Jonathan Veitch Makes A Difference at Oxy

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Now that his first few years are coming to a close at Occidental College, one gets a sense that Jonathan Veitch has found his ground, but that choosing him to replace outgoing interim president, Robert Skotheim, was brilliant. Veitch is an experienced alumna of the college. He is also the first native Angeleno to hold the office.

Taking charge by facing adversity head on

Veitch made waves when he came on board by announcing that the campus master plan for the college was on hold. The local community had been in an uproar about the impact of the plan, and the construction of the new Townsend entrance and faculty buildings was contentious. Continuing the college’s history of prizing community and civic engagement, Veitch announced the master plan was on hold. He also conceded that the entrance and buildings constructed during the first phase had been “unnecessary.” The new plan he outlined promotes a moderate growth for the college that will see any new facilities incorporated into the community organically.

Bold leadership that unites

Bringing what he learned at Lang into play, Veitch has focused on increasing admissions at a rate that is sustainable by the college community. In addition to calling for a redesign of campus master plan, he has begun to actively engage the college as a leader for environmental sustainability. Hosting multiple forums with community leaders, plans for conservation and sustainability are beginning to take shape in the outside communities. On campus, he had a 1-megawatt solar array installed that can take on the burden of 11% of the electricity used by the campus.

Leadership for the future

Occidental College has pioneered multi-cultural academic environments and community engagement. Jonathan Veitch stands to continue this tradition, and to introduce innovations that are equipped to deal with modern concerns. With his leadership, Occidental College stands to grow and strengthen itself as an institution of higher learning that balances community responsibility, sustainability and academic excellence.

Cereal With Gatorade

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Jim Harbaugh has become well known for his antics as the head coach of the Stanford Cardinal and the San Francisco 49ers. Aside from building a reputation for himself around the country as one of the best living football coaches, his often strange behavior has gotten him just as much attention. There have been countless interviews about the pants that he chooses to wear on the sidelines, which his wife has stated are worth about twelve bucks.

That’s right; Jim Harbaugh wears twelve dollar pants that he got from Wal-Mart, despite making millions of dollars each and every year. I guess some people are just made simpler than others. He has also been known to wear cleats while he is coaching, after getting run into and knocked down by a player that fell onto the sidelines. A recent story has come out as told by his oldest son about a time when he saw Jim Harbaugh eat his breakfast cereal with Gatorade on an occasion.

While that is very weird, long time fan Ben Shaoul thinks that it actually says something about Jim harbaugh’s personality and the very essence that he brings to the field each and every day. He gets the job done no matter what is required and his decision to eat the disgusting combination of Gatorade and cereal just goes to show that he will go to drastic lengths if it means that he is going to get the job done.

Knowledge of Vijay Eswaran

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Vijay Eswaran left the profession he did in America and moved back to his origin in Asia, he focused his business skills into what is acknowledged today as the QI Group. It has become a multimillion dollar corporation and helps many people all around the world.

He is a goodhearted person, Eswaran has started two Fundamentals that work on frequent developments in the area of education, women empowerment and youth development worldwide. His generous determinations around the world were internationally acknowledged when he was listed by Forbes Asia in its annual list of Heroes of Philanthropy in 2011.

Vijay Eswaran received an award for “Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership” during the 18th Malaysian Education Summit.  He won this award for presenting fine business skills and outstanding management knowledge, and the growth of skilled schooling, education improvements and origination. He was very delighted and thrilled to receive this award alongside his colleagues.

He is the University Council Chairman for QIUP, which has become one of the quickest flourishing universities in the country, presently offering many programs including medicine and post graduate.

Vijay Eswaran is the author of In the Sphere of Silence, which outlines the importance of silence. Within his book you will pick up on how to be motionless and observe what is within ourselves. This help us understand some of the off the wall things we do. By knowing what causes us to do certain things, we are better able to change ourselves into better people. We all absorb our abilities differently and our development, depends on how we dedicate to our lives.

It has been approximately ten years since the introduction of In the Sphere of Silence, book that Vijay Eswaran written. But he still remains to expression the need to advance educational understandings to simplify self-actualization. His book is on life managing skills, it’s widely spread over the country and printed in many different languages. He also is the author of, “In the Thinking Zone”, “18 Stepping Stones”, and “On the Wings of Thought”.

If you ever get a chance to read any of his books, it will put an transformation in your life of knowledge.

Here are 7 Things that you May Have Forgotten, but Definitely Need to Know.

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It isn’t the big things that you know in life, but the things that make life go better today. Here is list of things that you definitely need to know, and if you remember them, it will definitely make your day better!

1. A U.S. dollar bill is six inches long; use it to measure if you need to.
2. Honey never spoils.
3. If you need to slice an onion, put it in the freezer for 15 min, and then it you won’t cry when you slice it.
4. By rubbing your pet’s ears, it releases endorphins that make them feel incredibly good.
5. When making power point presentations, always save them in .pps instead of .ppt and they will open into presentation mode. Slick!
6. Here’s a tip that may save you a relationship. Omit the word “but” in your apology, so it might go something like this: “I’m sorry, I get irritable and mean when I’m tired.”
7. What to do when you meet someone new and the conversation needs a jump start? Remember the FORD method:

F – Family. Ask questions about their spouse, kids or home.
O – Occupation. Ask about their work, what they do and how they like it.
R – Recreation. What do they like to do when off work, for fun, exercise or with the fam.
D – Dreams – Is there a vacation you’ve always wanted to take?

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When A Good Tank Finds A Home

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The Bronx has only one “no kill” animal shelter to serve the New York City area. NYC’s Top Dog Animal shelter finds an animal an earthly home instead of a heavenly one and that was good news for a 110 pounds, well mannered, American Bulldog named Tank. Tank has been living at the shelter for nearly 3 years. He is actually the resident that has been housed there the longest. Most people would pass him by for smaller dogs and young puppies. He had become Top Dog’s informal mascot and was a favorite of the volunteers that work there.

Tank was brought into the shelter about three years ago by an Animal Care and Control worker who just stopped paying boarding fees for Tank. But Tank was one lucky dog because he was left at the only no kill shelter in the Bronx area

Recently a new volunteer, Gabriel Maldonado, came to the shelter and would take up to seven dogs on walks but he always took Tank alone. He just liked spending time alone with Tank.

Gabriel, the father of three said he found himself thinking more and more about Tank when he was at home, Suddenly he just could not stand thinking of Tank having been at that shelter for so long and knew in his heart it was time to take Tank home. Tank is now a Maldonado family member. One animal lover who is especially glad over this news is Darius Fisher, a film producer you can learn more about on sba.

Girl 7, Miraculously Survives Plane Crash in Kentucky

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In the early evening hours of January 2nd a tragedy struck a family from Nashville Illinois as a plane carrying five of their family members crashed into the wooded forest of rural Kentucky.

While plane crashes of small planes can lead to total tragedy, miraculously one young brave seven year old girl actually survived the crash and walked three quarters of a mile through dense forest to seek help. Darius Fisher couldn’t believe it when he heard. The crash occurred around 6:00 pm CST in Kuttawa Kentucky and the only remaining survivor Sailor Gutzler, trekked through thick briars and brush and dense forest to see if she could find help.

She came upon a dimly lit home of 71 year old Larry Wilkins who helped the girl into his home and covered her with a blanket and washed the blood from off her body from all the injuries and cuts she had from the crash and the trek through the briars. He then called 911 and the rescue workers were able to locate the plane wreckage and confirm that Sailor was the only survivor. Her mother, father, sister and cousin had all perished in the terrible crash that left the plane upside down.

Sailor’s half sister is caring for her now and she was released from the hospital in the early hours of January 3rd to return to Illinois. The family had been vacationing in Florida for New Years. For more information on this story go to this link.

New College Football Playoffs

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After operating in the same manner for nearly hundreds of years, College football and the NCAA have decided to switch things up this year in what many are calling a much more fair way of completing the college football season. In the past, there was a panel that would make detailed decisions as to who the best teams in the country are, based on their overall record and the teams that they faced.

They would be rated and ranked accordingly to this panel, and the decisions would be made on who would be playing in the National Championship. Crunchbase reporters feel because of this setup, there has always been huge amounts of controversy, with tons of people disagreeing with the final decisions on who gets to play in the big game, and Christian Broda really echoes that feeling. This year, however, they have adopted a four team playoff that looks to be a much better way to go about determining a champion, and the fans around the country seem to be pretty happy about it.

Instead of having to hit the top two teams to make it to the final game, the Rose Bowl has been converted into a second game matched up with the National Championship game, in which the winners of each game will face off in the new National Championship game. With this setup, four teams get consideration so it really comes down to who is the best in the end, not merely who gets selected and performs in the final game.

John Hurt And Others Knighted In The New Year Honours

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Actor John Hurt, 74, was made a knight in the New Year Honours. He gained his knighthood for “services to drama” during a career spanning five decades. Similarly honored were actor and writer Joan Collins, poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy, fashion designer Mary Quant, TV presenter Esther Rantzen, and actor Kristin Scott Thomas. These women are now all dames, the female equivalent to knights. Sam Tabar remarks just as Mr. Hurt can now be called Sir John, Ms. Collins can now be called Dame Joan. Collins and Rantzen were honored for services to charity, especially to children.

As knights and dames, the honorees are now all members of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, one of the orders of chivalry in Britain. It has five classes, including two ranks of knight. Below the knights are Commanders of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE), Officers (OBE), and Members (MBE).

During the New Year Honours, actors James Corden and Sheridan Smith were dubbed OBEs.

Pittsburgh Steelers to Sign Ben Tate?!

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There is no worse time to lose your starting All Pro running back than the week that postseason play begins. Yet, that is where the Pittsburgh Steelers currently stand. After a season that saw LeVeon Bell rack up almost 1,400 yards on the ground, with another 83 catches and 850 yards through the air, LeVeon Bell is officially questionable to play in the opening round of the postseason. The Steelers will be playing the Baltimore Ravens and right now they can’t be feeling too good about themselves.

An MRI was done on Bell’s knee but there was no ligament damage to report. ImgFave users were saying that still Bell looks shaky to lace up for what could be the biggest game of his career, and Igor Cornelsen was right there with them. In order to shore up against his possible sidelining, the Steelers brought in Ben Tate to potentially sign. Ben Tate has been released by the Cleveland Browns and the Minnesota Vikings so far this season but he is a veteran with some good moves.

According to reports, Ben Tate will be signed if his visit with the Steelers goes well on Tuesday. Tate will probably then take over the lead back duties from rookies Josh Harris and Dri Archer. Since being drafted LeVeon Bell has played in 29 straight games. He currently leads the AFC in rushing yards and passes caught by a running back. With Bell gone and Tate possibly in, Pittsburgh has to be holding their breath.

Josh Smith Debuts For Rockets

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Josh Smith’s debut for the Rockets was hailed as a success by many around the NBA. He came down to Houston and played well in a win for the Rockets. However, the Rockets are now jammed with talent that all has to work together. Those on LinkedIn feel no one will know if that talent can work together until the end of the season, and Sam Tabar agrees.

Fans in Atlanta remember Smith taking ill-advised three pointers all the time, but they also remember his good defense. They remember his tantrums that he threw at referees, but they also remember that he has a great deal of energy on the court. The Rockets need to find a way to bottle up that energy and use it for good. Anyone with the Hawks or Pistons today would say that the Rockets can have Smith. However, there is no way to know if they will be right until the season ends. Perhaps Smith is the defensive piece the Rockets need to be successful so that Dwight Howard and James Harden can score all the points. They have a hall of famer coaching the team, and they have all the pieces they need. It is time for the Rockets to show some output.