Spain’s Ebola Protocol is Hilariously Inadequate

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Meanwhile, in Spain they’re having a serious issue trying to quarantine their first Ebola patient. With the massive government cuts the new regime has carried out, public hospitals have been absolutely decimated. Lacking the funding and training to deal with a situation like an Ebola epidemic.

That’s led to some hilariously inadequate solutions to quarantine the country’s first Ebola patient. While we know that Ebola is not airborne, so there’s no need to seal her in an air tight room, you’d still think that the country would take more precautions than just hanging a few sheets, right?

When I showed these to Marnie Bennett she was pretty shocked. Really identifies the problem with slashing your nation’s healthcare budget. Not always a great idea in retrospect.

Liberian Ebola Healthcare Workers Threaten to Go on Strike

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With the Ebola outbreak steadily growing in Liberia, the healthcare workers in charge of containing the disease in the Ebola health wards are threatening to walk off the job if they don’t begin to receive an increased hazard pay. On October 1, Liberia’s finance ministry announced a new hazard pay scale to great criticism. Liberian health care workers are finally guaranteed a flat $5,000 death benefit, but the anger stems from the marked difference in monthly hazard pay. Doctors are receiving nearly double the monthly pay than nurses and lab technicians are getting.

Nurses are the ones cleaning up the bodily fluids that transmit the highly contagious virus and they say weren’t consulted about the new pay scale, feeling as if the new scale was unfairly forced upon them. While the nature of the work itself is very high risk, staff also say the conditions they’re working in are very taxing. To safely care for and clean up after patients, they must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) that is not only airtight and hot, it can’t be worn for more than 45 minutes at a time.

Since the Ebola virus outbreak began in March, almost 200 Liberian healthcare workers have become infected with the virus. Of those numbers, 92 have died; that’s a death rate of 52% according to WHO. If a more fair deal has not been worked out by Friday, the healthcare workers will officially go on strike. A staff representative at the Island Clinic says, “When they are making decisions, they do not regard us.” The government must agree to adjust the pay scale or risk losing hundreds of workers critical to the control of the disease.

Germany Plans to Make Sending Colleagues Work Emails After 6pm Illegal

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I think I want to move to Germany. The reason being is that the lawmakers there want to pass a law that makes it illegal for colleagues and bosses to send you emails any time after 6pm. In my opinion, this is absolutely genius. They’re saying that there is a direct correlation between workers who have constant access to their email and poor mental health.

What a country! They’re truly aiming to show that they are looking out for their people. France already went in and made a law requesting workers turn off their smartphones at 6pm, but Germany’s plan takes the cake.

Apparently, an intern at a bank in London died from working until 6am for 3 days straight. Perhaps this law would have saved a life if it were already implemented in the UK. I know certain execs like Ray Lane believe in this, and more of them ought to.

Any chance of this happening in the US? I researched it and came up with nothing. Hopefully, it will take off in Germany with the UK to follow in light of the intern’s death.

Ayn Rand Does Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Okay, so Buffy The Vampire Slayer is my favorite show of all time. When Brad Reifler sent me the link to this, I literally died laughing. I’m dead. Right now as I type this.

The Toast has another in their many installments of Ayn Rand takes on popular culture. In which Buffy the Vampire Slayer is rewritten to match Ayn Rand’s unique view of the world. The end result is something that’s so horrifically funny, you have to read the entire script.

Perfect for longtime fans of the series. So check out what the Scoobies would do, if they were living in the world of Atlas Shrugged.

Gun Range Owner Decides Who Can And Cannot Use Her Range

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In today’s increasingly “PC” society, it is unusual to hear of a business that actively restricts a particular group of people and is not being sued by the ACLU. Enter a gun range in Arkansas owned by Jan Morgan; Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range is located in the city of Hot Springs. Her reasoning is sound: Islam, a religion, endorses and promotes the killing anyone who refuses to convert. She made the decision to ban Muslims in order to protect her customers.

She explained that it made no business sense to admit people onto the range that followed an ideology of murdering her or other customers. Events over the past few years, such as the Oklahoma beheading and the Ft. Hood massacre led her to believe the potential for harm existed if a Muslim rented a gun from her range and used it. Gun ranges exist across the US; each has strict rules for shooters and their guests to follow. Amazingly, I have not heard of a single mass shooting at a gun range. Banning a group of people is not unusual for a business such as a gun range or stadium.

Since businesses have the right to “refuse to do business with anyone,” it makes sense to restrict access to dangerous weapons to those who might use them on other patrons.

Bad Lip Reading Takes On The Walking Dead

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If you haven’t discovered the Bad Lip Reading videos yet, then you’re really, really missing out. These are some of the funniest videos you’re almost ever going to see. You absolutely need to check these out.

They’ve taken on everything, from TV shows to politicians, musicians. But this is the latest project.

I tend to share these with my buddy Jared Haftel who has a fairly monotonous type of job. He’s an investment banker, so there’s not a whole lot of joy in his work haha.

Here’s that infusion of hilarity that can make your Tuesday a little bit better. Prepare to laugh, I know I did:

The Shat Could Be Back In Star Trek 3

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Major fans of Star Trek could have a new reason to get excited about Star Trek 3, according to reports William Shatner has been contacted about appearing in the third installment of the rebooted franchise.

According to Shatner, talks are only in the preliminary stage. But at this time, that’s definitely exciting news.

Most of the major trekkers like Brian Torchin are pretty excited about this prospect. We’ll have to see how things turn out. At any rate, here’s a compilation of the Shat on Star Trek: The Original Series to whet your appetite:


UK Introduces Food Crime Unit To Battle Counterfeit Food

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Yes, you read that right.  Earlier this month, the United Kingdom approved a measure which will introduce a Food Crime Unit to battle counterfeit foods from being sold on the open market.  The move comes as a response to the horsegate scandal, in which several popular beef products were found to contain up to 100% horse meat.

Of course, the fact that people were in uproar over horse meat being eaten, opposed to being angry about how their food was being processed is beyond me.  But nevertheless, the United Kingdom’s government’s response, is to introduce a Food Crime Unit that will be responsible for enforcing the authenticity of various food products.

After the scandal broke, studies found that 31% of adults had changed the way that they purchase foods.  So it has had some impact on the public at large.

But of course, what a Food Crime Unit will be tasked with doing, to ensure the authenticity of the UK’s favorite brands, remains to be seen.

Only time will tell.

NASA Finds Massive Black Hole in Smallest Known Galaxy

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NASA made a pretty astounding find last week.  M60-UCD1 was discovered in 2013 by the Hubble Telescope.  So far, this galaxy is the smallest on record, and is about 300 light years across.  That’s only 1/500th of our own Milky Way galaxy.

But the interesting part about M60-UCD1 is that it’s much more dense with stars than our galaxy.  Containing an estimated 140 million stars, it’s also one of the most dense galaxies that we know of.

But M60-UCD1 had yet another secret to be revealed, a massive black hole. 5 times the size of the black hole at the center of our galaxy, with a density equal to 21 million suns.

The finding is historic, because it’s encouraging astronomers to reconsider how smaller galaxies are formed.   Now many are theorizing that smaller dwarf galaxies like M60-UCD1 are actually remnants of larger galaxies, with the massive black hole responsible for tearing pieces away from larger galaxies, as they pass alongside.

Know Where Your Chicken Comes From? Soon You May Not

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The source of your chicken is something you rarely give thought to while eating it. That may change soon thanks to a new law passed by the US Department of Agriculture. The law exempts producers from China to explicitly state that the chicken came from China.

What does this mean for you? Well, for staters, that cutlet you pick up in the supermarket may come from a country with way less restrictions than those that our own government requires of its own farmers. For the sake of food safety, there are serious implications here.

It’s no secret that China has plenty of its own health and safety issues when it comes to food. And now we’re talking about poultry – typically the source of some of the most widespread food-related illnesses.

If you needed one more thing to push you towards that vegetarian lifestyle you’ve been meaning to get to, this is as good a reason as any you’ll get.