Dallas Businesses : Booming in All Sectors

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Dallas, Texas has a cornucopia of business opportunities, from a burgeoning white-collar sector to a flourishing entrepreneurship scene. For startups thinking about locating in Dallas, look no further than the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce. According to the Chamber, doing business in Dallas is 5% cheaper than the national average, partially due to the 0% state income tax.

North American Spine in Dallas is part of the new exponential growth of the regional healthcare boom. Pain patients frequently benefit from their compassionate care and expertise, and their state of the art Accurascope procedure, allowing a shorter outpatient visit and better recovery times. Moreover, they have the gold standard of board certified physicians and orthopedists, minimally invasive techniques and are willing to work in conjunction with insurance companies to check for coverage.

Not surprisingly, Dallas has a great deal of amenities commensurate with it being the 9th largest city in the United States, between San Diego and San Jose. The metro area is actually quite larger, and commonly includes the Fort Worth area, a neighboring city which by itself is the 15th largest in the US.

Luckily for businesses moving to the DFW area, a highly-skilled and hard-working multicultural workforce is available, with a population growth of 1 million plus people within the past few years. Part of the rationale for business location in the DFW area is its centralized location. The Dallas-Fort Worth airport is the third busiest in the world (passengers and cargo), and its southern central positioning offers a perfect intermediary between NY and LA, including train travel.

Despite a smaller population than NY, LA and Chicago, Dallas boasts the third-most Fortune 500 companies, mostly in the corporate sectors of tech, banking and business consultation. Of course, the oil boom and formerly cotton built the foundation for the current sector growth, and a population increase has led to much higher demand for real estate, thus that market is flourishing as well. The catalyst for this business haven is most likely a side effect of World War II business contracts in the telecommunications and engineering industry.

Since a perfect combination of Fortune 500 and a high-volume airport exists in Dallas, the 3rd largest Texas city, it’s a popular destination for business meetings and conferences.

All in all, Dallas has a dazzling amount of above average offerings for a city its size. World-renowned museums, major professional sports teams, large university hospital hubs and an average walkability rating all contribute to a business positive environment for future relocators.

Hedge Fund Manager Kyle Bass’ Star Is Quickly Flaming Out

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Kyle Bass’s stock is sinking like a rock. Once one of the top investment advisers and hedge fund managers, his name is about as popular as the plague these days. Bass made his fortune running one of the country’s most successful hedge fund companies: Dallas-based Heyman Capital Management. He built a name on correctly predicting the banking crisis of 2008. Although Bass had little more than a few lucky guesses and a big mouth, investors fell under his spell.

After a while, things got a little hairy, and investors and admirers begin to worry. A few months later, some people began to see what many knew all along: Kyle Bass is a one-hit wonder whose made more bad calls than a blind referee. The most outrageous part of Bass’s bungles is he has no qualms of doing it right on television. And not only that, he’s made some pretty odious alliances over the years. Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner fancies herself an economic guru, but as it turns out, she’s anything but. Her claim to fame is running her on country’s economy in the toilet while buddying up with Bass.

The unholy alliance between Kircnher and Bass even further shows his irresponsibility and inability to grasp even the simplest aspects of finance. Bass sings the president’s praises as she dupes her constituents all the way to the bank. Bass also went as far as calling out a New York judge who ruled that Argentina had to make good on its payments to creditors.

Turns out, Bass has good reason to schmooze with Argentinian crooks. He and Kirchner are both unscrupulous crooks that are scratching each others backs. At his lowest point — in an attempt to dodge responsibility of his GM investment — he blamed victims who died due to faulty airbags suggesting they were drunk or simply failed to secure the seat belt. Adding to the role call of despicable behavior, Bass is now being sued by the widow of Chris Klein of American Sniper fame due to one of his Heyman subordinate’s shady dealings. And then there’s the dealings with the loathsome Erich Spangenburg, creator of the Coalition For Affordable Drugs.

For a man who loves to talk and go on television, Bass has little to say about his unethical dealings. Although he is remaining mum now, he may be forced to answer to all the charges very soon. Many hope he will finally get his comeuppance. The lawsuits initiated against Bass and his companies are too lengthy to name. He is also due to speak before Congress. “We hope to cut the legs from beneath him,” says an unnamed spokesperson.

Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold Spread the Value of Ganoderma

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Bernardo Chua was already a successful veteran of network marketing when he happened to taste an extraordinary cup of coffee in a small shop in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. That experience led to the founding of Organo Gold in 2008 as producers of gourmet coffee beans enhanced with a mushroom known as ganoderma, a traditional Asian herb that is claimed to help control harmful cholesterol and produce antiviral qualities. In China, the ganoderma mushroom has also been used for centuries to help cure a number of ailments including asthma and liver disease and as an alternative cancer treatment.

Organo Gold offers its line of products via its Independent Distributor network and directly to consumers through its Coffee Connoisseur Club website. Primarily operating in Canada and the United States, the company currently operates in over 35 countries on six continents.

With headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, Organo Gold has exploded into a world-wide network marketing phenomenon in only seven years.

Chua and Organo Gold co-founder Shane Morand set up the company to operate their products exclusively through a network of independent distributors and purposely avoided selling to retail stores or coffee houses. Chua is the face of the company to its thousands of faithful independent distributors and the businessman who guides company growth. Morand supervises the direct sales. His uncanny ability to motivate and develop sales leaders has been the driving force behind Organo Gold’s rapid expansion. These two men along with Holton Buggs, Executive Vice President of International Sales, have created a network-marketing powerhouse.

Organo Gold states that it is on a mission to spread the positive benefits of ganoderma to everyone around the world. Helping people improve their health and wellness is only one company goal. The other is giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to improve their economic status in life by selling Organo Gold products through their networking system. Distributors purchase Organo Gold products from the company at wholesale prices and earn commissions on their sales to the end users. Besides its ganoderma-infused coffee, Organo Gold also produces ganoderma-blended green tea, hot chocolate, a ganoderma-infused latte blend and ganoderma supplements.

Bernardo Chua’s huge successes as the CEO of Organic Gold has earned him wide respect in the multi-level marketing industry. The widely recognized Napoleon Hill Foundation recently awarded Chua their Gold Medal in honor of his achievements in making Organic Gold a house-hold name in countries around the world.

In addition to the profit-making end of the business, Organo Gold has spread its efforts into helping young people around the world in to becoming independent thinkers and entrepreneurs through its non-profit OG Cares Foundation. To think all of this success was due to a chance visit to a small Canadian coffee house serving mushroom laced coffee is truly remarkable.

Author Jaime Garcia Dias Continues to Thrive

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Jaime Garcia Dias among the most well known and successful Brazilian writers and educators. For over 30 years, Dias has established himself as one of the top individuals in literature. By winning a number of awards, reaching high positions in education, and also publishing a number of books and essays, he has made a number of contributions to Brazilian literature. Dias got an early start in life in terms of putting together quality literature. At age 15 he wrote his an entire book and used that experience to pursue and education in literature. He attended college to study Letters and by the age of 23 he became a teacher at the one of the most renowned literature academies in Brazil. By 1997 he was named the Vice President of the Carioca Literature Academy. During this time he also wrote a number of books and used this to establish himself as a top author. In fact some of his works including earned him international recognition as a premier author. By age 30, he wrote and published 10 books with a few of them winning awards such as the White Crane which he won in the year 2001. Dias was also given another award in 2003 which helped boost his reputation and status as a top writer even more.

While Dias established himself as a top author, he still wanted to remain in education as a member of the faculty at the Carioca Literature Academy. He eventually was named President in 2007. While being President of the Academy, Dias helped make it one of the best places to learn literature and become a top author. It is therefore the top place to go for Brazilian writers who want to become authors.

To date Dias has written and published 20 books and won the ABC Award from Brazil Fictional Literature which has further solidified his career as a top author in Brazil and the entire world. At 45 years of age he has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in Brazilian literature. His most recent projects have been in the form of personal essays in which he puts them as a series of chronicles in the Jornal do Brasil. These essays discuss his childhood with one of them being titled Chronicles that Made Me a Man. He talks about how is father’s book collection and passion for writing helped Jaime decide to pursue a career in literature.

With a combination of awards, published works and positions in education, Jaime Garcia Dias has put together a very successful career as a literary contributor. His track record helps make him one of the top authors and educators in Brazil which has earned him a reputation of being a leader in the field of literature worldwide.

What Heads Propaganda Has Offered to Ensure Small Businesses Thrive

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Heads Propaganda is a well established advertising agency that has been operational for more than ten years within Brazil and other areas around. The company has hired among the best professionals to help in their marketing practices and to make the process of doing business easier. Small businesses have been the greatest beneficiaries of the services Heads Propaganda has been offering. The company has been awarded severally for the many innovative projects they have handled and for allowing small businesses to record the right sales level and success in the long run. All their services have been offered at rates that are friendly to many people and ones that encourage the growth of business. Heads Propaganda can be described as a reliable institution that has also nurtured upcoming entrepreneurs to achieve what they have been looking for towards business success.

Originality has placed Heads Propaganda apart from the many agencies that have been competing with the company for years. They have ensured all their services are unique and tailored towards offering a better experience. This is something that has allowed the company to stand out in the market. Heads Propaganda has also invested in having a strong team of professionals, who have helped in its execution processes.

Great leadership has also ensured the company attains the right position in the market. Heads Propaganda has enjoyed the best group of leaders, who are always dedicated to offering unique services that are able to vindicate their zeal for uniqueness and to offer success to many businesses. Cláudio Loureiro is a CEO of Heads Propaganda and he has been in service for more than ten years. His dedication to ensuring the company gains stability has been displayed in many ways. Cláudio Loureiro is a professional lawyer and he has offered many solutions that have led to the attainment of stability within Heads Propaganda. In 1997, he received an award for standing out as a reliable professional ready to offer solutions that are relevant to the success of businesses. He has offered advice and guidelines to upcoming entrepreneurs on ways through which they can stabilize their businesses.

Offering personalized service has characterized the way Heads Propaganda operates. The company addresses each issue personally and has been able to offer solutions that are ideal to keeping small businesses competitive. They handle each issue personally depending on the requirements of the market to ensure every business that orders with them gets tailored services.

An Introduction to Intellectual Property Law

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Are you the author of a new book or just invented a new technology that will benefit the masses? Like all other creatives, you need to protect your work from getting plagiarized and also work in a safe environment that motivates you to be more creative. This is what the intellectual Property Law is all about.

It is a law that was legislated to enforce legal rights on any new design, invention or art work. As individuals require the law to help protect their real estate property, automobiles or bank bonds, there is also a need for protection of intangible assets. And there are plenty of advantages when your intellectual work is safeguarded from pilferers or duplicators.

The Patent Law protects creatives in three main ways:

  • Through Patenting
  • Through Trademarks
  • Through Copyrights

By Patenting, any author or artist is able to sell their products in the market, either directly or by transferring ownership rights to another individual. Items that can be patented include improvements on technology, production of new machinery, or any manufactured good premiering in the market. Patenting may however face a hurdle where the stated design is obviously produced by someone else or is deemed offensive morally.

On the other hand, trademarking helps creatives or businesses protect slogans, symbols or unique names that help identify the goods or services they are selling. By issuing trademarks, the creative or business is able to separate their brand and product from the competition, helping distinguish one product from the other; a good example is the Trademarking of soft drinks. Trademark rights last forever as opposed to patents which have a limited period.

Copyrighting help creatives protect their written work, produced motion pictures, music or architectural designs. Copyrighting also protects any general artistic or intellectual expression product by a creative. This protection may however be not applicable for any theory, idea or intellect that is confined within a fixed channel.

Advantages of Intellectual Property Law

Trademarks legally prevent anyone from taking advantage of your customer good will through the trade name you use for your product. Copyrights are fast to acquire as there is no official registration needed. It also costs you nothing to acquire it and a copyright could be anything like a simple mark on your product. Patents protect your invention from being stolen or copied by other people. Patents make you the market leader of your invention and competitors are barred from producing anything similar for quite some time—generally for a period of 20 years.

Frans Schoeman is a Professional Lawyer and the Director at Phatsima Diamond, a law firm established in Bellville, South Africa. As a prominent lawyer, he has 21 years of experience providing sound legal advice as well as solutions to esteemed clientele. He has a growing client base from individual professionals to commercial enterprises comprising of listed and unlisted businesses. Schoeman on scribd has helped settle many sophisticated legal disputes for clients, a famous one being the arbitration award that was worth R120 million.

How To Improve Customer Service Performance

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Dealing with customer service complaints is a great way to build a good reputation for a company. With that being said, not caring about how a company deals with complaints is a great way to generate bad word of mouth through people who have had relations with that company, especially paying customers. Here are a few major tips and tricks that all businesses who provide customer service should follow to ensure that they are fulfilling the needs of customers.

Never get rude with the customer, no matter how rude they are with you. Customer service departments rarely, if ever, have anything to do with a customer’s problems.

Usually it has to do with a product itself that is faulty or does not meet expectations, or, less often, a problem with in-person service. Being rude and unappealing to customers who have had problems is not the proper way to address their problems, and definitely not a way to earn repeat customers.

The number one objective of customer service is solving whatever problem the customer has. If it can be resolved by working a customer through certain steps, that

makes things very simple for the company. If a customer is requesting a refund or another product, it is best do go as far as current budgets and policies will allow the customer experiencing problems.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing company that often specializes in customer service relations. They perform very well when it comes to solving customers’ problems, such as dissatisfaction with advertising campaigns. White Shark not only keeps using the existing plans that businesses have, as they simultaneously use the plans they were paid to implement.

Another problem that White Shark Media incurs from its customers is the dealing with difficulties with Google AdWords. WSM has the knowledge and expertise necessary to advise its clients about which words and phrases to use in Google Ads, and which ones are not good for improving performance.

Different customers have different ideas of fulfillment of their problems. Some customers want more than what they paid for the product or service in the first place, while other customers are much more fair and would be completely satisfied with just a few coupons, or nice words.

However you decide to handle customer service problems, remember to be diplomatic and do not take any sides against the customer. The customer is always right, so treat them that way.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

FreedomPop Bringing the 4G

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FreedomPop has been in the news a considerable amount lately. This is because it is the only major mobile service provider that offers customers free services. The company started out of LA just three years ago, providing customers with up to 500 MB of data, 500 anytime minutes and 500 text messages for free, every single month. All of this without any sort of of contract. Plus, if a user goes over their allotted amount, they are able to pay for a small upgrade in package for the month that costs a significant amount less than what they would have paid through a standard service provider. But what does a customer need to do in order to obtain these kinds of services? Nothing at all. All they need to do is use the FreedomPop on engadget programming and they are able to access all of these benefits. The services are even now available not just in the United States but in the UK as well.

In order to grow its brand and to continua to spread out to other corners of the globe, FreedomPop has started moving over services to the UK. It recently announced a few months ago that it would be providing a version of its free data, messaging and calling service to individuals in the UK, but many people wondered what sort of service speed it would be. While free data is one thing, if it is slow to download data it really doesn’t help out individuals who like to stream music and movies over their phone. Well, that is not a problem at all as FreedomPop just informed customers that it would be 4G connection speeds. 4G has allowed devices to easily stream this kind of online content without a problem at all. So, not only can customers in the UK experience free mobile phone service, they can be doing it at extremely high speeds.

This is just part of the international rollout plan FreedomPop has. While it started in the United States it wants to become an international service provider. The most recent release in the UK is just the beginning. The company has also announced that it would be offering an international roaming SIM in the coming year, which would allow users of the SIM to make phone calls, texts and connect to data networks in over a dozen different countries without having any sort of roaming charge at all.

Sergio Cortes, The Most Authentic Michael Jackson Impersonator

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The art of impersonating someone is extremely difficult to achieve. Copying the way someone walks, talks, and acts is a skill that requires dedication and a ton of practice. Sergio Cortes, or Sergio Jackson when he’s on stage, has absolutely mastered the act of becoming Michael Jackson. Moonwalking alone is impossible for most people. Can you imagine the talent a person most have to recreate every nuance of the undisputed “King of Pop?”

Musically speaking, Sergio Cortes sounds identical to the legendary Michael Jackson. Michael’s dance moves have been practiced by countless others trying to duplicate the style and grace he was known for. Sergio has gained a massive amount of popularity in his home country of Brazil. The fans appreciate his authenticity. There are many people out there who claim to be the real thing. After watching a couple videos of Sergio’s performances, I was impressed. He is Michael Jackson on the stage. Gifted and energetic, his videos show how he has captured the entire essence of the greatest entertainer of our time.

His voice is a duplicate of the “King of Pop.” Sergio can match all the high notes Michael was known and loved for with pitch perfect accuracy. All of your favorite Michael Jackson songs have been covered and beautifully done by Sergio Cortes. However, with Michael it wasn’t just his music. He was the total package. Sergio’s style of dress and personality are exactly what you would expect from Michael Jackson at one of his shows. The entire Michael Jackson experience is delivered.

It is clear to me that Sergio Cortes loves Jackson with all his heart and soul. Impersonating someone artistically brings you all that more closer to that person. Sergio is, in essence, continuing the legacy. He is bringing the pure joy of a Michael Jackson show to those fans who were unable to ever see him live, or to those who longed to see him one more time. I respect and appreciate the immense talent and research that Sergio has put in to recreate this one of a kind artist.

Hopefully, we will see a world tour soon from Sergio. His many performances are a sight to behold for any Michael Jackson fan. I know we will continue to hear more about this fantastic impersonator.

Apply Your SEO Strategy the Right Way

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Keywords play an integral role in SEO strategies and Search engine marketing campaigns. They can be used to classify a business, target a desired audience, as well as to dictate what the content of a website will be.


For this article, the purpose is to recap on the Right Way to Target SEO Keywords so as to avoid making various mistakes such as Keyword Stuffing when implementing one’s keyword strategy.


How Many Keywords to Use


While one should use the keyword they are targeting on their page, it is essential that they focus on the searches they are trying to attract on their page. Here are some guidelines to consider:


  • Keyword should be in the page title to tell search engines what the page entails.
  • Place keyword in the main headline to allow users find a matching topic between the search engine snippet and the landing page.
  • Have a good Meta description to enhance the click-through rate.
  • Repeat keyword 2-3 times in the page body.
  • For images, ensure that the ALT text and image filename include the keywords.
  • Don’t overdo the keyword placement; read through the text and remove any unnecessary keywords.


How to Target SEO Keywords


Here’s what to do:


  • Research on the relevant keywords
  • Take the list of relevant keywords and group them according to respective search intent. Each page in a website has a specific purpose to serve; the purpose should match with respective keyword category.
  • Turn the keywords into functional titles and headlines,
  • Include different variations of the search term – search each engines can understand keyword variations so long as the intent remains the same.


About White Shark Media


White Shark Media was founded in 2011. It is a leading Digital Marketing Agency that specializes on delivering online marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.


Among the internet marketing related services offer by the company include SEM Management, SEO Management, AdWords Evaluation, PPC Management and Website Development.




Today, real keyword targeting is more inclined to search queries rather than just keywords. While keywords refer to the specific terms that individuals use in a search box, a search query refers to a question run on a search engine in a bid to intent. It therefore prudent to stop using shortcuts to improve rankings but instead focus on understanding audience needs and provide them with what they are searching for.

Source: White Shark Blog