U.S. Money Reserve And Its Current President Philip Diehl Demonstrate Precious Returns From Precious Coins

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The former chief of staff for the U.S. Department of Treasury, Philip Diehl, who is the current president of the U.S. Money Reserve – the nation’s largest distributor of gold, silver and platinum, appeared on the financial podcast, Enterprise Radio and he joined the host, Eric Dye, to discuss the precious metals sector and the U.S. Money Reserve’s leadership in the bullion coin industry.

The 2016 podcast explored the rapid growth and stability of the precious coins industry measured against the current fiat system that waivers and adjusts in an unpredictable way. The podcast revealed that people are becoming more aware of precious coins and its inherent value; subsequently, resulting in more people investing in the precious commodity. U.S. Money Reserve’s customers benefit from investing in precious coins because precious coins have qualitative value over other types of mint, like bullion bars. U.S. Money Reserve’s coins are literally worth its weight in purity and quality, which is backed and guaranteed by the U.S. Government. In addition, the U.S. Money Reserve demonstrates the best return policy and guidelines in the industry, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to offering reliable services.

Diehl has established an impressive legacy during his career in areas of finance, trade and bullion services. In 1992, Philip Diehl was nominated by President Bill Clinton to become the 35th director of the U.S. Mint. Diehl has a vast knowledge base about the way bullion and legal tender affect the global economy. During Diehl’s tenure at the Mint he launched the most successful coin program in the Mint’s history. He reformed the Mint to become more compatible with modern systems opposed to operating on antiquated systems. He also garnered a favorable reputation within the Mint for making the entire organization more customer-oriented, and he also built metric systems to rate customer satisfaction.

According to Crunchbase, Diehl’s accomplishments in the financial sector are a direct result of a lot of hard work and his experience with successfully trading and managing currency on all continents. As the sitting president of U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl has injected his customer-oriented philosophy into the ranks and culture of the company, and he has subsequently raised the level of accountability and commitment that the company has for its customers.

Diehl is very active in many sectors of the finance industry as a sitting member of various boards, such as the Coalition for Equitable Regulation and Taxation (CERT), Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) and he helped to establish the Gold and Silver Political Action Committee to serve an an advocate on Capitol Hill for the precious coins industry.

Stephen Murray: Choosing A Private Equity Investment Firm

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Are you trying to learn about private equity investment or the function of private equity investment firms? Wondering why Steve Murray’s CCMP Capital is considered one of the most reliable companies in the equity investment field? Perhaps you want to get started in private equity investment and need expert assistance. If you don’t know what private equity means or how to profit from such a lucrative investment opportunity, then get in touch with the professionals at CCMP Capital – one of the most reputable private equity firms in the industry.

To get the idea what a private equity company is, it is very important to comprehend what the various parts of the term stand for. The equity in an asset is its value minus any associated liability. So private equity is the capital in an asset that is not really freely tradeable on the public stock market. A private equity company, then, is the commanding partner in a collection or group of joint ventures that have come together to pool their funds and invest in a particular business opportunity.

When it comes to investing in any opportunity or choosing an investment firm, you shouldn’t just go with any company out there. You need to be aware that some investment firms are better than others in terms of quality of service and the different types of services offered. It is always advisable to take the time and examine the various companies and their features, then choose the most reliable one.

Any business or entrepreneur who is trying to find a reliable private equity firm, should look no further than CCMP Capital. Numerous businesses have gained immense benefits by utilizing the expert services of CCMP Capital. Their private equity investment advisors and financial services professionals have a thorough knowledge of all applicable laws and regulatory bodies, which is critical before attempting to structure a private equity fund.

If you are seeking professional guidance on your quest for investment success, you need to contact CCMP Capital. You can relying on CCMP Capital for appropriate guidance and advice, and eventually achieve significant returns on your investment.

Steve Murray was one of the most trusted professionals in the private equity investment field. He was the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, and had great expertise in the field if private equity investing. He helped many individuals and businesses all over the world to reach their investment goals and achieve the success they desired. Stephen worked hard and contributed immensely to the rapid and tremendous growth of CCMP Capital. Steve Murray passed away on March 12. He was 52.

Jim Dondero and George Soros Short the Yuan

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The news about the Chinese economy is not good news. Newscasters and financial analysts and pundits are in agreement in saying that the Chinese economy is slowing, and many investors in the foreign exchange market, Forex for short, are betting against the Chinese currency, the yuan. Among those shorting the yuan’s position are George Soros, the brilliant financial strategist, who made a $1 billion betting against the British pound in the Forex marketplace. James Dondero from Highland Capital Management, also, thinks that the yuan will lose value in the Forex market.

Shorting is a stock market term which means that those shorting think their positions will be worth less in a set period of time. The buying of stocks is just that, buying, but shorting is a rather sophisticated and complex maneuver not used by many small investors having positions in the stock market.
The Forex market is entirely different. Simply put it is a marketplace where investors can buy or sell the position of one country’s current currency value against that of another country’s currency value. The important thing to remember is that in the Forex market the investor has the option to buy or sell.
James “Jim” Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management (HCM) a popular and profitable hedge fund. He brings over 30 years of experience in investing to HCM, where he specializes in high yield but distressed investments. Dondero is also chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank. Furthermore Jim serves on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote.
Jim Dondero has a philanthropic side as well, and donates and supports causes furthering education, veteran’s affairs and public policy. He is a graduate from the University of Virginia and the McIntire School of Commerce. Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).
Whenever two influential giants in the investment field are on the same side in any investment, it may be time for the small investor to join ranks with these two competent and influential men. Follow Jim on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the stock market.
Sources: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-31/pboc-effort-to-squeeze-bets-against-yuan-undermined-by-stimulus

AI Shopping Technology From Slyce

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Online shopping has opened up a wide market for consumers, investors and developers of new technologies. Artificial intelligence is sweeping the technological world into a more convenient place to live. Peoples’ lives are getting easier every day with the advances in technology. It is impressive how far the developers have went to appeal to the users who need to see their lives change. People have had the luxury of online shopping for over a decade now, and the market for online shopping is huge. It’s no joke really that the competition is real for a stake of the online shopping world because consumers have so many places to look for their purchasing needs.

Siri is a huge step in artificial intelligence that everyone with an iPhone is familiar with. It is a newer development from Apple that is making peoples lives more simple because they don’t need to do as much typing. Siri searches the web for the user, and it will even open up programs. The most interesting part of Siri, perhaps, is that it talks to the user through a real-sounding human voice.

Another development in AI is the assisted visual search shopping programs that are available for people to use for their convenience. It is a nice application that anyone with a smart phone can take advantage of, and it is available for free. You can download it and start taking pictures of anything around you to purchase right away. It is amazing how much easier it is, and it feels like you have your own personal shopper working with you. In fact, the team at Slyce has a customer care department that is dedicated to making the lives of their customers easier. Slyce has real people on standby to check over the results that the AI assisted shopping generates.

The AI from Slyce is quite accurate. With the added buffer of a real team of customer care people, Slyce’s visual search application produces steady results that users appreciate. Having Slyce on your side makes you feel more technologically intelligent. It is an easier way to shop, and Slyce is always making improvements upon their system. They came up with a new feature called Slyce Link that helps users find items that are showing up as not in stock by showing similar items.

George Soros on the Economy

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George Soros is one of the best people in the world when it comes to making predictions on the economy. Over the past couple of years, he has been one of the most accurate people on the global economic environment. This is one of the biggest reasons that many people are unsettle by his latest prediction. George Soros has said that this year is shaping up to be a lot like 2008. Over a long period of time, this could have far reaching implications on the overall economy. In this article by Bloomberg, George Soros makes it pretty clear that there is a lot of weakness around the world when it comes to the economy. Here are some of his biggest reasons for being bearish on the overall economy.


China has long been a nice engine for growth on the world stage. However, there has been a lot of weak data coming out of China in recent months. If this trend continues, it could signal a slowdown in China that the world is not expecting. There are many areas of the world that are experiencing low rates of growth. However, if the developing nations of the world are not growing quickly there could be a lot more issues than we were expecting. The world markets tend to respond very negatively when there is an issue they are not aware of. The weakness coming out of China is something that really took a lot of people by surprise.

Interest Rates

One of the biggest factors on the overall economy is the interest rates. This is essentially how much it costs to borrow money in the current economy. There is a theory that says the higher the interest rate, the slower the rate of growth will be in the economy over the long term. Anyone who is looking to make an impact in the economy can lower interest rates in an attempt to spur growth. However, low interest rates really punish the savers and those who have been trying to build up wealth. A low interest rate environment is difficult to invest in. Anyone who wants to try and earn a high rate of return in this environment is going to have a difficult time doing so.

George Soros

George Soros has been known to make a lot of economic predictions over the years. He is one of the few people who simply do not care whether or not people believe what he has to say. In 2008, he was one of the few people who were saying there was a lot to worry about in the economy. Over the long term, many people tend to follow what he has to say when it comes to the economy. George Soros is someone who has a track record of success when it comes to making economic predictions. This is one of the biggest reasons that so many people are worried about what he has to say on the subject.

Financial Outlook for 2016 from Jim Dondero and Forbes

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Forbes is reporting that because of a switch in psychology, investors will turn the market prosperous in 2016. While the market ended on a flat note in 2015, the outlook for the new year looks promising with an optimistic perspective. Instead of dropping further, buyer activity has increased, but last year because of the mini crash the perspective was skeptical. Investors paid attention to risk, and they focused on the price of oil. This caused concerns to rise when the prices of oil fell. Forbes predicts however, that because of the concern to risk there is a greater likelihood of a counter swing promising gains over the coming year.

Jim Dondero, Founder and CEO of Highland Capital, believes it’s a good time to invest. Jim forged the four-factor-alpha plan that saw an 80 point increase within a 30 period. This is the plan that outperforms all others with small cap picks instead of focusing on large cap investments. The focus of this plan is hedge funds, and Jim’s plan was a winner. He is also the mastermind behind the CLO being used for investments. A CLO is a Collateralized Loan Obligation, and they offer high gains at very low risk for investors.
He founded Highland after his career with American Express and Protective Life’s GIC where he served as a credit investor. Highland Capital is based in Dallas, and Jim took it to owning the largest CLO investment in the world. The CLO has $32 billion dollars in assets, and it offers diverse strategies with very low risk by using hedge funds that are institutional and equity based. Jim’s risk strategies span investment credit funds as well as other vehicles and emerging markets. Among his predictions for the coming year is crude oil. While he expects the market to bounce, he sees it leveling off causing high gains for the stock and bond market. You can see Jim and his team ringing the NYSE Closing Bell below.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia, and has seats on a wide array of boards including MGM, NexBank, CCS Medical, American Bank Note. Jim isn’t putting much faith in the Russian and Brazilian markets, but is betting on India to be the shining star in the foreign market. He has no faith in China, and expects the deflation there to continue. He has great faith in the U.S. Dollar to reassert its global position. Jim fully expects the commodity market to stabilize over the course of the New Year.

Kyle Bass Predicts Stocks Down 10-20% in 2016

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In a recent CNBC “Fast Money: Halftime Report” interview, Hayman Capital Management founder Kyle Bass gave his views on the current economic slowdown and volatility in China.

According to Bass, the financial press is propagating the narrative China’s current problems are happening because profits in China have peaked, but that explanation is a “little bit” wrong. The real issue is the size of their banking system.

This makes the Chinese situation similar to the recent European crisis, also caused by a banking system that grew too large. The European banking system became many multiples of GDP, and therefore many more multiples of their central government revenues. Central governments did not have the funds to deal with the resulting economic problems.

Currently, China’s banking system is $35 trillion. Yet their GDP is only $10 trillion dollars. That’s 400% growth of the banking system in just the last eight years.

That sets up a credit cycle. In credit cycles, “There are losses.”

Bass said markets are “myopically” focusing on China’s high reserves of over $3 trillion in foreign currencies. They’re ignoring the big picture. The foreign exchange reserves constitute just 10% of the banking system. “No one is paying attention to the size of the system.”

Bass went on to say, “It’s not the end of the world,” but added although the situation won’t become as large as the 2008 financial crisis, U.S. investors are not worried enough.

According to an August 2015 article in Useful Stooges, Kyle Bass is no longer a market expert anyone should listen to. In 2008 Bass predicted the subprime mortgage crisis, but his “magic touch” is “long gone.”

Worse, according to Useful Stooges, Bass has made “unsavory alliances.” He defended Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s bad economic decisions.

He colluded with Erich Spangenberg to abuse the patent system. He bought puts on pharmaceutical company stock, then used a front group, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, to challenge drug patents. That drove down the company’s share price, making his puts profitable.

The Useful Stooges article estimates Bass’s hedge fund lost around 30% in 2014. It also points out Bass has predicted Japan’s economy will crash “next year,” every year 2010 through 2014. But it hasn’t happened yet.

According to Bass on CNBC’s “Fast Money: Halftime Report”, all of Asia, including China, is going to go through a credit cycle, and that will prevent U.S. stocks from going up.

Emerging markets are now 40% of the world’s GDP, up from 10% in just the last ten years. A massive credit boom drove that “miracle.”

By the end of the year, the U.S. market will be “down 10-20%.”  He echoes that point on his blog.

How Is OrganoGold Expanding Across The World

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The OrganoGold brand is an organic coffee and tea seller from the Philippines that sells through independent dealers around the world. Every dealer is allowed to set up their own business to sell OrganoGold products at a profit, and the brand supports all its sellers with products grown on organic farms across the Philippines. This article explains how Bernardo Chua has helped the company expand over the years to offer more than just coffee and tea.

#1: OrganoGold Is A Classic Filipino Brand

OrganoGold is a household name in the Philippines where it has been sold for decades by people who are allowed to operate their own businesses. Tens of thousands of people in the Philippines have been able to make a solid living selling for OrganoGold, and the brand recently came to America with a new product offering. Private sales are popular in America, and the brand offers a new outlet for American sellers. The market is expanding for OrganoGold quite a bit, and private sellers make up many of those sales.

#2: The New Energy Drink

The energy drink market in America is massive, and OrganoGold has brought a brand new coffee-based energy drink to North America that has an emphasis on health. The North American market is ready for the energy drink that OrganoGold offers, and American sellers are profiting quite a lot from their new sales avenues. OrganoGold offers more than coffee and tea, but the coffee and tea is the core of their brand name.

#3: Organic Coffee And Tea Tastes Better

Bernardo has known from the beginning, and has talked about it on Twitter, that organic coffee and tea tastes better than regular brands, and their brand has been marketed as something that simply tastes good. Anyone who wishes to live in a healthier way may choose to do so with the help of OrganoGold, and OrganoGold is still grown on organic farms that were started in the Philippines long ago. These farmers are organic experts, and their products are far superior to the competition.

The OrganoGold brand is a household name across Asia, and it is coming to America with its organic offerings and new energy drink. The brand tastes much better than its competition, and people who are looking for something new to drink may purchase from an independent seller at any time. There are many people who are making their living selling with OrganoGold, and the new energy drink from OrganoGold is changing the way Americans get their energy.

Securus Technologies Makes Headlines By Improving Inmate Communication

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When I read an article about the new technology that was booming for video visitation for inmates I didn’t really pay it much attention. At the time of reading the article I didn’t have any family members that were behind bars. Recently, this has changed. My mother charged me with the task of finding out more about this At-home video visitation because I had mentioned the article to her.

Securus Technologies is the company that makes this possible. I didn’t know much about the system, but I learned more about it because one of our loved ones got convicted for a crime he did not commit. Now I am the one that is in the process of getting family members together to set up a visitation from my home with this family member. We have written letters, and we have also made inmate phone calls, but we know that this just isn’t the same. Sometimes it just feels good to be able to see the person. I have been to the prison before, but it was such a harsh experience. The guards were not so friendly, and the mere thought of being in a place where a riot could break out made me fearful. I didn’t want to take my son or my mother there. This is why I found out more about Securus and set up an account online.

I have learned that all your need is an Internet connection and a web cam. I thought this was awesome because it would cut down on the time that it takes to drive to the prison. Prison visits aren’t a pleasant experience so I have made the decision to use Securus as my means of communicating. I have become a fan of this company because it provides a great inmate communication link between me and the family that is locked away inside a prison cell.

Many people may not have heard of Securus, but the company is expanding rather nicely. It is a company that no one really pays attention to until they have someone that is locked away. That is how I discovered more about this organization. It has more than 800 law enforcement products, and this is a staggering expansion. The only one that I am familiar with is the video visitation because this is what pertains to my current situation, but I will learn more about their other products. Visit Securus’ site here: https://securustech.net/

The Home Cleaning Industry

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The Home Cleaning business has been a booming venture for the last decade. The industry has witnessed successful companies go down due to the technical management involved. However, the recent announcement by HomeJoy Inc. is the most shocking and unexpected. The company announced its closure through its website’s blog post. The San Francisco based startup has also filed for chapter 11 case in the San Jose US bankruptcy court. Aaron and Adora Cheung founded the home cleaning and repair service company in 2013.

Following its foundation, Home Joy Company raised approximately $38 million from various venture-funding investors including Redpoint and Google Ventures, which served as their first-round funds. Before its closure, the company provided home cleaning services at $25 per hour to five countries. In addition, HomeJoy had started to expand to carpet cleaning and home repair services.

The founders of the company cited numerous unresolved challenges in the business as the main reason for its closure. They added that revenue challenges accelerated their woes together with the numerous work classification lawsuits registered at the time of closure.
According to the Street Journal, worker classification lawsuits have plagued startup companies, which led to reclassification of their contractor as mere employees. The situation is said to increase the cost of labor by 20%, which result into bankruptcy.
Nevertheless, the leading competitor in the home cleaning space; Handy, has successfully continued to operate, raising close to $110 million in cash from investors. It connects customers looking for high quality household services to independent professionals. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua founded the company in 2002. The latter is the Chief Operations Officer while Mr. Hanrahan is the CEO of the company.
Services Offered In Handy
The company offers home cleaning services such as garbage disposal, installation services such as TV mounting, air conditioner, interior painting, moving assistance, light fixtures, ceiling installation and furniture assembly. It also offers vacation rental and office cleaning services. They have highly qualified professionals who provide the turndown and cleaning services to ensure customers’ listing is ready for guest booking. Handy also provides management service, laundry and cleaning services between guest stays.

This article recapped http://blogs.wsj.com/bankruptcy/2015/12/17/home-services-startup-homejoy-files-for-bankruptcy/