QNET Moving Operations to India

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QNET is based out of Hong Kong, but they are making plans to shift the center of their operations within the next couple of years to India. QNET currently offers customers a huge array of products that are currently being manufactured in Hong Kong, comprised of nine different categories that are all focused on improving the lives of their customers and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

The move of the manufacturing facilities should be completed within the next few years. These products that are produced range from nutritional products, Swiss watches, skincare products, as well as jewelry. QNET originally conducted business in the early years in South East Asia, but popularity in the products allowed them to quickly expand to more than 100 different countries in the North Africa, Middle East, Russia, Europe, and Central Asia regions. The process is taking longer than anticipated due to having to file and be approved for licensing each step of this long journey.

Despite initial challenges with moving facilities to India, QNET is committed to investing in that manufacturing facilities and begin new product development. Currently many of the watches that the company sells are already being produced in India, and recently the energy drink NutriPlus was developed and sold exclusively to that India market from their production facility in Himachal Pradesh. The goal of the company is to develop new products that will reach global audiences. Zaheer Merchant, the director of Corporate Affairs for QNET says the company is poised to consolidate their manufacturing centers in India.

Only a few years ago, QNET began to shift their focus from selling a wide array of individual products to focusing on a specific niche. The premise was to choose products that will add a positive difference to the life of the customer. By focusing on life enhancement and lifestyle changes, QNET has been able to successfully expand their growing product line to education, air purification, water filtration, and weight management products. While many of the products are still not available to the customers in India, QNET is making serious progress in ensuring all Indian customers are able to purchase all the products.

Now Mr. Merchant is quick to say that even though there currently is a full legal structure that is in place, they are complying with those laws and paying all relevant duties and taxes despite huge challenges with moving a company of this size to a new location. QNET representatives are expressing that the company is and always has been completely transparent when it comes to any laws that apply to operating in India. Their Amezcua wellness brand are unique to the company and they have already obtained exclusive licenses to sell these products.

River Guide Rescues Orphaned Bear Cub

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When an animal is all alone and in need, someone has to step in to help out that animal by giving it a healthy food like beneful. One river guide did just that, rescuing a bear cub that was orphaned and in need of help. After reports of an animal in distress had spread, a man took his raft out and allowed the bear to climb onto it. This man took the bear to safety, to a place where it would get the help that it needed.

Not everyone would be willing to let a bear of any size ride on their raft with them, but this river guide knew that the orphaned cub was in need of help. This guide knew that he could offer the cub the help that it was looking for, and he did just that. The rescued cup was dehydrated and in need of help, and that cub is not healing in safety, thanks to the help of one river guide.

6 Areas Where You Need a Finance Lawyer like Sam Tabar

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When it comes to financial matters, legal proceedings can be quite tedious. As an individual or a company, your financial matters are of great importance. Hiring a good finance lawyer, such as Sam Tabar, helps you to protect your financial interests. Here are some areas where a qualified financial lawyer can help you.

1. Banking

If you are in a dispute with your bank, Lawyerist suggests you are probably not in a position to defend yourself in a law court. Enlisting the services of a seasoned finance lawyer will help you to keep the bank at bay and give you a fighting chance.

2. Bankruptcy Claims

Filing for bankruptcy has many legal implications. An experienced finance lawyer will advise you on the best avenue to use to file for bankruptcy. With a good lawyer, you can get your debts forgiven, either fully or partially, and protect your valued assets.

3. Debts and Collections

If you are tired of being harried by debt collectors or you need to compel a debtor to pay you, the best avenue to use is the court. Hiring the right lawyer increases your chances of winning the case. If you are in debt, a good lawyer will keep your creditors at bay until you are able to pay.

4. Insurance and Annuities

Sometimes insurance companies are unwilling to pay out insurance to their clients. Most people are too afraid to take their cases to court and end up losing their money. A good finance lawyer, like Sam Tabar, can help you file insurance claims and fight for your rights.

5. Taxes

If you are accused of tax evasion, a good lawyer is all that stands between you and jail or massive penalties. Choosing a good lawyer will boost your defense and increase your chances of winning the case.

6. Trusts, Wills and Estates

When preparing a will, you need a good lawyer to help you iron out all the kinks. Disputing a hill can be an uphill task if you do not have a professional finance lawyer to help you argue your case.

Sam Tabar is an experienced finance lawyer. He has worked at several law firms and has years of experience in financial law. If you need a financial lawyer, Sam Tabar should be your preferred choice.

How Product Recognition Can Change The Course Of A Business?

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When a person looks at your product, you want them to be able to know what they’re looking at, what product it is, and what brand it comes from. This is what you call product recognition. It involves promoting your business efficiently and effectively. Marketing a product and building its recognition is not easy. It could take a lot longer of a time in order to finally be able to grow a product from the ground up. Find out how product recognition can be achieved.

How Can Product Recognition Be Achieved?
The way it is achieved is actually fairly simple. All you have to do is simply be capable of promoting a product from the ground up. There are some people who actually know how to market a brand completely, and it does take time to see a product achieve real success. Product recognition is when a product goes from complete growth having people recognize the product easily and fast. There aren’t much products that can be easily recognized. The truth about product recognition is that only some companies can help build this brand for a business. Some products can relay a message in an instant more so than others on the market.

How Product Recognition Can Change The Course Of A Business?
When a product is beautifully marketed, the recognition for it grows and grows. It can change the way a business is seen in the market because of the fact that people know what they are looking at. They know what they are witnessing. It’s very easy to be able to witness how all of these aspects come together to start revealing the brand and the product. Product recognition counties to grow and become a new technology that is changing the way businesses achieve success.

Slyce Helps With Product Recognition
Whether it’s marketing, image recognition, or even product recognition, this company has been helping businesses achieve massive growth on the web with ease. Everything is so much easier working with this group because of their strong understanding of how to produce seriously great marketing for a new product. Making tiny changes, proper advertising, and an exceptional form of promoting a product all come together.

When building a new product or brand, it can get pretty tough at times to know how to make people want to buy what you’re selling. Marketing strategies all come together that include social media, product recognition, and product branding to help build awareness for the product.

Syngenta Faces Lawsuit with Mikal Watt Leading

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The PR Newswire originally reported the story of Mikal Watts and the GMO Corn against Syngenta.

Mikal Watts Leads Legal Team
Mikal Watts with Watts Guerra in San Antonio is involved with inspiring and encouraging many farmers to start legal proceedings against the Swiss seed producer Syngenta. The reason for the lawsuit is due to the fact that they had sold a genetically modified version of corn. This occurred in the years 2013 and 2014. The goal and hopeful outcome of this legal dispute it to recover the large financial damages caused by Syngenta.

Syngenta is the Cause of Corn Shipment Rejections
It ought to be noted that approximately 20 percent of the corn that is produced by U.S. farmers does get exported internationally. The U.S. corn industry had sustained billions of dollars in losses. News on 6 had a piece about how the company Syngenta was the cause of the rejection of corn by China. China had rejected all of the corn shipments from the U.S. throughout the later part of 2013 and all during 2014. This rejection and refusal from China was the reason that there has been a large drop in the price of corn. This has had a dramatic impact on the corn farmers all across the country.

The Butterfly Effect and Kindness

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The butterfly effect postulates that what seems an insignificant action, like the flapping of butterfly’s wings, influences activities such as weather conditions in another part of the world. This means that every action has a reaction, or a response somewhere else in a way we can never predict.

With this theory in mind Christian Broda, Chris Rosati who suffers from a terminal illness called ALS, has decided to make the world he leaves a better place. His idea is that a random act of kindness will somehow have a positive impact somewhere, someplace. An article from CBS Interactive Inc., describes how Chris gave $50 each to two young sisters he met at a diner in Raleigh, North Carolina with the simple request that they do something kind with it.

And so they did. Their Father knew of a village in Sierra Leone that had struggled with and eradicated Ebola. The girls spent their money on a feast for the villagers to celebrate their victory. Later Chris received an email with photos of people in the village holding a sign that read “Thank you for spreading kindness Chris Rosati“.

Everyone can follow Chris Rosati’s example with the simplest of actions such as a smile or a kind word. Or a small gift given with the request it is spent in an act of kindness.

Fluoridation of Municipal Water Supply May Pose Health Hazard

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In a recently released study from the Cochrane Collaboration, a widely respected consortium of practitioners and research scientists, fluoridation does not reduce nor prevent cavities, as has been previously thought for the past 60 years. The study involved assessing every available study or report on how effective fluoridation was with regard to tooth decay.

Brad Reifler said that the introduction of fluoridation into municipal water supplies, as a means of eradicating tooth decay, first started in post-WWII 1945, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fluoridation of municipal water supplies would across the nation to the disdain of many, citing the potential harmful effects on the human body. Fluoridation, to this day, is met more with criticism than being embraced, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Oral Health, claims that the fluoridation process is “safe and effective.”

Opponents to fluoridation, supported by countless studies on the detriment of fluoridation content that it contributes to cognitive dysfunction, disrupts the functionality of the endocrine system, contributes to the onset of ADHD and is instrumental in the under active functioning of the thyroid. Many individuals contest the rights of municipalities to force upon them a chemical substance that they have limited knowledge about. So though it may have been practical to add fluoride to water systems, 50 years ago, when it was believed essential for promoting oral health, supporting evidence now suggests that it is no longer required or beneficial.

New Zealand Bans Internet Trolls; Hobbits and Elves Are Still OK

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We hope this story doesn’t make anybody nervous or upset.

New Zealand has joined the list of countries passing bills against online harassment: In its Harmful Digital Communications Bill, it seeks to curtail the flames and abuse of online trolls. but its wording is some of the most vague of any bill of this nature: It seeks to curtail any activity that causes “serious emotional distress,” a criterion so broad that it could shoot down almost anything.

In the specifics, the law is clearly defined: Communications that are sexist, racist, or harassing against any group based on sexual orientation or handicaps. The law also prohibits incitements to suicide. These kinds of online cyber-bullying have been shown to be threatening incidents in the past, leading among other things to the United States’ own laws against cyber-bullying, prompted by the case of the suicide of Megan Meier.

But Wikipedia writes that as more and more of these bills become passed, they raise the question of how effectively they will be enforced. When international government authorities are almost stymied trying to stop media piracy, it seems the more sophisticated bully who has all the time in the world to dodge detaction through various online proxies will get off scott free, while a simple citizen having a two-line snit with a co-worker might get caught and fined to make an example of them.

In the words of Jack Nicholson: “Can’t we all just… get along?”

I Love The Fact That FreedomPop Saves Me So Much Money

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FreedomPop is not only a great alternative to the standard Internet services that are out there today, but FreedomPop is also a great cell phone alternative as well. FreedomPop has all the same services as some of the bigger providers out there today, but their price is much lower, or it’s even possible to get the services for free. I only learned about FreedomPop after receiving a brochure from someone. I had no interest in switching companies at all, but FreedomPop ended up changing my mind.

The reason I thought about switching services was because of the inconsistencies I’m having with my current service provider. A lot of the times my service would not work, and it was because I have faulty equipment. When I asked my service provider for different equipment, they had the nerve to tell me that they were going to charge me to send it out. I had problems with my equipment from the first week I received it, so I didn’t understand why I would be responsible for replacing the new equipment.

I eventually got sick and tired of having to run around to try and get reliable Internet service from my current company, so I switched. I joined FreedomPop, but I was skeptical because of my past experience with my other company. I immediately saw the difference because my Internet works just fine, and I never had any outages. I also was able to have wifi, which is something that I didn’t get from the other company. My wifi and modem are all in one, so I don’t even need to purchase my own router. I have a specific plan with FreedomPop, which allows me to get the services for free.

I was so thrilled with the Internet service that I was receiving from FreedomPop that it was only natural for me to choose to get the cell phone service as well. I signed up for cell phone service, and I received a phone that I could use. I turned my cell phone on, and I have a set amount of minutes that I can use each month. If I ever need more minutes, I can always purchase them at a very low cost. I also get data services as well as text messages through FreedomPop. I’m saving an incredible amount of money on both my cell phone and my Internet service, just because I decided to switch to FreedomPop.

Police Officer Shoots At Dog But Hits Four Year Old Girl

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A police officer in Columbus, Ohio was shooting at a dog when he hit a four year old girl in the leg. Ava Ellis required surgery and is recovering as her family questions how this officer could have acted so irresponsibly. The family states the officer acted recklessly when he shot at the dog with children so close by. Instagram users say the bullet that broke Ava’s leg is going to require further surgery

According to the family the dog may have barked at Officer Jonathan Thomas, but say the bulldog was retreating into the house when he shot at him. There were children within 12 feet of dog and say he never should have shot with them so close. They yelled out to Thomas that Ava had been hurt; however he climbed into his vehicle and drove away. Emergency responders had to care for Ava as Thomas had left the scene.

The police spokeswoman disputes the family’s account of what happened that day. She reports Thomas was flagged down by a relative asking him to help Ava’s mother who had cut herself on glass. Officer Thomas says when he approached the home the dog began to charge at him so he took out his gun and shot at it. The department is also denying Thomas left the scene before calling for help. He has been placed on paid leave while the incident is investigated.

Ava’s family and their attorney are conducting their own private investigation.