Do Hospital Scrubs Make Patients Sick?

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Doctors, nurses, lab techs and other medical personnel wear scrubs and lab coats not only within the confines of the hospital, but also while running their errands before and after their work shift.

LinkedIn suggests that the fabric of the scrubs and lab coat are subjected to a variety of germs and bacteria which cling to the fibers. Air-borne pollution, food particles and other dirty debris land on and adhere to the fabric too. Then those same doctors, nurses and lab techs want to do invasive procedures on you while wearing those germ-laden scrubs.

Yes, hospital scrubs can and do make patients sick because they are unsanitary and spread bacteria that can cause staph infections and a variety of other illnesses.
Those who wear scrubs outside the hospital are taking the work day’s germs along with them and spreading them to the general population and vise-versa, they are bringing in the outside bacteria into the hospital.

Staph-causing germs can live up to 56 days on a lab coat and many doctors have confessed to wearing the same lab coat, without washing it, for a week. The C. diff germ, which causes severe and sometimes deadly diarrhea, is running rampant in hospitals and is not removed from clothing with a simple detergent and water laundering. C. diff is only removed from clothing when bleach is added to the wash water.

Eddie Ray Routh Found Guilty in Murder of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and His Friend

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After a trail that had lasted for over two years, a Texas jury had finally reached a verdict in the case of the deaths of Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield. On Tuesday Evening, the jury had found Eddie Ray Routh guilty in the murder of Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield. The trail had begun receiving national attention lately as the jury was ready to make its decision on whether Routh was guilty or not in the murder, according to users on

Eddie Ray Routh had killed Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield two years ago in 2013 at a gun range in Texas. After shooting the two men dead, he took Chris Kyle’s truck and drove to his sister’s home. He then told her “that they cold not be trusted, so he had killed them.” The sister dialed 911 and reported the incident to the police, which sparked an intense investigation.

Routh’s defensive attorneys had argued that he was insane, and not fit to stand trail. They claimed he had post traumatic stress disorder after serving in Iraq from 2007-2010. He had also received treatment for mental illness at at a veterans hospital before the incident.

Chris Kyle, one of the victims of Routh’s shooting death is who the main character of the film American Sniper is based upon. He has claimed to kill over 100 enemy combatant and released an autobiography describing his feats in combat. He is considered to be the most successful American sniper of all time. After the juries decision the families, of Chad Littlefield said they were glad of the decision and believed that justice was served.

Bruce Levenson: Washington D. C. Businessman

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Many people find it makes a great deal of sense for them to enter the business field. Doing so can allow them to be involved in various kinds of business related careers. This also allows them to have fun while they are engaged in activities that they enjoy and can be used to help them support their families. Those who are able to use their skills to the business world may decide to work for others at a small or large company. They may also decide to use their skills to start a business of their own where they can be their own boss and have a business that can be passed down to close relatives to carry on the family name and provide a living for many members of the family.

One such daring businessman is Bruce Levenson. Levenson has been able to use his skills to help others in his field. He has used his understanding of various kinds of fields to help start highly successful businesses. As a result of his work, Levenson has been able to employ many people, create a thriving company and use his skill with finance to spend years as part owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He has also been able to use his skills in the area of financial advice to help accumulate a fortune that he has used to engage in various kinds of charitable works that have greatly benefited those who live and work in the Washington D.C. area as well as help promote a greater awareness of the holocaust.

Mr. Levenson was born in the American capital. During his years in the D.C. suburb of Chevy Chase, Levenson worked hard to learn about many areas of business and what particular field he found of interest. When he graduated from high school, Levenson attended Washington University in St. Louis. Deciding that law was his calling, Levenson graduated from the law school at American University. His undergraduate training helped served him well when he began his first business venture. The United Communications Group was a business that Levenson started in 1977 with a partner. This business is devoted to the publishing industry. The group provides up to date information of various kinds to a number of important industries such as the oil industry, the health care field, the mortgage banking field, as well as the telecommunications and technology fields.

Christopher Cowdray looks to evolve a new brand in luxury hotels

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Embarking on a new career stage can be a daunting prospect, with The Dorchester Collection CEO Christopher Cowdray looking to begin a new stage of his career in the demanding World of hotel management with a brand that had little popularity amongst the general public. Cowrday had been working through the luxury hotel industry and reached the pinnacle of Manager at The Dorchester Hotel in London, one of the top luxury hotels on the planet. As the owners of The Dorchester looked to create a recognizable brand across the World with a focus on the luxury traveler.

Cowdray faced a difficult task, The Dorchester Collection includes some of the most famous luxury hotels in the World, including those in London, Paris, Rome and California. However, the brand was struggling to overcome the individual fame of each hotel, with five hotels included in the 2006 launch of the brand. Each hotel was iconic in its own right, but was not easily identified as part of the overall brand. Cowdray was appointed in 2007 and faced the issue of finding a branding style that would suit the overall luxury standard of the hotels, without destroying the luxury status of the hotels as individual locations.

The brand now maintains a luxury image, but an overall brand has been achieved more in the sense of luxury and service than in the overall branding use don each hotel. Unlike a large number of rival luxury chains The Dorchester Collection has grown slowly since its founding and will continue to see only a small level of growth in coming years. Each location is chosen because it offers guests the best possible location for completing the business or leisure activities they crave. By not skimping on the luxury status of its hotels, The Dorchester Collection makes sure each hotel location is completed perfectly before allowing guests to stay. This was shown by the insistence of Christopher Cowdray that the refurbished Hotel Bel Air in California was perfect before opening two years after the property was purchased and renovations began.

South Florida Senator Introduces Bill to Legalize Recreational Pot

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As pot prohibition slowly but surely fails across the U.S., Democratic Senator Dwight Bullard presented SB 1176 to the Florida Senate yesterday. A Florida medical marijuana bill was shot down last November, failing by a very small margin, but Bullard’s bill is much more detailed than the previous proposal. Expected to meet heavy refusal by Republicans in the state legislature, Bullard’s bill, if passed, would legalize recreational pot in the Sunshine State.

Bullard’s first order of business would be to amend the name of the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, to a more general designation of Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Brian Torchin says that under this new name, the reorganized agency would design a taxation system for marijuana sales. In an effort to appease anti-pot activists, the measure would require that studies be conducted on the safety and benefits of marijuana, funded by five percent of collected taxes from pot sales. With hopes of boosting Florida’s revenue, economy and job market, Bullard comments, “It [pot] has a potential for real positive economic impact with real small business growth.” As a pro-pot advocate and Florida voter, I agree.

The bill would allow those 21-years of age and older to possess up to 2.5 ounces of weed and grow up to six plants in their home. Consumers would also be permitted to gift up to 2.5 ounces to another adult. The conservative proposal would additionally put limits on grow sites and retail stores, allowing municipalities to vote on prohibiting marijuana facilities in their city limits, should the majority of its citizens oppose it.

Marijuana Legal in Three States

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A third state has legalized the recreational usage of marijuana on top of Washington State and Colorado, which simultaneously legalized it in 2014. Now, effective February 24, 2015, a third state has legalized it – Alaska.

Marijuana legalization has become a bit of a movement after a long period in which the substance was not only banned, but also vilified with films like Reefer Madness blaming marijuana usage for all different types of societal ills including insanity and murder.

Susan McGalla of American Eagle knows that medical studies conducted have shown that marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol and cigarettes and as a result, the drug has slowly been decriminalized and legalized. In addition to the three legal states where it can be used for recreational usage, marijuana is also legal in many states for medicinal purposes for a variety of different illnesses. While marijuana has curative properties in some diseases such as glaucoma, it is also an pain medication for other diseases.

Alaska, unlike Colorado and Washington state does not have the history of medicinal use and it is therefore proving more challenging for regulators to introduce the drug into recreational usage. Further, the drug is still illegal at the federal level though the attorney general, Eric Holder, has indicated that this may change soon. State law advocates have supported state laws in excess of federal laws and marijuana legalization has benefited as a result.

Alaska will be exposed to many challenges though in taxing and regulating the drug.

Edward Snowden’s Latest Leak Has White House Scrambling For Answers

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NSA And British Spies Hacked Largest Manufacturer Of SIM Cards

The National Security Agency has been trying to pick up the top-secret pieces of their complex and secretive dealings for the last two years. They have also been mending the trust issues that they compromised with their spying tactics.

Edward Snowden’s embarrassing NSA revelations has changed the aloof agency, and his leaks have also changed how the world perceives the United States. For years, stories of spies and international espionage have been whispers in private meetings and on movie sets. But now we know the whispers and the movies only touched on a thin layer of the spy business.

Snowden may be a hero to some and a villain to others, but one thing is sure; he knows how to get the world’s attention. Zeca Oliveira ( knows that his latest leak may hinder the White House from fixing their estranged relationship with Silicon Valley. The new leak according to an article published by Intercept claims NSA and their British counterpart hacked the computer network of Gemalto. Gemalto is the largest producer of SIM cards.

Government officials haven’t confirmed the report, and NSA is not answering questions that pertain to leaks, so some Silicon Valley executives are taking their silence as confirmation of the hack.

Alaska Becomes 3rd State To Legalize Pot

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There’s good news today for marijuana smokers in the state of Alaska. The state has joined two other states as one of only three American states that recognize marijuana as a legal drug. For some, this is cause for celebration. For others, they find the trend more disturbing as more and more states push for the legalization of marijuana, not just in medical cases but also for recreational use.

Susan McGalla has read that the vote took place in November and legalization won out 53-47%. Find more on McGalla at The thing that bothers detractors the most is that the state of Alaska already has a statistically visible drug and alcohol problem and this just makes one more drug more readily available to potential abusers.

A Manokotak council member voiced his worries and frustrations with the sentiment that, “When they start depending on smoking marijuana, I don’t know how far they’d go to get the funds they need to support it.” This isn’t a lone worry. Many people worry about the same thing in the state.

Detractors attempted in December to ban the industry but there was simply nothing to do to stop the momentum. They are grateful, though, that there is a smoking ban in public which means that smokers who choose to do so outdoors and in public places still face criminal penalties. For now, that’s enough to spark a wait and see attitude in the community.

Needless to say, Alaskan pot smokers are overjoyed about the news.

Why I Feed My Dog the Beneful He Likes

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I’m the lucky companion of a Golden Retriever I call Bob. I know that is not the most creative name for my canine friend, but he doesn’t really care what I call him as long we are together. We are both very active playing together every day for at least an hour. Max also likes to tag along when I run, and he’s the ever faithful ball fetcher when I take him down to the tennis courts with me, although the balls he does fetch tend to get a little soggy.

Since we are as active as we are, it is important to me to make sure Bob gets the right nutrition, I know how important it is for me to eat right, so it only makes sense it does for Bob. We have tried a number of different brands of food over the years Bob and I have been together, but Bob really seems to like Beneful the most. The Prepared Meals are my favorite since they come in containers that serve as a bowl and when Bob’s done, into the trash it goes with no fuss. I just peel off the top, and Bob is ready to enjoy one of the eight flavors they come it. I think he likes the Beef Stew best, but doesn’t turn his nose up at the Turkey either. In addition, I usually keep a bowl full of the dry Playful Life for Bob to eat whenever he’s feeling a little hungry. When I open the treats, Bob comes galloping.

The great thing about all the Beneful foods are they are made using real meats for protein. This helps Bob keep his muscles strong so he can keep up with me. The Prepared Meals also have vegetables like carrots and green beans to make sure that Bob gets all the vitamins and fiber an active dog needs. The Playful Life contains oat meal that provides the energy he needs and blueberries for antioxidants.

My companion needs to have a proper diet and its my responsibility as his human companion to make sure he does. Beneful allows me to do just that and gives Bob the tasty meals he deserves.

Eddie Murphy Refuses To Play Bill Cosby On SNL

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Lately Ricardo Tosto says this year a lot of bad light has been shined on Bill Cosby, and when Eddie Murphy turned down the opportunity to play the man on an SNL skit this was music to Cosby’s ears.

Bill Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by more than 20 women and even though he has not been formally sentenced, many people are starting to look at him in a bad way. Whether or not those events happened, it is definitely not good for publicity when you are that big of a star, especially one that has been known for decades as being the family man type and a fantastic comedian.

According to an article found on reddit and written by NBC news, Bill Cosby is very happy that Eddie Murphy turned down the role and applauds him for doing so. Instead of Murphy, another well known comedian and actor Keenan Thompson was chosen for the role. Eddie Murphy flat out refused to participate with that skit and whatever he reasons are, it is probably a good thing. Maybe the two had had some kind of friendship in the past where Murphy doesn’t want to burn his bridges, or maybe Murphy just has a lot of respect for a man who has not been proven guilty. Either way it is admirable that Murphy has made it clear that there are limits when it comes to comedy.