Ron Perlman to Run for President in 2020

If you know anything about movies, you have most likely seen Ron Perlman in a starring role. This actor has recently announced that he will be running for president in 2020. With Kanye West announcing that he will run for president as well, it will be interesting to see what type of election year 2020 turns out to be.


Screen Geek reported that Perlman feels as though the impossible was achieved. Donald Trump, a man with no political background, was elected into office. He feels that if Trump can accomplish this feat, why not try?


With over 361,000 shares on Facebook, it is easy to see that even if this was just a joke, it is getting a lot of publicity. It looks like this star of Hellboy might just get a shot at the presidency after all.


With Arnold Schwartzenager and Jesse Ventura being elected to the office of governor, it doesn’t seem too far off for Pearlman to be running for office in 2020. It will be very exciting and quite funny to see if more celebrities jump on the bandwagon and run for office. With the hilarious state of politics today, we really have no idea who will be running for office in 2020. Pearlman has set the bar for celebrities and we will see who decides to follow him on this political quest.




Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa Shares Tips to Help You Take Better Photos with Your Smartphone

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a successful Venezuelan entrepreneur who currently lives and works in Panama. He holds various high-profile positions in 5 companies in Panama. He got all these appointments due to his great expertise and the many positive changes he has brought to the country’s economy. He has helped many countries’ businesses grow and many budding entrepreneurs look up to him for guidance. Mr. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa has a passion for photography and frequently posts his pictures on his WordPress blog. He recently shared some tips on how to take better photos with a smartphone.

A Few Tips You Can Use To Improve Your Pictures

According to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, taking good pictures with a smartphone is not very different from taking good pictures with any other camera. You just need to have good lighting, a keen eye for detail, and an in-depth understanding of photography. When camera phones were first invested, the quality of pictures they took was very low and even with perfect lighting and photography expertise, it was almost impossible to get good shots of anything. But now that the cameras have been greatly improved by the manufacturers, you can take shots just as good as any other cameras.

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Take a few extra seconds to find a place with good lighting and to decide what camera angle will work best for the pictures you want to take. This can greatly improve the quality of shots you take with your smartphone. You should also turn off the flash unless you absolutely have to use it. The flash from your smartphone camera can greatly distort images, creating some undesirable effects. Therefore, find places with good natural light to take photos.

You can also try using different camera applications like Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa other than the standard one. They provide more options for you and can really improve the quality of your pictures. Learn how to use these apps and what effects you can create using them. You should also take time to learn how to edit your photos using these apps and using the standard camera app on your phone. Camera+, Manual and Camera 360 are some of the apps you can try using. You may have to pay for some of these apps but it will be worth it in the end. Filters are great for creating different effects in your photos but do not overuse them. Use them with moderation. Last but not least, always keep your lens clean. Taking pictures with a dirty lens will greatly affect the quality of your pictures.

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Maggie Gill: A Great Influence In The Medical Industry

Maggie Gill is someone who not only works in the medical industry, but is also very passionate about health. She wants to make sure that her patients are getting the health that they need in order to function throughout their lives. Gill has taken the time to study and take all of the necessary classes so that she could actually make a difference in the industry. She has shown that she loves what she does and has climbed up in the industry into positions of leadership. Gill became one of the leaders of her company because she wanted to be able to bring forth better treatments for her patients.

One thing that has helped her succeed in the medical industry is her love for people. Maggie Gill has a deep love and sincere care for people. This is one of the reasons she has been effective in the healthcare industry. She has also made a major name for herself. She is involved in plenty of aspects of the industry such as government relations, physician relations, and plenty of other aspects. One important thing is that people are getting the care that they need so that they can continue to experience greater health.

There is one thing that is more important to Maggie than her work in the healthcare industry. This is her family. Maggie Gill really enjoys her family. This is one thing that makes her a role model that is worth looking up to. When one is a good family member, then it shows that she has a genuine love for people. Her family also enjoys her as well. She is someone who has a lot of wisdom that she shares with her family. She also knows how to treat illnesses that occur in her family. Her family is very fortunate to have her.

The Investment Passions of Brian Bonar

As an individual who has found immense success and who has an incredibly diversified portfolio, Brian Bonar knows that in order to have investment prowess the following principle is true: you get out what you put in.

In that same vein, Bonar has worked long and meticulous hours to get to where he is today. He is the chairman and CEO of not one, but two successful companies in the San Diego area. Bonar is an executive with Trucept and he is also in a leadership position with Dalrada Corporation as well. He has immense experience in the management of different teams and projects.

Bonar truly has an eclectic portfolio, including retail commercial, aviation, and multi family housing. Bonar even has experience in helping with various K-12 education projects.

Because of just how versatile he is, he has been recognized by a number of different organizations. Bonar was named to the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. This was a great honor for him because it truly set him apart. Only three people have been added in his department.

At Dalrada, Bonar was responsible for providing a number of benefits to employees. As a CEO, Bonar realizes that the most important that any corporation can have would be their people. It is people who are able to exhibit the passion and dedication for getting a job done. It is people who develop the strategies for seeing a project to its fruition.

Bonar realizes that a collaborative team full of individuals with the combined experiences and education can set themselves apart from their competitors, and that is why Bonar’s experience is such a great thing.

You see, because he is the CEO of two major companies, he has the diplomatic skills to help any team prosper. He has the skills to help them recognize the full wait of their talents, and help them think outside-the-box. It is these diplomatic skills that has made Bonar someone to watch in the San Diego area. HIs leadershp abilities also extend to his projects, and he is able to deliver in a solid manner each and every time.

Swedish Man Offers Marriage and Citizenship on eBay for Disheartened American Liberals

It’s no secret that there’s a great deal of tension right now in the USA. Many Democrats thought that Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in for the White House. So, when Republican Donald Trump won the general election on November 8th, many liberals were totally shocked.


Now there are various anti-Trump “Not My President” rallies sprouting up on college campuses and in major metropolitan cities. Also, right after the results of the election were discovered, the website for Canadian immigration crashed due to increased traffic.


In the midst of all this chaos, a young Swede has come to the rescue of one lucky American. Well, sort-of. This 30-year old Swedish citizen is named Gustav Hallen, and he decided to put himself up for auction on eBay after hearing the election results.


Hallen promised to marry, and thus grant Swedish citizenship, to any American man or woman who wants to flee the USA. In Hallen’s eBay post, he said that he just likes to chill, watch Netflix, and go for long walks.


Although Hallen kept this post up for a few days, there were no takers for this hunky 6-foot-tall art director. Maybe that’s because he started the bidding at a whopping $50,000.


Hallen has since taken down this eBay auction, and he told Swedish reporters that he did this all as a joke. He just wanted to make some of his liberal American friends on Facebook have a quick laugh. Hallen deliberately set the price super high to avoid the chance that someone might take it seriously.


When asked if he would have actually gone through with the marriage if someone forked over the $50,000, Hallen seemed unsure. He just said it would be quite difficult to explain to his parents.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: The Prominent Brazilian Litigator

As a Portuguese colony, Brazil has used the Law of Portugal as its law for centuries now. Besides the Portugal law, the Brazilian law borrows from French, German Italian and French Civil law. The law is based on statutes and partly on súmula vinculante. The Constitution is in written form and is the supreme law of the country. The Constitution stipulates that Brazil is a Federative Republic made up of municipalities and states. There are 26 federate states in Brazil, and they have the power to create their laws and Constitution. This power is, however, limited by the principles stipulated in the Federal Constitution.

Brazil uses the civil law whose popular feature is that its most important principles are codified into a system which serves as a primary source of law. The main reason for codification is to give citizens a written collection of the laws which apply to them. It is used in various forms in approximately 150 countries. The civil laws heavily derive its system from Roman law, arguably the used before the modern era.

The law code is used as the primary source of law in areas where codes exist. The law code is a systematic assortment of interrelated articles organized by subject matter in a specified order. The law code also stipulates the law, rights and entitlements and the manner in which the legal mechanism works. Law codes are simply laws enacted by the legislative branch.

Brazilian Lawyers

The Judiciary in Brazil is tasked with interpreting and defending the constitution. The powers of this branch are vested upon judges and courts such as the Superior Court of Justice, and the Federal Supreme Court. Lawyers, on the other hand, are tasked with representing clients in the court of law in matters that are deemed unconstitutional.

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian litigator and strategist who has represented people and companies in court as well as advocated for politicians of different ideologies. His cases have gained attention across Brazil making him a very popular lawyer in the country. He specializes in commercial and civil litigation in areas like credit recovery, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy.

IAP: Logistics and Beyond

IAP was first founded more than 60 years ago in Irmo, South Carolina. IAP Worldwide Services solely began as a company providing generator supplies to United States Army and it gradually began to expand its services as needed to other agencies as well. IAP provides worldwide facility maintenance support including management in construction and engineering services as well. IAP proudly delivers support to Operation Dessert Storm for our nation’s heroes.

IAP also delivers career opportunities for a variety of specialty fields. It also helps transition those who are in the military after completing their official duties and for the current veterans. IAP Worldwide Services provides nationwide career opportunities such as IT Systems Administrator, Contracts Administrator, Contracts Management, Program Finance Analyst, Field Service Representatives, Lodging Specialists, et al. IAP also provides professional transitions during their military career fairs and offer networking with other military professionals who have previously transitioned with IAP Worldwide Services. Those interested in possible career placement can apply on the Careers section of the IAP website and search job opportunities.

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On October 2016 IAP Worldwide was summoned to reinforce support for Hurricane Matthew which affected parts of the Caribbean and the Southeastern United States. IAP Worldwide Services provided emergency power support for certain regions of FEMA, it provided support for systems in communication, it assisted in evacuation procedures, and accommodating the needs of those in peril during national disasters. IAP has been greatly acknowledged by the United States government on a perpetual basis. It has facilitated the process of safely handling disasters such as hurricanes with their state of the art equipment and their highly trained response team.

On October 2016 IAP Worldwide was contracted by the United States Army. The Common Ground Systems contract is worth over $50 million. The contract entails providing support to a sundry of services to their Fort Hood, Texas location and other locations of the United States Army worldwide. Brandon Pugsley, director of the IAP Technology and Intelligence Program, said “The IAP team is thrilled to support this critical and dynamic mission for the Army Intelligence community. We are committed to our customer and will ensure its success”. There is no question that IAP Worldwide Services is the right choice for the security and management support of the United States Army. IAP has incessantly and intricately delivered the highest quality support operations throughout the years. IAP will continue to service and support those in need when in need to their highest of abilities.

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Atlanta Braves Continue The Slow Process Of Rebuilding After Recent Veteran Acquisitions

The Major League Baseball Season is over and free agency has commenced. The former dynasty Atlanta Braves found themselves in a unique position this year. The team finished with the worst record in baseball. The last time this happened to The Braves was in 1990.


For the last couple years, the team has been making numerous changes. They continue this trend into this year’s free agency as the team has signed the two oldest pitchers in baseball, R.A. Dickey, and Bartolo Colon.


The signing of the two pitchers is twofold. It may be a strategic move to support the back of the rotation and assist in the development of the team’s young pitching talent.


After losing top talent such Justin Upton and Craig Kimbrel, following the 2014 season, it became clear that management was focused on a full overhaul of the team. This new look is being developed from within, and with new, young, talent they acquired through trade acquisitions.


The Braves have developed one of the best lists of prospects in baseball heading into 2017. The recent veteran acquisitions will serve to bridge the gap next year until the team’s future pitchers, such as Sean Newcomb, as well as the existing youngsters, Julio Teheran, Matt Wisler, and Mike Foltynewicz are ready to fulfill their talented promise.


With the continued slow progress of rebuilding it does not appear that 2017 will be a reprisal of the 1991 worst to first team that made it to The World Series.



Relmada Therapeutics is not making “Amends”

Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, Laidlaw’s Principals, cannot seem to get their head above water. Relmada Therapeutics previously filed a complaint against Laidlaw and its principals and are now adding some more allegations. Relmada Therapeutics is prepared to add amendments, not make amends with Laidlaw.

Laidlaw is company that is well known for providing financial advice and wealth management services to healthcare organizations and other businesses. They are basically an investment bank for the healthcare world. Relmada Therapeutics trusted Laidlaw and their services for many years. In return, Laidlaw is being accused of spreading damaging information about Relmada. Additionally, the amendment filed by Relmada is adding an accusation. The latest allegation includes Relmada Therapeutics claiming Laidlaw and its principals breached their fiduciary duty to Relmada.

Laidlaw acted as an investment bank for Relmada Therapeutics. Therefore, Laidlaw and its principals had access to sensitive and sometimes, confidential financial documents. Laidlaw is accused of leaking such sensitive information pertaining to Relmada Therapeutics. Normally, I would play “devil’s advocate” however, this is not the first time Laidlaw has faced legal action for “dishonest practices”. With a name like “Laidlaw”, one would hope that the term “precedence” meant more to the company, Mr. Eitner, and Mr. Ahern.

This lawsuit is another roadblock for an innovative pharmaceutical company, developing and producing opioid treatment alternatives. I hope that progress and “the greater good” prevails in this standoff between Relmada Therapeutics and Laidlaw. Thus far, Relmada Therapeutics shows no sign of backing down.

IAP Worldwide Gives Heroic Response To Hurricane Matthew

IAP Worldwide, the leading provider of government services and solutions for the United States, has recently been awarded for the company’s heroic response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew. Immediately after the storm, IAP Worldwide Services was called upon to assist citizens in Florida, the area that was most significantly impacted by the storm. The government service program conducted emergency health screenings and deployed several emergency teams to form an evacuation and search party in the effected area. Although IAP Worldwide’s services primarily targeted devastated areas of Florida, the company also deployed emergency groups in North Carolina and other coastal states.

Although IAP Worldwide received a great deal of recognition for extraordinary emergency services during Hurricane Matthew, the recent storm was not the first natural disaster for which IAP Worldwide had to deploy troops for emergency assistance. The company also conducted emergency response services during Hurricanes Sandy, Katia, and Katrina, the latter of which required months of the company’s resources. During these storms, IAP Worldwide provided shelter to displaced victims of the storm as well as secure power, food, and energy sources. It is estimated that IAP Worldwide has provided stabilizing emergency services to more than 100,000 displaced and destitute victims of natural disasters within the last decade alone.

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IAP Worldwide Services has recently received a government contract that will allow the company to adequately provide emergency service to even more displaced hurricane victims. Because of the company’s response to the victims of Hurricane Matthew, government contracts have been issued that will drastically increase the company’s ability to provide necessary shelter, power, and resources for displaced families. Because of this new government contract, IAP Worldwide will be able to mobilize emergency responders before hurricanes have the chance to make landfall in a specific region. IAP Worldwide will send emergency workers to areas that are expected to be hit hard by incoming storms. By arriving in these emergency areas ahead of potentially devastating storms, IAP Worldwide officials believe that the company can greatly offset potential disasters.

IAP Worldwide officials have stated that the company is extremely proud and excited to be presented with new contracts in light of their work after Hurricane Matthew. The company is currently assisting the U.S. Navy with plans for the emergency assistance of islanders who may become stranded during hurricanes and other natural disasters. Company officials have stated that they look forward to future opportunities to serve.

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