Terminally Ill Man Checked Off an Item from his Bucket List

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A terminally ill cancer patient got to check off one item from his bucket list.

At 21 years old, Jason Gordon was diagnosed with cancer when doctors discovered a tumor the size of a grapefruit on his spine according to Susan McGalla. He went through a round of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The second time the cancer appeared, Gordon again endured another round of treatment. The third time, physicians explained they were out of options.

Now 23, Gordon received a nice surprise from a friend of a friend named Richie Hughes. Hughes owns VIP Exotic Car Rentals in Toronto and had heard Gordon had always dreamed of driving a sports car along with attending a kick-boxing match in Thailand and playing Blackjack in Niagara Falls. Hughes wanted to do something special for Gordon since discovering his cancer was dubbed terminal.

Hughes approached Gordon and his twin brother while lunching on a patio, left them the keys to a $300,000 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and told them to have fun for the night at no charge. Hughes normally charges $1,400 a day for the rental.

Gordon took him up on the generous gift and mowed around Toronto in the gorgeous ride. He can check off driving high-end sports car from his list.

Fixed-Rate Radiology Tests

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ESPN Go had a piece suggesting that as anyone who has ever had to get a CT, an MRI or other type of radiology scan knows, costs can vary from hospital-to-hospital and radiologist-to-radiologist. Even different insurance carriers have different opinions about how much to charge for co-pays. Additionally, most patients have huge deductibles they must first pay out before their insurance kicks in. As these tests can normally cost between a couple hundred and a few thousand dollars, many patients almost immediately go into incredibly high debt as soon as they have an emergency that requires a scan. Some patients have to file for bankruptcy after a single emergency primarily because of the cost related to these scans.

A radiologist in Indianapolis, Indiana hopes to make this process easier for his patients.

The President and CEO of Northwest Radiology, Dr. Ken Hansen, has recognized that the cost of these tests has skyrocketed over the years and that excuses about higher charges being necessary to maintain and repair the equipment or pay related staff are mostly lies. As a result, he has decided to charge a low-cost flat rate for both the procedure and review. One patient was told elsewhere that she would have to pay $2,500 for a chest ultrasound. Dr. Hansen only charged $150. This rate is also the same for CT scans, PET scans and mammograms.

Many critics of American health care see this as a refreshing change.

Louis C.K. May Have Crossed The Line

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Louis C.K. is a world famous comedian, and he has sold out countless arenas around the country. Louis C.K. is known for his unique standup routine, but it appears that Louis has recently run into some trouble. Louis C.K. recently hosted ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Many people thought that having the famed comedian host the show was a great idea. However, things quickly spiraled out of control. Louis C. K. started the show off with his comedy routine, but it appeared that the crowd was not ready for his outlandish humor. Louis C.K. joked about racism, and apparently, it left many people feeling extremely uncomfortable. In fact, fans of “SNL” are hoping that Louis C.K. never returns to the show again. Some people feel that Louis C.K.’s jokes were better suited for an HBO special rather than basic cable. Although, some comedy fans did show support for Louis C.K.

Brendan Schaub is a UFC fighter, but he also hosts his own podcast with his best friend Ray Lane. On the podcast, Ray spoke about the Louis C.K. incident. Ray thought that Louis C.K. was hilarious, and Ray feels that people should just relax (read more on wsj.com). Nonetheless, its highly unlikely that Louis C.K. will ever host the show again. For more information on this story, visit CNN.

Review of The CW’s Success Misses the Mark

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On Monday, May 18, Reddit users were still commenting about a Vox article by Todd VanDerWerff from last week titled “How the CW Went From Near Extinction to Surprising Success.” As pointed out by users, the article didn’t go into enough specifics about the programming choices that helped make The CW a ratings success over the last couple of years.

Although VanDerWerff made good points about how The CW has used online streaming ads and schedule arrangement to boost ratings, he missed a lot in regards to how The CW attracts and retains viewers. It does more than appeal to the teenage demographic. In fact, many of the fans of The CW’s shows are in their thirties and forties.

Sam Tabar asks why is The CW succeeding now?

As already mentioned, the programming is not merely designed with teens in mind. Almost every show features several adults or adult-like teens that have interesting stories. The CW makes certain that most characters are physically attractive to a wide range of fans. Additionally, the network has noticed that drama, action, romance and hero stories appeal the most across age groups and has designed its programming around these areas.

Of course, for every positive method…

The CW also gained a lot of ratings from its prime-time hit “Supernatural” in the last three years by allowing the “drama” created by the SPN writers’ blatant use of queerbaiting tactics to generate interest.

Mike Tyson Makes Muhammad Ali Smile

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Muhammad Ali is truly a legend of sports. In the sixties and seventies, Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer alive. Ali dazzled the boxing world with his flashy footwork and incredible hand speed. Muhammad Ali beat some of the greatest fighters of all time, and he did it in spectacular fashion. However, that was many years ago, and Muhammad Ali has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for quite some time.

Parkinson’s disease is no laughing matter, and Muhammad Ali’s health has drastically deteriated. Nonetheless, Muhammad Ali is still the greatest of all time to many, and Mike Tyson shares that feeling as well. Boxing fans loved Mike Tyson for his incredible punching power and aggressive nature. However, Bruce Levenson reminds us that many people do not realize that Mike Tyson can be a gentle and loving man.

Mike Tyson has his very own show on YouTube, and it is titled ‘Being Mike Tyson.’ In a recent episode, Mike Tyson was hanging out with Mohammed Ali, but it was very sad to see. Muhammad Ali cant speak anymore, but Mike Tyson show Muhammad his version of the Ali shuffle. Muhammad Ali smiled a bit, and it was evident that he shares a special bond with Mike Tyson. Boxing fans were extremely emotional when they saw the video, and it is truly sad to see such a great man suffering. For more information on this story, and to see Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali spending some time together, visit Youtube.com

The Dangers Of Ear Buds

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Whether you listen to music while you are at the office at your desk, you like some motivational music to get you through your workout, or you like to listen to music while you get some household cleaning done, ear buds are a convenient and affordable item that many people keep on hand when they want to listen to music on their phone, radio or MP3 player. Unfortunately, these ear buds come with an entire set of risks and the World Health Organization has warned that there is approximately 1.1 billion people in the world that are at risk for hearing loss or ear damage because of ear buds.

The issue here is that ear buds are inserted directly into your ears. Igor Cornelsen says the sound and volume is directly pumped into your ear canal and it hits your inner ear directly. Other headphone options are placed outside of the ear and this can leave a little bit of space and safety. When you listen to music that is over 120 decibels for an extended length of time, you can cause permanent damage to your hearing in just a few hours. A surprising statistic explains that teens that are part of today’s generation are at a thirty percent higher risk than people were in the 1980’s and 1990’s. This is largely thanks to the convenient use of smart phones and other iPod technology.

Dan Newlin Can Represent You In An Injury Case

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Dan Newlin and his qualified team of attorneys very proud to be recognized as a Super Lawyer Law Firm. Less than five percent of all lawyers and legal firms in the state of Florida have earned this honor.

Newlin started his legal career in law enforcement when he was just 20 years old. He worked for the police and fire departments of New Chicago, Indiana. Later, Newlin became part of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orland, Florida. He served there for a decade and received the distinguished ranking of Sheriff’s Detective.

Attorney Newlin has worked a number of police details, ranging from narcotics enforcement to auto theft details. He was assigned the position of Detective in Fugitive Division, where he apprehended a number of dangerous criminals. During his time as dective attorney, Dan Newlin earned a number of awards for going above and beyond his job description. Newlin became a law school student in 1997 at the Florida State College of Law, and graduated in 2000. Dan Newlin is a licensed attorney in both Florida and Illinois, and maintains offices in both states, where he is proud to provide the best in legal counsel and services.

Currently, Attorney Newlin has recovered more than $150 million for victims of accidents and injuries. His practice has grown from a small office with one secretary to a boutique firm that serves the states of Florida and Illinois with expert legal services. His firms consists of 75 employees, including 18 highly professional attorneys; among them are a retired Board-certified surgeon to several former state prosecutors. It’s clear that Newlin and his team are committed to providing the best service to clients.

If you or a loved one need legal service, give the law offices of Dan Newlin a call, and speak to Newlin or a qualified lawyer from his team. Consultations are always free of charge.

A Killer Diet

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Most of us enjoy taking a break from dinning at home and hit the fast food spot in the neighborhood. In fact, a large number of consumer’s make it a regular habit to stop by places like McDonalds and pig out on their favorite fast foods. Health experts tell us that fast food is terrible on the digestive system. Still, people flock to the places for their favorite burger and fries. Some people exist exclusively on fast food. Well, the facts are clear. Fast food is definitely a killer diet. Read more here.

Killer Diets
Most of us realize that there are two types of bacteria in our guts. Good and bad bacteria co-exist together. Surprisingly, fast food does not discriminate. McDonald’s fast food actually destroyed all the gut bacteria in a college kid’s stomach. Tom Spector is a college professor at King’s College in London. PCWorld wrote that he is the brains behind a study concerning the effect of fast food on gut bacteria. Basically, the professor turned his own son into a guinea pig. The kid ate nothing but fast food for 10 days. The kid complained that his health slowly declined. Even his friends noticed that he was not the same. The lab results on the kid’s digestive system were even more shocking. They backed up the professor’s theory on gut bacteria and fast food.

Barca’s Deadly Trio

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Following their dismissal of Bayern Munich from the Champions League semifinals, Barcelona look more poised than ever to once again hoist the Champions League trophy. Of course, football is a team game, but their success has stemmed from their incredibly talented attacking trio: Messi, Suarez, and Neymar. The three South Americans did not always fire in tandem, particularly last season when it was only Neymar and Messi.

Neymar, while only being his first season at Barcelona and in Europe, did not really click with Messi, and the pairing lacked synergy, as well as goals. With the arrival of Luis Suarez this past summer, it was difficult to see where and how these three dominant strikers would play.

Whether through managerial tinkering or training ground improvisation, Suarez up front and Messi and Neymar on the wings has worked wonders. Suarez’s work rate is immense, and while he harries and harasses central defenders, Neymar and Messi are freer to float in dangerous areas, and can easily be found once Barcelona’s and Suarez’s pressing causes turnovers in possession.

Furthermore, these three are much more willing to attack on the break and with exceptional speed, as opposed to the more traditional, methodical approach of Barcelona sides past. Gravity4 reported this system of play has yielded dominant performances and results, instilling fear in the hearts and heads of competitors, who are wary of facing the Barcelona of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar.

High School Quarterback Fulfills his 4th Grade Promise

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When Ben Moser was in the fourth grade he met fellow student Mary Lapkowicz. The two were in both in the same class with teacher Tracey Spogli. Mrs. Spogli soon noticed how young Ben would look out for classmate Mary, who had Down syndrome according to Jim Dondero.

Mrs. Spogli said that she recalls Ben doing his best to include Mary in any activities or games that were happening in the classroom. He was protective over Mary and wanted to make sure that she was always included. Both Ben and Mary thought the other was sweet and easy to talk to. Ben had promised that if the two still new each other in high school that he would take her to prom as his date.

By the sixth grade, the two had gone off to different schools and lost contact. The two friends, now both 17-years-old, recently ran into each other when their respective high schools played each other in a rivalry football match. Ben remembered his promise to Mary and followed through by presenting her with a bunch of balloons that said “prom?”. Mary said that she was surprised and had planned to go with friends however when Ben asked her, she said yes.

For the full story, and Ben and Mary’s prom pictures, click the link to Penn Live.