He vowed to work his level best in the development and implementation of programs structured to meet the unique needs of patients.

Role at Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall shows his impressive leadership ability by helping Seattle Genetics to form numerous partnerships with larger pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies in Oncology. He has led the company in developing a strong pipeline of cancer treatment drugs. He has played an instrumental role in guiding the firm’s capital-raising activities, amassing over $650 million via public and private funding. Dr. Clay has authored over 70 publications, and he owns 15 patents.

Dr. Clay B. Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is a renowned scientist who focuses on innovating new strategies for fighting cancer. He holds a degree in Zoology and a Ph.D. in genetics from the George Washington University and the University of Maryland respectively. He began his professional career at the National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991. Later on, he joined Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and served as a senior research up to 1997.

Dr. Clay turned his dream of owning a research center into reality by co-founding Seattle Genetics back in 1998. The company develops antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Its first commercialized drug, ADCETRIS, obtained FDA approval in 2011. Currently, ADCETRIS is an international brand available for use in over 60 countries. Under Clay’s leadership, Seattle Genetics is developing a diversified pipeline of copyrighted ADCs for cancer treatment.


And The 2016 Communications Solutions Product Of The Year Is Awarded To Talk Fusion

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If you have been following news regarding technology and marketing, it might come as no shock that Talk Fusion won this year’s award for communications solutions product of the year. This is the second time this year that Talk Fusion won an award from Technology Marketing Corporation. With this award, products that are deemed exceptional involving voice, data and video in the communications industry are honored. Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is one of the many products that is highly qualified.The platform offered by Talk Fusion is way ahead of the curve of what is offered in the market place and they CEO and Founder said they are just getting started. Talk Fusion is offering the most up to date, technologicaly advanced, revolutionary all in one video marketing solution available. This company is becoming a global leader in their field.

Talk Fusion was started when Bob Reina, the company’s CEO and Founder, wanted to send a short video clip to his mom in the early days of the internet. AOL told Bob that they could not do it and as a result, Bob set out to find a way to get it done. Talk Fusion is based on that idea and has been helping small business and corporation giants every since. This platform can be used to communicate with just about anyone. A business can use it to train their sales team or hold monthly or weekly meetings. It can be used to educate prospects by using it’s cross communication platform and so much more.

Regardless of how you or your business want to use Talk Fusion, there is no doubt that you can use it successfully to help increase your business. The system is easy to use. There are templates that can be used for email based marketing. You can send a video message or do a face to face video chat. The ideas of what you can promote using Talk Fusion are only limited by your imagination. As you can see, Talk Fusion is a game changer and it is the winner of another award this year. Why not check it out for yourself?

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The Man Behind the Curtain in the Fight Against Cancer

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Seattle Genetics President and CEO, Dr. Clay Siegall, has joined the Board of Directors of Mirna Therapeutics as an outside director. He is also on the Board of Directors at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. Mirna specializes in MicroRNA-based therapeutics, which is an exciting area of cancer treatment research. MiRNA plays a pivotal role in the occurrence, growth, and dissemination of many types of cancer. By replacing downregulated MiRNAs in tumor cells, you receive a positive therapeutic response.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

Dr. Siegall brings to Mirna broad pharmaceutical industry experience and tremendous achievements in building a successful oncology company. Mirna hopes this experience will help guide them as they continue to make advancements in the development of their microRNA-based therapeutics.
Dr. Clay Siegall co-found Seattle Genetics in 1998 and has made incredible strides in antibody-based therapies. Under Dr. Siegall’s direction, Seattle Genetics managed to obtain $675 million through public and private financings. Seattle Genetics created and received FDA approval on their first commercial product, ADCENTRIS (brentuximab vedotin) in August 2011. The typical chemotherapy regime is incredibly devastating to a patient’s body as it attacks both healthy and cancerous cells. He introduced a way to bind the chemotherapy drug with a protein identifier to find and destroy the cancer cells without harm to healthy cells (ADCENTRIS). His approach lessens the side effects and downtime involved with traditional chemotherapy. His background is a BS in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. He left Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Institute in 1998 to open his research facility, Seattle Genetics when Bristol-Myers abandoned antibody-based therapy, which is his passion. He is a likeable, passionate man who makes the ideas of caring for patients and making money seem to go hand in hand when you listen to him speak. His speech at his Alma Mater in Maryland discusses the ups and downs of pharmaceutical oncology and how to be profitable. His attitude is one of positivity and thoughtfulness. He talks about lessons learned and steps forward, not failures. In the ugly world of cancer, he is a beacon of hope.

Steven Murray Leads A Successful Investment Career

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Steven Murray was the former CEO of the private equity firm CCMP Capital. The company was one of the largest equity firms in the world. Murray became CEO in 2007 as the successor to the founder. He has lead a long career that began with earning a master’s degree in business administration at Columbia Business School. After  joining a credit analyst training program, he became a part of MH Equity Corporation. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

This entity was a combination of Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group and finance unit. Murray was present for another company merge in 1991, when MH Equity merged with Chemical Venture Partners. The head of buyout business at JPMorgan Partners became Murray in 2005. The company later changed its name and became a separate business known as CCMP.  Read more: CCMP Capital Advisors Gets Backing to Resume Investing From Fund

The addition of Murray allowed JPMorgan to flourish with sizeable growth. With the addition of Murray, the firm was able to establish relationships with new investors and raise $3.6 billion dollars within one year. He was known to invest in mainly middle market deals. Murray led the firm for over 20 years before resigning due to reasons related to his health.

After Murray stepped down, chairman Greg Brenneman filled the role. Murray brought Brenneman on board because of his uncanny ability to turn companies around and business experience across a range of industries.

Murray made Brenneman the chairman of CCMP Shortly after giving up his role, Murray passed away at the age of 52. He has made a great deal of contributions to the company he led. Murray was with CCMP to experience many of the leadership changes the company went through over the years. While Murray led the company, it was able to raise at least two multi-billion dollar funds.

In addition to the major position Murray held at CCMP, he was also on the board of Cabela’s, Generac Power Systems, Aramark, The Vitamin Shoppe, AMC Entertainment, and many other major companies. A noted philanthropist, Murray had a group of entities that he regularly supported.

Stephen Murray supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Stamford Museum, Columbia Business School, Boston College, and many other organizations. He was also a part of the chairman’s council of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York.

Murray’s former business partners speak of what a great deal maker and investor he was. Murray is survived by his wife and four sons who live in Stamford, Connecticut.

Flossing Isn’t As Important As We Thought

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Everyone’s grown up hearing how important flossing is, but it turns out that may have been wrong all along. Strangely enough, it took a Freedom of Information Act request from the Associated Press to find that there is little evidence correlating regular flossing with a reduced prevalence of gum disease.

More specifically, the AP noticed that updated dietary recommendations had quietly removed any mention of regular flossing without an explanation as to why. As it turned out, the United States government had been suggesting to citizens for nearly the past 40 years to regularly floss without conducting any actual research on the practice.

In fact, the Associated Press found that research tended to not only indicate the ineffectiveness of flossing, but that it also created the potential for confirmation bias. When people began flossing, they’d begin to justify its effectiveness in their own heads. This reinforced the practice, despite it not actually having any noteworthy effects on the cleanliness of their mouth. Of course, this also explains how the practice grew in popularity to begin with. No one wants to waste their time flossing only to discover that it’s an absolutely worthless practice.

Despite the evidence pointing to its ineffectiveness, many dentists and dental organizations are still encouraging Americans to continue flossing. In their view, it’s a minor routine that doesn’t involve very many costs or risks. If you have a few minutes to spare in your day, it’s better to be safe than sorry and keep flossing. On the bright side though, at least you don’t have to feel bad anymore if you skip flossing for a day or two.

Australian Jedi Citizens Confuse National Census

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For years, now, Australian citizens have been inflating census reports, making the country appear significantly more religious than it actually is. Why? Not because religious people are prevalent, but because, in homage to Star Wars, thousands of citizens have started indicating their religious preference as “Jedi” on the national Australian census.

For the 70,000 citizens who indicated Jedi as their religion in 2001, it was little more than a joke. The joke persisted over the years, but experts are now requesting that citizens stop writing it in, at least as a joke. Due to the way Australia counts religions in the census, Jedi is calculated as a “not defined” response, rather than an indication of no religion. This inaccurately increases the percentage of the population defined as religious.

Of course, asking citizens to stop is not the only, or even most realistic, solution. In England, for example, over 300,000 citizens identified as Jedi in 2001. Unlike Australia, however, England categorized these responses as atheism to avoid confusion about the religious population. New Zealand has taken the opposite approach. In their census, all religions are acknowledged and recognized, no matter how absurd they may appear.

With the Star Wars craze far from over, it is unlikely that the request of the census foundation will be heeded. In the mean time, we can expect Australia’s Jedi movement to continue to grow.