Venezuelan Economic Crisis

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The South American country of Venezuela is in the midst of an economic struggle. El state that Venezuela’s gold reserves are at the lowest level on record. All of this mayhem occured when the country sold 1.7 billion dollars worth of its gold reserves during the first quarter of this year. Before that, the country had conducted a complex deal with Citi where they swapped gold for cash.
Along with this, last year Venezuela had sold roughly 367 tons of its gold. Why is Venezuela selling its gold in huge amounts like this asks Mr. Osio? According to the Venezuelan Economic Tsar, Miguel Perez Abad, one of the main reasons for the sales and swaps is to work towards the repayment of standing debts, including the ones racked up by their national oil company. To read about this, visit to learn more details.

The economic crisis in Venezuela is now leaving the country struggling to feed its population. As of last week, gold now only makes up 70% of total reserves, holding a low of $12.1 billion. Abad reassures the country by saying that the matter is only temporary, and the shortages will only last until all debts are cleared. He hints at the need for a bit more, though, insinuating that there may have to be further cuts to imports, even though the country is already low on almost all necessities.

QNET Is A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Direct Selling Market

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In a world full of big direct selling market companies, newcomer QNET is making its place in the business. QNET is only sixteen years old but can hold its own in a highly competitive marketplace. QNET is the brainchild of several friends that had new and original ideas about being focused on wellness and health. QNET offers a wide variety of products ranging from wellness to fine jewelry. They hope to promote the well-being of people worldwide by providing high-quality beneficial products that follow a strict life philosophy.Some of the unique aspects of QNET is the rigorous testing that all the goods must endure, and they stand by moral standards such as maintaining a strict vegetarian philosophy both in products and company sponsored events.They also refuse to sell products that use animal-based testing. They also make a point to reduce the number of harmful chemicals or unhealthy food that they distribute. QNET makes it a point to spread awareness of obesity, heart disease, and degenerative diseases. This company also does lots of philanthropy around the world.One cause, in particular, is the Rashid Centre for special needs children. The company believes in taking care of and contributing to the world around us. QNET is always striving to improve their company and sticks to their high moral values. They take social responsibility seriously and make efforts to increase the amount of philanthropic work they do in all areas. I think this is a business model that more companies should take a good look at following.

The Magic Of Wen Haircare Products

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In an experiment to find out if a highly popular hair product is as beneficial for the hair as they say, one woman tried out Wen‘s conditioning treatment. This miracle in a bottle is said to be a shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment all in one. This product is used regularly on celebrities by Chaz Dean, a Hollywood hair stylist who created this line of haircare products.
In the experiment (see,, one thing the young woman notes is that she has thin hair and is looking to increase the volume to ease styling. Thin hair can be hard to style, so she turned to Wen for help and this is what she found. When using the product, a large amount of it is required for it to works it’s magic. About three to four times the normal amount of shampoo and conditioner you’d normally use is what you need when using Wen. However after massaging it in for the first time, she noticed a huge difference in volume. As the week progressed, she noticed her hair became easier to style. Her volume had increase and she had a shine she never had before.

After receiving several compliments on one of her facebook posts, she felt confident in WEN‘s abilities to give her hair a boost. Better volume, excellent shine and a bit easier to manage. All good thing came from using Wen. This Ebay available product is said to work with all hair types though, so whether your are looking for more volume, shine or just healthier hair, Wen will work its magic for you.

Andy Wirth’s Squaw Alpine Gondola Project

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The CEO of Squaw Alpine Andy Wirth is a visionary leader and a marketing expert. For the better part of a decade, he has set out to fulfill the economic potential of the Squaw Valley using the sustainable development model. Read more: Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist

Andy has been an influential and uniting figure within the local community and the corporate entities in the area. The local community has a vibrant culture that integrates environmental stewardship to conserve the rich ecosystem around the Lake Tahoe area. Several communities also reside in the same location thus bringing a lot of cultural diversity.

The locals have always looked to Andy Wirth’s expertise and experience when the going got tough. At one time, Andy Wirth spearheaded a campaign to oppose an incorporation agenda which would have disenfranchised the local economy.

Since they won that battle, Andy has become a key stakeholder, leader and a role model in the community. Read more: Interview with Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth | Tahoetopia

Some of the key challenges hampering the local economy include the seasonal nature of the business and infrastructural rigidity. The terrain of the valley slopes inhibits the movement of vehicles and goods. Andy had a vision of linking the main facilities in the area with minimal disturbance to the environment. The most practical solution was the construction of a gondola up and down the valley.

Powder magazine recently made the announcement that all the plans had been completed, and the building of the gondola was underway. The local community and the tourist establishments in Squaw Valley couldn’t hide their elation at the difference the gondola will make.

The planning process has taken many years to complete. Andy Wirth had to negotiate with local authorities and the US Forest Service to approve the plans.

Also, Andy Wirth made acquisitions of several resorts complement the existing establishments. The most strategic of these acquisitions was the Alpine Meadows where the gondola would make its last stop before looping back to Squaw Ski Resort.

Andy was also able to lobby another local landowner in Troy Caldwell to approve the passage of the gondola lines through his property.

In other news, Andy Wirth has experienced a severe period in the recent past after a life-threatening skydiving accident. The near-fatal experience put Andy in and out of the hospital as he underwent multiple operation and rehabilitation. Eventually, he lost one arm but has done well to recover and get back to his management duties.

Andy Wirth has a big and generous heart, and he founded the Wounded Warrior Support program to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation. This group supports the retired and injured SEALS in accessing specialized medical treatment and rehabilitation. The group also assisted Andy during his recovery.

Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Dick DeVos Proves to be a Serial Winner

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The 2016 Gold Cup which was held earlier this year by Lauderdale Yacht Club (LYC) on Day Two attracted Melges 32 sailors from different countries. After three races, there was a big shakedown where Dick DeVos overtook Alessandro Rombelli, who was the reigning World Champion at that time. Though the race was tough and competitive, DeVos emerged the 2016 Lauderdale Cup Champion! DeVos is a real sailing champion and this is one of his two national titles that he has won.

About Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a very successful businessman from Michigan and his father is the Amway co-founder, Richard DeVos. He is listed as one of the richest people in the United States. He has held many executive positions at Amway and Orlando Magic which plays in NBA. He is currently the President of The Windquest Group. He was the Amway’s President from 1993 to 2002 where he was managing the operations of the company in six continents and 50 countries. During his tenure, the company’s sales rose up to $4.5 billion.

He had served as the Vice President of Amway International before where he was oversaw the operations of the company outside North America in 18 countries. He guided the expansion of the operations of the company. His family acquired Orlando Magic in 1991 and DeVos became its President and CEO. He held the position for three years.

Apart from taking part in business activities, DeVos also participates in philanthropic activities. He founded the Education Freedom Fund and the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The former has awarded over 4,000 scholarships to less fortunate children while the latter provides high quality educational program in aviation. His love for education has earned him a position in the State Board of Education.

Together with his wife, DeVos established the Dick & Betsy DeVos Scholarship in 2008. This organization supports students at the Thunderbird School of Global Management from developing countries in their MA, MS or MBA. He also supports organizations promoting free-market economics through the organization.

DeVos is also a politician where he vied for gubernatorial seat in Michigan on the Republican Party ticket but lost on a small margin to the Democratic candidate. DeVos is also an author with several books under his name. ‘Rediscovering American Values’ is his New York best-seller published in 1997. The book is available in seven languages. He is also a qualified pilot and he is an alumnus of Northwood University.

Kyle Bass Finds Another Opportunity

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Kyle Bass is a well-known hedge fund manager who often makes controversial statements and bets. His latest victim is United Development Funding, a company specializing in financing for residential land acquisition and development. He called the company “a billion dollar house of cards,” while comparing it to a Ponzi scheme.

Bass accused the company’s management of mishandling investors’ funds and making bad loans. He sent out letters to the press and put out Internet reports. In response, the CEO of United Development, Hollis Greenlaw, claimed that these accusations are unfounded and pointed out that Bass is seeking to make profits by short selling the stock of the company. Short selling involves betting on a decline of a stock price.

As Mr. Greenlaw stated, “We remain focused on protecting investor value through the preservation of our portfolios, and we will defend our funds aggressively against these unfounded accusations.”

Kyle Bass is known for making short sales according to Wikipedia, while seeking to undermine the companies he bets against. An example includes him selling short stocks of pharmaceutical companies and then suing them for patent infringements. His response to the latest accusations is that he’s seeking to protect the investors from losses.

As he claims, he has saved investors millions of dollars that would otherwise have been poured into United Development’s stock. Kyle Bass’s claims are not entirely unfounded, though. Recently, the company’s stock has been delisted from NASDAQ.

Kyle Bass, age 46, is the founder of Hayman Capital, a hedge fund based in Dallas, Texas. Back in 2008, he made quite a lot of money by predicting the financial collapse due to subprime mortgage defaults. At that time, he purchased credit default swaps on these loans.

However, in the past several years, the fund’s performance has been mediocre, at the best. On the average, the fund has earned 1.56% annualized return. No wonder Bass seeks desperate measures, including negative publicity, to improve the results.  Check out more on Kyle Bass and his questionable decisions on

Strip Search of Political Prisoner’s Family Leaves Country of Venezuela Bewildered

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The Ramo Verde military prison in Venezuela that is holding political prisoner Leopoldo Lopez has recently been accused of psychological torture after they strip searched the inmate’s family members in front of children. Both Lopez’s wife and mother were forced to remove their clothing and be searched intimately in the same room as Leopolodo’s two small children. The women said that they are being used as a way to hurt the prisoner who is facing a sentence of 13 years for supposedly inciting violence. Lopez and his family are reported by Adrian Jose Velasquez deny these charges saying that they were trumped up as a way to hold him.
Lopez and his family are not the only ones enduring this kind of treatment though. Many activists and protestors are currently being held in the prison under false charges as a way of punishing them for disagreeing with President Maduro’s tyrannical reign of the country. “Many people have become fearful of speaking ill of Maduro even though the country has sunk into a deep economic down slide due to his failures in leadership “added Velasquez. The country’s current lack of food, medicine, water, and electricity has lead to the deaths of many people.

Diversant and its Principle Executive John Goullet

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Running a business is complicated as it is, if you add staffing the business enterprise becomes a nightmare. It is important to have another consulting firm that will enable you fulfill your staffing needs. Diversant LLC is an IT staffing firm that provides qualified individuals to fill various positions in relation to IT. It was founded by Gene C. Waddy and majors in business consultation and provision of IT competent employees. It is a large company with more than 500 employees. It has developed to become the largest American-African It consulting firm in the USA. Due to its composition nature it is at the fore front in community development and youth empowerment. Its founder Gene C. Waddy is a dedicated entrepreneur and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha.

Since its inception it has been providing competent individuals who have undergone full background checks to check on their reliability. It provides fresh faced individuals who have innovative ideas and are ready to conquer any IT problem that presents itself. It has clients from various backgrounds ranging from the financial sector, consumer related fields and the insurance industry this is but to mention a few. Its founder is found of stating that the sky is the limit and a person has the key to their destiny.

John Goullet is an experienced and successful business man who has served under various categories in the IT sector. He began his career at the height of IT development; he is privy to most IT operations and has devised some ingenious IT concepts. In 1994 he switched from IT operation to IT consultancy and staffing. Switching of modes of operation is an indication that he had mastered the field and was confident of his success in the sector. He founded his own IT Company which was very successful. Soon enough the company started posting profits, five years into its operation it was worth $ 30 million. This is a clear indicator of his capability in management and ingenuity. His business capability soon caught the eye of Gene C. Waddy and soon enough his business Info Technologies merged with DIVERSANT and became DIVERSANT LLC with John Goullet at the reigns.

Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth Beats The Odds After Life-Altering Accident

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Businessman and Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth has a lot to be thankful for. Last year, on a brisk October morning, he had an accident that nearly took his life. While out skydiving with two friends, a miscalculation forced him to land in a vineyard. In a split second, a pole completely ripped off his arm.

WSJ reported that Andy Wirth didn’t panic, instead, his former life as a park ranger kicked in. He stayed calm, pinched off the artery and waited for help. While he lay in the vineyard non knowing whether he would live or die, he started singing Pearl Jam’s “Just Breath.” Wirth was found shortly afterwards and air-lifted to the hospital.

Andy Wirth’s arm was reattached. He stayed in the hospital for three months, and went through a slow and difficult recovery. An avid mountain climber and skydiver, Wirth was determined to regain his former life.

He has come a long way since the accident. He;s nowhere near 100% but that won’t stop him from competing in this Sunday’s Ironman 70.3 race. Wirth says he is eager to get back to training full time. Anyone who watches him knows he will succeed –

Andy Wirth has been the CEO of Squaw Valley Resort since 2010. He has worked in the resort industry for 25 years and most recently for Steamboat Springs Resort. The West Germany born Andy Wirth received his bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University.

Shortly after graduation, he began working for the Rocky Mountain National Park Service. Wirth credits his time there for helping him develop a more deep appreciation of land and nature.

Andy Wirth has helped Squaw Valley Resort rise from the bottom of the pile to one of the top resorts in the U.S. He has received numerous community service awards and sits on a number of local boards.

George Soros’ Advice on China’s Economy

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Many may not know how China’s finances are doing. According to George Soros it has seen better days. How bad could it really be? To sum it up Mr. Soros has compared it to the economy of the United States in 2007-2008 before the credit markets stopped leading to the global recession. Mr. Soros has also explained further that the credit-growth figures could be seen as a ‘warning sign’. Most of the funds banks are offering is actually needed to hold bad debts and loss of money making to keep them ‘alive’.

Having built a $24 billion fortune on by making wise wagers on markets, Mr. Soros has been active in the exchange of words with China’s government. This comes from the fact that ‘hard landing’ in China is just about inevitable. Xinhua; China’s ‘state run’ new agency; claimed that Mr. Soros had made this same claim before. Stating the fact that China’s banks on are lending to one another is not avoiding the impending doom that they will be facing. Only prolonging the future problems.

Mr. Soros is not the only one holding concern over the future problems that can arise. The head of the Asian Pacific authority at Fitch Rating Andrew Colquhoun also holds concerns. Mr. Colquhoun feels that the very thing that has been heading the ‘economic recovery’ can actually end up hindering it. This is due to China’s adding to the debt troubles that are already troubling their economy.

Of course not everyone is on board with these perceptions of China’s future woes. Many feel that the concerns are taken out of proportion. Claiming that George Soros had warned of this before. With the fact that people have been known to pull their funds out before due to the countries ‘anti-corruption’ campaign. China’s ‘reserves’ having accumulated $10.0 billion in the month of March to $3.14 trillion they are actually down by $517 billion from the year earlier.

In a speech by Ma Jun, chief economist on Bloomberg for the central bank’s research bureau, data points to a better economic outlook. This ‘stabilizing trend’ still doesn’t give investors the confidence to actually invest. Apparently China has leaned more so on the government investment in ‘state-owned enterprises’ to empower the economy.

George Soros had graduated from the London School of Economics then later took up residency in the United States. Mr. Soros has been working on promoting values of open society, human rights, and transparency for many years. He has also authored over a dozen books, articles, and essays. Topics in these writings include politics, society, and economics. These articles appears regularly in newspapers and magazines around the world. Besides his written works George Soros has been an active philanthropist since 1979.